Strength Through Insecurity

“But women like strong Men. How can I be the strong Man women want when I have insecurities?”

The answer is simple.

Does it take more strength to pretend that you don’t have insecurities or does it take more strength to freely admit your insecurities and then continue to live the life you want, despite them?

Think about it.

If you’re having trouble answering this, just ask yourself: which one scares you more?

There’s your answer.

So, the next time you see a girl you want to approach and you can’t work out how you can hide your insecurities to prove how strong you are, just remember this and then work out what you should really be doing.




2 thoughts on “Strength Through Insecurity”

  1. I love it, short and simple!!
    This and the other post about “How To Deal With Insecurities” made my week (maybe my month)

  2. The other way is to work on the insecurities. There will be always something that makes a man insecure, but he can also work on it so … later he can be even stronger …


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