Approach Anxiety: Overcome It Today

I’m going to make this really simple.

I’m not going to go into complex theories and silly pranks to overcome your approach anxiety. Instead, I’m just going to give you the 6 thing that you can use to eliminate approach anxiety forever:

1. You’re not genetically programmed to experience approach anxiety.

Your approach anxiety has nothing to do with your fore fathers being afraid…

Is Being In Shape Necessary To Attract Women?

I had a really interesting conversation with my girlfriend about working out the other day..

..and it showed me something about attracting women that I was aware of, but never considered when it came to being in shape.

I don’t if you’ve seen any of the videos I’ve made (I don’t know why you’d sit through any of those lies…

Why Learning To Pick Up Women Is A Waste Of Time.

Opening lines, conversation topics, body language secrets..

Confidence techniques, all these tricks to pick up women…

Whilst they all seem like they’re the answer you’re looking for, what I’m about to show you is that they’re not only not going to get you the results you want..

..but they’re actually making you worse with women.

Attracting Women: Does Your Height Matter?

Of course it does!

Just ask any woman – and almost every single, without fail, will say…

That she wants a lover who’s taller than her.

If you’re short, you’ve got almost no chance. Or so it seems…

How To REALLY Get A Girlfriend.

This one’s an easy one. No brainer.

Just learn some “techniques” and “seduction theory” – and you’re going to get a girlfriend quickly and easily. Really?

Well, that’s the story the seduction community has been feeding you for years.

But I consider this: If you have to hide…