How To REALLY Get A Girlfriend.

This one’s an easy one. No brainer.

Just learn some “techniques” and “seduction theory” and you’re going to be able to attract anyone you want regardless of your experience or height or ethnicity. Really?

Well, that’s the story the seduction community has been feeding you for years.

But I consider this: If you have to hide who you really are, hide how you really feel, hide your passions and your fears, in order to get her…

When will you be able to relax?

When will you be able to drop your guard, stop pretending, and just enjoy her company…

…rather than pretending, hiding, and running away from who you truly are and how you truly feel?

In 1 month? 6 months? After the first year?


Is this really the situation you want to put yourself in?

I want you to imagine yourself in the future with the woman of your dreams sitting by your side.

Maybe sitting on a tropical beach, shading yourself form the tropical sun under in the shade of swaying palms.

Or maybe in the spa of your Hollywood mansion, with your butler bringing you food, on demand. Whatever your dream is.

In this image of your dream future, are you holding yourself back? Are you hiding how you really feel? Are you trying to come up with memorised stories with celebrities names so you can impress her?

If not, then why would you want to put yourself in that position now?

Why would you want to start your relationship with lies and deceit? Why would you want to create the kind of future that you don’t actually want to be part of?

I realise it can seem like there’s no other way, but there is.

There is an easier way.

There is a way where you get have that amazing girlfriend, that future you dreamed of, and as you can probably guess… has nothing to do with learning a few seduction tricks to try and manipulate her into being with you. In order to find that way, you have to dig a bit deeper.

It starts with a very basic point: what’s the underlying issue you’re facing?

Sure, you don’t have the woman of your dreams in your life right now, but is that the REAL issue?

I want you to think back to that dream future of yours, the one with the woman of your dreams – your ideal future.

In this future, how do you feel? Are you sad, depressed, lost and alone? Or do you feel that sense of connectedness, acceptance, love, happiness?

Now, compare that with how you feel right now.

Is there a difference? Does that future you’ve imagined hold something for you that you don’t have now? A promise of something different, new, exciting, passionate…


You’ve started this journey, the journey for the perfect woman for a reason. What is that reason for you? What is it that you’re really chasing?

Sure, the sex on tap would be great, and having knowing that you’ve got that ‘woman’ thing handled is awesome, but how do you feel when you imagine these things?

What feeling are you chasing?

Marketers have known for years that the underlying motivation of any purchase is the pursuit of a feeling – and the product is just something that gets you there.

Fast cars, expensive watches, designer clothes – every single advertisement is produced one promote one thing – a life that you desire: power, control, fame and fortune – happiness.

By now, you’re probably thinking:

“So what? What’s wrong with that? Of course I’d be happier if I had the woman of my dreams. That’s pretty obvious – when I get the woman of my dreams, then I’ll be happy. Simple”

But I want you to consider one thing:

Do you think the fact that you’re unhappy now and that you’re relying on getting her to finally get that sense of happiness could be one of the contributing to you not being with her now?

Would you want to be with someone who was unhappy and then relied on your for their entire sense of happiness?

Have you ever been around someone who’s done this to you? Needing your approval, you attention, your validation that they’re a good person?

How did you feel around them?

How do you think the beautiful women who are regularly pursued by guys like this feel?

Is that a feeling you want to inspire in her?

This different path to getting a girlfriend that I’m talking about here is about change, it is about doing things in your life differently, but there’s one key difference – motivation.

It’s not what you’re changing, it’s who you’re changing for.

The seduction community has been telling you for years that you just need to change a few little things that you’re doing and then she’ll fall into your arms but they missed the point.

If you’re a unhappy, lonely guy and you learn some new seduction theory which shows you how to act around a woman to “generate attraction”…

All you’ve become is an unhappy, lonely guy who’s learned some new things to say and new ways to act.

Sure, you may have some more interesting things to talk about and you may know some different ways to act around people, and people may find you more interesting to be with..

But do you think you’re really going to be the kind of guy who strong, confident, beautiful, radiant women want to be with?

And if by some chance, they did, would you want to spend the rest of your time with them, learning new things to talk about, finding new ways to act, and hiding how you really feel…

Just so they’ll hang out with you?

The journey of forming incredible relationships with amazing women, that dream future of yours, doesn’t start with changing what you’re doing and how you’re talking but taking control and responsibility for how you feel.

That way, you can stop wasting your time finding new tricks and seduction techniques to try and drag beautiful women into your lonely world..

And you can create the kind of world that they’re naturally drawn to.

If you can create a space so strong, so beautiful, so powerful, open, and loving, that people feel totally safe and free..

Do you think you’d need lines and routines to convince people that you’re an amazing guy and that they should hang out with you?

So this is how you ‘get a girlfriend’.

Stop working on how to get a girlfriend and start focusing on how to be a better boyfriend. Start working on creating that space that she’s drawn to.

That space where she feels free to be girly, to laugh and to cry, to sing and to dance, and to experience the freedom that she’s always desired.

And how do you do this?

By creating that for yourself.

Take responsibility for your happiness, for your sense of freedom, for filling your life with passion and excitement WITHOUT HER..

..and then when she’s lucky enough to stumble into your world, allow her to experience everything she’s ever looked for.

Create your life so that you can give this to her as a gift, rather than demanding it from her, and see how many ‘openers and body language secrets’ you really need.