It could happen any time…

As I was walking to football this morning, I watched a car jump the medium strip of a six lane road and smash head on into a car coming the other direction.

I have no idea how, but by some act of a higher power, no-one was seriously injured.

But they could have been. Both of them could have died in that instant.

It could have been over.

If you have anything in your life that you’re putting off doing or saying until the ‘perfect moment’, do it now.

The ‘perfect moment’ might happen 20 minutes after some idiot on his mobile phone jumps the medium strip and smashes head on into your car, killing you both instantly.

There’s no time to waste.

There’s only one perfect moment. In fact, there’s only one moment – and that’s now.

You need to treat this moment as if it’s your last moment on earth, cause it just might be.

Be safe.



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