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Elimate the root cause of all your psychological challenges and take on-demand control of your emotional state in 3 steps

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You only face one challenge

The root cause of every psychological challenge and frustration in your entire life is your emotional dependence on an uncaring world.

  • You worry what other people think because your happiness depends on their approval
  • You’re crippled with anxiety because you lack the ability to control your destiny
  • You’re terrified of failure and rejection because you feel pathetic and alone without the approval of others
  • You struggle to find any motivation because what’s the point in trying when your efforts don’t make a difference?
  • You lack confidence because you fail to get others to take responsibility for your emotional state
  • You’re living a fraction of your potential because you’re waiting for the world to fulfil your needs

You’re trying to convince a disinterested world to fulfil your desires and suffering through the pain and challenges of trying to overcome it’s resistance.

But there is a better way.

You only need one solution

To eliminate all your psychological challenges and take on-demand control of your emotional state, you just need to fulfil your desires Independently of the world around you.

When you can get what you want regardless of whether the world cooperates, you stop needing to convince the world to do what you want and the symptoms of trying will disappear.

This is how you…


When you take full control of your emotional needs, you experience the strength and power that can only come from being the source of your fulfilment.


When you stop wasting time trying to convince the world to comply with your desires, you can turn your mental spotlight inwards and your vision of your perfect life become clear as day.

find the freedom to live your life on your terms

When you stop searching for permission to follow your passions, you discover that you have everything you need to start building your dreams.

When you end your Dependence on an uncaring world, your psychological challenges disappear and you can create happiness on demand.

creating happiness on demand takes 3 simple steps:

Step 1. identify the root cause of your problems

The first step in eliminating your psychological challenges and creating happiness on demand is to identify this root cause of your problems.

Doing this will make sure all your time, effort, and energy is spent eliminating the real cause of your problems (and not just the surface-level symptoms).

STEP 2. SET YOUR VISION of your perfect life

Once you find the root cause of your challenges and barriers, the next step is to create a vision of the life you want.

Your vision will give you the foundation to fulfil your desires and find happiness regardless of what is happening around you.

STEP 3. become bulletproof

When you’ve identified your problem and know the solution, the final step is to start living that solution in every moment.

Doing so will break your Dependence on an uncaring world and make you immune to its disinterest, giving you complete control of your life and life experience.


My list of psychological issues could have filled an entire book.

I was desperately needy, terrified of failure, lacked any confidence and courage, constantly worried what others were thinking, continually doubted myself, and was insecure about my looks, my past, and my life (in)experiences.

All these issues meant I had no friends, no romantic prospects, no direction or vision for my life, and no way to escape my pain.

After 6 years of trying every available solution and still suffering every day through the misery of a half-lived life, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I didn’t have time to waste fixing every problem individually so I dug to the root cause of all my challenges and healed them from the inside out.

I felt calmer and more confident in 6 months. I was more social, focussed, and motivated after 12 months. And after 18 months, I was getting requests to coach others through this same process.

In the 14 years since I was lucky enough to help my first client, I’ve not only helped more than a thousand people around the world overcome their challenges and find their happiness, but also found the strength, confidence, and freedom to build the kind of life I never thought was possible.

I’m not the only one

Over 14 years, we’ve helped more than a thousand people break free from the frustrations of a Dependent life and take complete control of their life and their emotional state.


You can be confident. You can be strong. You can be attractive and desired and find the freedom to live your life on your terms.

You can break free from your self-imposed constraints, discover your true direction and calling, and build a remarkable life filled with adventure, excitement, and inspiring friends.

And the only thing standing between you and this dream is your Dependence on an uncaring world to fulfil your desires.

End that today. Eliminate the root cause of every psychological challenge in your entire life and take complete control of your happiness.