The Right vs. The Good

Would you rather be right or would you rather be good? Yes, there’s a BIG difference.

Being right involves finding articles that prove just how much your height is holding you back from attracting women.

Being right involves jumping on research that proves your genetic heritage is a disadvantage when it comes to flirting.

Being right involves finding evidence that allows you to continue to blame femininsts / your upbringing / your parents for your lack of success.

Being good is a different story.

Being good involves admitting that there might be a different reason why you haven’t got the success you want and looking for the real cause.

Being good involves being willing to question your limiting beliefs and see if they are as ‘true’ as you believe.

Being good involves putting your ego to the side, challenging everything you think is true, and continuing to work till you have the solution you want.

Most of the time, you can’t choose both.

Most of the time, ‘right’ and ‘good’ are on different ends of the spectrum.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made one choice that’s got you to this point.

Now you know the options, what are you going to choose now?

2 thoughts on “The Right vs. The Good”

  1. God knows I’m good
    God knows I’m good
    God knows, oh God knows, oh God knows I’m good.

    Let go, and let God.

    Regardless of religious persuasion and denomination, some David Bowie and Bob Proctor in times of stress can be just what is needed.


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