How To Improve Self Esteem

I’ve got a foolproof way to improve self-esteem – become very good at achieving your goals.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you can set yourself goals that you really want to achieve and you achieve them they’re you’re going to improve your self esteem.

I’ve also got a foolproof way to NOT improve self-esteem. Funnily enough, it’s the same way – become very good at achieving your goals.

Confused? There’s a very subtle element that you need to be aware of to avoid the same trap that a lot of people who’re searching for ‘how to improve self esteem’ fall into..


I was chilling with one of my mates the other day and he said something that really took me by surprise:

“Damn, you do some embarrassing shit!”

Apparently it’s embarrassing to approach a stunning little brunette with green eyes and curves that are out of this world who’s eating lunch with her family.

Who knew???

Well, to be perfectly honest, the old me…

Who Is The Source Of Your Happiness?

I was dating a girl some time ago. And, as most couples do, sooner or later her and I had a slight disagreement

(I poured a drink on her sister’s head in the middle of Hugo’s – in retaliation for her throwing ice at me … mature, I know)

My girl got understandably upset and, on the way home, said something to me which I found disturbing…