David Deida Exposed: The Way Of The Superior Sham

David Deida is a sham. There. I said it.

A sham.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a deep admiration for his work.

It changed my life, he changed my life.

But, in saying that, there’s a deeply ingrained flaw in his teaching that contradicts the core essence of his work.

I’m going to expose that contradiction to you now.

I purchased David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man in 2007 and have read dozens of times since then. I’ve referred to it in times of need even more.

In that time, I’ve purchased 8 copies and given them to friends who I felt could use his advice and wisdom.

But, after spending all that time working through the principles…

…I’ve come to see the complete contradiction of the very basic principles Deida teaches.

The essence of David’s work is helping Men and Women form deep, open, and powerful connections with themselves and each other.

It’s about opening and surrendering, letting go of all boundaries and rules and dying to each other in every moment.

Yet The Way of the Superior Man isn’t.

It’s full of rules to live your life by so that you can be a Superior Man. Deida offers these rules to disguise who you really and how you really feel about your life.

How can you create a deep, open, and powerful connection with the woman of your dreams whilst you’re trying to remember to ‘live as if your father was dead’?

How can you stay present with the woman of your dreams whilst trying to remember to ‘breathe up your spine’?

Is a Superior Man really one who lives his life by rules he read in a book or is a Superior Man one who lives his truth in every moment?

David Deida is a sham because the very thing he teaches and the way he teaches it contradict.

He teaches you to be present in every moment through a set of rules that you need to practice.

Deida doesn’t dig to the core.

The Way of the Superior Man sits on the surface playing with symptoms of your dissatisfaction rather than healing the deep core.

Every lesson and every rule that’s contained in David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man is the product of something much deeper.

There’s a reason that a Man isn’t ‘living as if their father is dead’ or doesn’t ‘enjoy his friends criticism’.

There’s a reason why a Man isn’t ‘willing to change everything’ or he still ‘uses his family as an excuse’.

He’s getting something out of those thing and until you transform that reason, he’s going to continue to do these things.

The interesting thing is that the reason he’s no living The Way of the Superior Man is the same reason he runs out of things to say when he’s talking to beautiful women.

It’s the same reason he gets nervous when he thinks about starting a conversation with the cute girl in the shopping mall.

It’s the same reason he fear rejection when he opens his mouth.

The reason is a deeply ingrained motivation that’s running through his life. You can read about it in Seduction Community Sucks.

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