How To Become A Leader

First, let me ask you – are you a master of reality, or a product of reality?

One moves effortlessly through the world, and the other is tormented by it.

One dates the women he desires. The other chips away at approach after approach, waiting for the opportunities that are presented to him, rather than created by him.

One is fuelled by his desire, allowing it to propel him to greater heights.

The other is ashamed of his desire, and is looking to offload it as quickly as possible through masturbation, distraction, alcohol, or sex (when he gets the opportunity)

I can take you down the path, the question is: are you ready for it? Do you choose to take the blue, or the red pill? We don’t have far to travel, since the rabbit-hole is inside your own head.

In my article about becoming bulletproof, I outlined a scenario of being the man who lives from the world of “MAYBE”, the world of possibility.

In that scenario, the man who is the master of reality is the man who lives from interpretation only. In the standard scenario, the one of truth, lives the man who is the product of reality.

What does this mean, specifically in the context of “leading” (I’m sure many of you are familiar with the seduction related term: you know, the alpha male is always leading etc).

Well think about this: who do you think will be more capable of leading? The master, or the product of reality?

If you are a product of reality, unfortunately most decisions you make are based on a mould you believe you need to fit.

So, in this instance, you are not really leading. You are being led by what you believe is the most impressive, or most ideal, action to take in this moment.

When the master of reality leads, he doesn’t do it for any reason other than because that is what he is choosing to do in that moment.

And he is committed to that choice because it is his, not because somebody, or some ideal, told him to.

If you had the choice, who would you rather be lead by: the donkey with the carrot always dangling out of it’s reach?

Or the man (or woman, if you’re LoGun) who is on a path which is the fullest expression of who you are as a human being (thus also giving you the permission to be that way)?

Which one would be more of an adventure for you?

Which one would be more exciting?

Which one feels more honourable? (and please don’t choose it because it would seem more honourable to do so :P).

When you are able to come from this place, you begin to live a life of integrity. When you are able to come from this place, you begin to live a life of freedom.

When you begin to come from this place, you begin become an inspiration for those around you. You become powerful. And empowering.

You tell me who you’d rather hang out with.