The World Is A Dangerous Place

You need to be careful. You need to protect yourself.

If you approach the wrong woman, you could get punched by her steroid freak boyfriend. If you ask for a woman’s number and she denies you, you could get laughed at by her and everyone around you. If you lean in for the kiss, you could get a slap in the face and the even more painful slap of rejection. If you put yourself out there, standing tall and proud for what you believe to be right and true, you could get embarrassed, hurt, shamed, and crushed by women.

But it’s not just women that are dangerous. Life is dangerous.

If you drive your car, you could get hit by some drunk driver and be paralyzed for life. If you catch the train, you could get mugged. If you look at someone the wrong way, they could take that as a challenge and you could get attacked. Life is dangerous. There are real problems and real dangers that could attack you at any second.

But being happy, free, and fulfilled isn’t determined by the possibility of danger. It’s determined by how you choose to live your life despite those dangers.

Yes, you could run from every beautiful woman you see because there’s a possibility that you might get punched if you approach her. Or, you could accept that fact and talk to her anyway, and walk towards her instead.

Yes, you could choose to never ask for a woman’s phone number because there’s a chance she could laugh in your face. Or, you could accept that fact and ask her anyway.

Yes, you could choose to never lean in for a kiss because there’s a chance you could get a slap in the face. Or, you could accept that fact and ask her anyway.

And by doing so, giving yourself a chance to experience all the incredible possibilities.

Because not only is there a real chance of bad things happening, there’s also a chance of something incredible, something beautiful, something amazing happening.

You could approach the woman and she turns out to be the woman of your dreams. You could ask for her phone number and 10 years later be having children with her. You could lean in for the kiss and 5 minutes later when she finally comes up for air, she could whisper “What took you so long?” You could go out for a drive and purely by chance, run into an old and very dear friend you haven’t seen for a long time. You could catch the train and find $50,000 sitting in a lunch box.

Anything could happen. Literally anything.

You have no idea what lies around the next corner and you have no idea how someone is going to respond to you. You know nothing. You can think,theorizee, debate, and discuss till your heart’s content, but you can never predict what’s going to happen in the future.

It’s your life in your hands and it’s your choice what you do with it.

You can run from every potential problem and disaster and spend the rest of your days hiding in your room, miserable and depressed. Or you can accept that there are inherent dangers but take calculated risks and give yourself the chance of becoming happy, fulfilled, and free.

“But there’s a higher chance that I’ll end up rejected than happy and excited!” You know what? In the short term, there might be. But in the long term, the odds are stacked WAY in your favour.

Think about this:

If you can’t accept the fact that you might get rejected and actually start approaching women, what’s the chance you’ll end up with the kind of girl who you fantasize about on those lonely Saturday nights?

This is a serious question: What’s the chance you’ll get the girl of your dreams?

Well, I can’t predict the future but if I was a betting man, I would bet $1,000,000 on: 0%. Nothing. No chance.

If you don’t get your arse up out of your seat and start taking action despite the dangers and challenges you face, you’re going to live the rest of your life in a frustrated, miserable, and depressed state.

Your entire life will be based on the safest and most comfortable route to mediocrity rather than the exciting and rewarding life of success. And even if, by some miracle, you did happen to meet the woman of your dreams, do you really think she’d be looking for some terrified little bird to mother inside his little plastic bubble of protection? No. She wouldn’t.

When you don’t take action, when you don’t push your boundaries, when you don’t get off your arse and take responsibility for your life, your long term outcome is guaranteed:

Frustration, anger, and disappointment.

Sure, you might not have ever been rejected, laughed at, or challenged, but you’ll also never have loved, jumped for joy, or felt the pure and unparalleled satisfaction of facing up to your challenges and standing up for what you believe in. It won’t matter what you end up doing or where you end up going, it will always be a mere shadow of your potential.

But, if you do get the balls to get up off your arse, push your boundaries, take risks, and do what you know you need to do, what’s the chance of you living a happy, connected, and fulfilling life? I can’t say for sure. All I can say is that I’ve never met a single Man who found the courage to take his life by the balls and who hasn’t ended up a very happy, positive, and powerful Man surrounded by beautiful, supportive, and loving people.

Sure, there are always set-backs on the path, but the end result is FAR beyond anything the safe and comfortable pathway could produce.

This leaves you with two options:

1. Focus on the obvious risks and dangers and sit on your arse, waiting for the world to hand you what you want, and guarantee yourself a life of misery, frustration and suffering, despite the relative safety you’ve condemned yourself to.

2. Get up and start taking action, despite the fact there’s a chance that something might not work out. Become independently fulfilled and keep pushing forward till you create the life you want.

