Why Learning To Pick Up Women Is A Waste Of Time.

Opening lines, conversation topics, body language secrets..

Confidence techniques, all these tricks to pick up women

Whilst they all seem like they’re the answer you’re looking for, what I’m about to show you is that they’re not only not going to get you the results you want but they’re actually making you worse with women.

Why? Well, have a look at this set of rules I pulled from a PUA forum.

– “You can’t show too much interest so your opening line should be indirect…”

– “Women love celebrity gossip so you need to read up on that to have things to talk about…”

– “Don’t ever lean in when you talk. It telegraphs too much interest.”

– “You need to develop a solid routine stack so that if she’s not interested in what you have to say, you can transition to another routine.”

What do they all have in common?

Can’t tell? Have a look closer.

Your opener should (apparently) be indirect because if you show too much interest when she’s not attracted to you at all, she’s not going to listen to what you have to say.

But why are you showing interest before you’ve even spoken her?

How do you know she’s the kind of woman you like? If you had deep and real standards in your life rather than just being attracted to the superficial aspects of a person, would you need to learn this?

And even if you did have standards and you got the vibe from her that she was the kind of woman you want to pick up, if you were the kind of guy that she wanted to meet, would it matter if you showed interest?

Would she tell Brad Pitt to get lost if he told her he thought she was cute?

You (apparently) should learn things to talk about because if you don’t have something to say that’s interesting to her, she’s going to walk away.

But why are you trying to pick up a woman who you have nothing in common with?

Why would you want to be with a woman who doesn’t have anything interesting to add to a conversation?

If you spent your time looking for women who you clicked with rather than desperately trying to convince anyone who’ll take you to hang out with you, would you need to learn things to talk about?

And I could keep going here…

The one thing that all these tricks to pick up women have in common is that they’re designed to cover over your inner game issues.

If you didn’t have these inner game issues, you wouldn’t need to learn how to pick up women in the first place.

When you get your inner game sorted, you’ll be able to break and even contradict EVERY SINGLE ONE of these rules.

You wont have to learn anything to talk about because you wont be trying to bring women into your life that you don’t have anything in common with.

You won’t have to hide your intent because the women you desire will find you attractive, and if they don’t you can go and find ones that do.

You wont have to lean back to hide your interest in her because she’ll be interested in your too, and if she’s not, you can go and find women that are.

Have you seen the Matrix? Do you remember this line?

Neo: “Are you saying I’ll be able to dodge bullets?”
Morpheus: “No, I’m saying that when you’re ready, you wont have to.”

Pick up techniques are designed to teach you how to dodge bullets. Inner game shows you how to never have to dodge them again.

When you’re just learning how to pick up women, you have to learn how to deal with the tests that they throw at you.

When you deal with your inner game, you pass their test without even registering that they happened.

When you’re learning tricks for picking up women, you have to learn how to do ‘qualification’, when you deal with your inner game, qualification is the way you live your life so you don’t even have to think about it.

Now, most guys that teach tricks for picking up women say that by learning these tricks, you’ll take care of your inner game issues. Really?

Learning outer game only takes care of the surface level of the issue, not the deep core of the issue. The deep issue is still there.

Running out of things to say is an inner game issue.

The only reason you run out of things to say is because you’re stuck inside your head trying to come up with something cool, funny, interesting to say so you can impress her…

..instead of just saying what you’re thinking and how you feel.

Outer game deals with this by giving you things to say that people might think are cool and interesting but the core of the issue not only remains, but is reinforced.

You not only still have the issue that you think the things you have to say aren’t interesting or cool or fun..

..but you’ve reinforced the thought pattern that you’re not good enough as you are to be attractive to women and have to hide yourself behind these pick up tricks.

Inner game deals with this by helping you shift your mindset from:

“How can I get that hot chick to like me so then I’ll feel good about myself?”


“How can I feel good about myself so it doesn’t matter whether hot chicks will like me?”

One thing worth considering, which pathway do you think is going to be more attractive to women in the long run?

Am I saying that you wont get more women through learning pickup techniques? Of course not. You definitely can.

But have think about this for a second – what kind of women do you think you’ll end up with? What kind of standards will they live their life buy?

The kind of women who you’ll pickup are the kind of women settle for a guy who’s validation seeking, needy, scared of the world, and thinks that he’s not good enough without other people around him.

What kind of woman do you think that will be? Confident? Powerful? Independent? I doubt it…

How about needy? Insecure? Clingy?

That’s probably more likely…

What kind of issues do you think you’re going to face in the long run with her? Is she the kind of woman you pictured yourself with in the future?

Am I saying that all pickup tricks are a waste of time? Definitely not.

There’s some really cool, fun, interesting stuff to play with.

What I’m saying is that if you’re just learning it to cover over your inner game issues then you’re gong to spend the rest of your life learning how to dodge bullets when you could just be ignoring them all together.

What path are you going to choose?

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