About LifeOS

The foundations of LifeOS were established in 2004 when I first decided that a life spent being dirt-poor, crippled with social anxiety, and completely disconnected from who I was and what I wanted had to stop.

Hundreds of hours of reading, studying, contemplating, and worrying left me with nothing other than a certainty that the basic contradictions, logical inconsistencies, and fanciful mystical concepts present throughout most personal development philosophies meant they simply didn’t understand the basic foundations of human decision making and motivation. It was clear that if I was ever going to overcome the ever-present limitations in my life, I was going to have to find my own solutions.

As I started to dive deeper into psychological modelling and frameworks, simple, clear, and easy-to-apply patterns started to appear. As I started implementing them, progress soon followed.

When friends in a local social group started noticing my progress they asked about my ideas and we soon started a small, informal email group to discuss overcoming psychological challenges. This group quickly transitioned to a Google Group before that grew out of control and it was clear only a forum could handle the many different conversation threads.

As common questions continually appeared, I created a blog to writing indepth answers. As more people joined and wanted a deeper breakdown of the basic fundamentals, I wrote a book. This book was followed with more articles, then a coaching program, then more articles, another book, more coaching programs to help people solve their issues, and eventually developed a coach training program to help guys help others who were facing challenges.

This has all lead to what you’re reading today: Life Operating System. The content, ideas, presentations, and even format have gone through many different variations and presentations and after all that, they’re all here for you to enjoy.

If you’re ready to dive deep into the philosophy to start making dramatic changes to your life, here’s a great place to start: What is LifeOS? It will give you a brief understanding of what exactly LifeOS is and a few options of where to head to take your life in a new direction.