If you’re going to waste the rest of your life, holding yourself back because of the possibility that something bad might happen, then you may as well give up now. You may as well lock yourself in your house and never come out. There will always be something bad that can happen. There will always be the potential of trouble. You cannot eliminate risk.

But if you allow the potential of pain to stop you from doing what you know you need to do, then you’ll NEVER be able to experience the flip side.

You’ll never wake up with the stunning and radiant beauty lying in the bed next to you because you were too worried about rejection to approach. You’ll never have the happy, loving family you’ve always wanted because you were too caught up in your head thinking about when might be the right time to notice all the signals she was giving you to kiss her. You’ll never end up with the woman of your dreams because you were too chicken to ask for her phone number.

It’s your life and it’s in your hands. What are you going to do with it?

5 thoughts on “The World Is A Dangerous Place”

  1. Well true that.

    But what if you never had success trying it, wouldn’t you just give up because success is beyond your reality?

    Lets say you never done horseback riding, and then you tried despite the potential dangers involved. Then you fell in love with it and started getting better at it. Now you have tasted some success and it makes you come back for more. Occassionally, you will fall and get injured, but at least you have had success riding, so you know you can keep going and enjoy the fun and success in the long run.

    But when it comes to approaching women, I am sure most men have done some sort of approaching in their life time. What if you never had any success, not even once? No women had ever shown signs of interest, and all of them have always been cold and dismissive in my life. Is there something wrong with me or with her? Women possibly being nice to me is outside of my reality just like bank robbery or gang violence or even Olympic glory is outside of most people’s reality.

    Now how do you deal with that? Why keep trying, why keep putting yourself on the spot to get more beatings? What’s the point of telling myself that “you never know there might be someone who likes you” when there isn’t? Maybe there is because the world is big, but am I going to have time to go through each girl from New Zealand to Japan, from Chile to Iceland?

    • Hey mate,

      I’m not suggesting that you just keep banging your head up against a brick wall and hope that it turns to a pair of soft, beautiful breasts. That would be pointless. But that doesn’t mean you should give up.

      Attracting the woman of your dreams doesn’t just involve approaching and approaching and approaching with the hope that she just notices you and falls for you. To attract the woman of your dreams, you have to become the kind of Man she’s attracted to.

      If you’re not having the success you want over a consistent period of time, stop approaching and start looking at why you’re not getting the success you want. Start asking the question – Why?

      Why am I getting cold response?

      Why aren’t women interested in my?

      Why is this happening over and over again?

      There are plenty of resources on here that can help you answer that question.

      Inner Game Challenge is a great 15 minute video that will help you see through the layers and discover what’s really preventing you from attracting the women you want.

      If you enjoy that, I highly recommend Endgame. It’ll show you just how deep it really goes, what’s really happening underneath that’s creating this issue, and how to resolve it.

  2. Dude..

    What you said is all good and stuff, but I really wish I knew why no women like me.

    I would like to think maybe it’s because I didn’t know what to say. But then again, I experimented online dating, over the last 5 years I only got 10 views on my profile. Then I changed my profile pics to some random other random dudes, right away I started getting winks and messages. What’s the difference of the pics? We were both playing pool. Duh?

    So it’s probably not because I screw up during the interaction. I’d also like to believe that maybe it’s because I didn’t try hard enough, or didn’t talk enough. People have said that women are anticipating guys to make the move. But then again, back in my college days, all these Chinese, Japanese chicks were running after European guys like anything. This one Taiwanese chick was trying so hard to fuck a German guy, but she was too ugly for him, so she ended up fucking a Jamaican guy. Those guys were just as shy as me. Duh 2?

    I’d like to believe maybe it is because I didn’t have a life? Well, I have a pretty nice job, travel many places. I speak 4 different languages, knows horseback riding, swimming, chess, scuba diving. Yet most girls go out with dudes with no jobs. Duh 3?

    Because of all these things, I stopped talking to girls. What’s the point? Maybe it’s all my fault. I am the bad guy. I inherited some creepy looks from Hitler since birth. I don’t know.. I wish I knew. Nobody is kind enough to tell me, no school teaches this stuffs with certified trainer. very unlike horseback riding lessons, or swimming lessons where it’s so easy to tell what’s done wrong and so easy to correct the details and so easy to see the difference. This whole seduction shit is all opinion-based. In fact, if she doesn’t like me, nobody knows why. Even she doesn’t know why.

    What’s the fucking point of all these Get Real Or Get die trying?

    I am being fucking real right fucking now..

  3. Typical snake oil salesman.
    How about we aim a little lower? Seriously not every guy can get a supermodel and doesn’t need one to be happy either. Relentlessly pursuing the impossible and failing is worse than never trying at all.
    Of course you won’t agree, since you have stuff to sell. But being realistic is an an option.


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