Why You Should Be Externally Validated

I have a secret to tell you-

I like external validation. It feels really good.

And not just a little bit good, but a lot.

I know there’s a lot of community “gurus” telling you that you shouldn’t be externally validated, but I completely disagree – and let me show you why…

How To Become A Leader

First, let me ask you – are you a master of reality, or a product of reality?

One moves effortlessly through the world, and the other is tormented by it.

One dates the women he desires. The other chips away at approach…

David Deida Exposed: The Way Of The Superior Sham

David Deida is a sham. There. I said it. A sham.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a deep admiration for his work. It changed my life, he changed my life. But, in saying that, there’s a deeply ingrained flaw in his teaching that contradicts the core essence of his work. I’m going to expose that contradiction to you now.

I purchased David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man nearly…