To get the right answer, you have to ask the right question

I’m going to throw something out there: You’re here because you’re looking for an answer.

You’re looking for a THE piece of information that’s going to help you take the next big step. That’s right, I’m very clever. I know this because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be here. You’d be out there, living your life.

So, I’m going to give you the MOST CRUCIAL STEP in getting that answer.

This is probably the most overlooked piece of the puzzle by almost every guy looking to transform his relationships with women.

Want to know what it is?

You can’t get the right answer till you ask the right question.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not that simple.

You might think you’re asking the right question when really, you’re missing the mark. And for most guys, this is the core of why they haven’t found the answer they’re looking for.

I’ll give you an example.

A lot of guys come into the seduction community because they run out of things to say and they want to change that.

They get into the community and start learning things to talk about.

Things seem great and they’re able to keep talking to women, but they’re still not where they wanted to be.

Why? Because they didn’t ask the right question.

They wanted to learn things to talk about because they thought that was the piece of the puzzle that was preventing them from attracting more women

When they realise this, their question changes. It goes from ‘How do I stop running out of things to say?’ to

‘How do I attract women?’

The learn their structures, their methods, their routines, and they start getting good at attracting women. This is great until they’ve gotten really good at this and they still feel like something is missing. Why? Because they didn’t ask the right question.

They’ve learnt how to keep talking to women, they can now even attract women, but that’s not enough.

Something is still wrong.

If he takes the time to think about it, he realises that the reason that he wanted to attract women was that he was lonely and really wanted to feel connected to women.

He’s attracting more women into his life but because he’s being fake and insincere, he’s building fake and insincere relationships that lack the connection he desires.

So, this is where the question changes, once again.

It’s no longer about running out of things to say or developing attraction techniques, it’s about the core: experiencing deep and profound connections with women.

This is the real question he’s been asking all along.

This is why he wanted to stop running out of things to say.

This is why he wanted to attract more women.

He desired to experience connection with women all this time and the reason he wasted all this time, energy, and money on something that didn’t give him the answer he wanted was because he wasn’t asking the right question.

I’m not suggesting that this is true for every person, but it’s definitely not uncommon.

So, what question are you currently asking and is it the real question?

The way you can tell is by asking yourself ‘Why?’

Why do I want to develop my ‘kino’ skills?

Why do I want to learn how to approach?

Why do I want to stop running out of things to say?

Keep asking this question until you get it down to a feeling.

Feelings are the core of everything we do.

They’re the driving factor behind every decision we make in our life.

When you’re drilled you question down to the core feeling that you’re chasing, then you can start to find the answers that are going to take you to the next level.