I was chilling with one of my mates the other day and he said something that really took me by surprise:

“Damn, you do some embarrassing shit!”

Apparently it’s embarrassing to approach a stunning little brunette with green eyes and curves that are out of this world who’s eating lunch with her family.

Who knew???

Well, to be perfectly honest, the old me did.

I used to get embarrassed so easily.

Standing on the footpath, watching some smoking hot woman pass me by and knowing that I had to go approach her was anxiety-inducing enough, let alone when she told me to she to ‘leave me alone’.

But not the new me.

Have I developed some kind of super routine stack that will never get me blown out?

Do I have enough ‘high-octane material’ in my head which ensures that I’ll never have to face the embarrassment of having to walk away, hanging my head in shame?

No. So what changed?

Well, let me explain..

What does it mean to “be embarrassed?”

It’s when you’re looking at yourself through other peoples eyes and judging yourself.

You’re taking your opinions, attitudes, and thoughts – and assuming that someone else holds the exact same thoughts as you…

Assuming that they actually give enough of a sh*t to be watching you…

Assuming that they then have the amount of mental space to apply those thoughts to your actions..

Assuming that their thoughts about you actually matter, and then feeling a certain way because you’re sure that someone (who you’ll probably never see again) just applied all of that judgment to you.


When you read it like that, can you see how pointless it is?

The only way you can be embarrassed is if you lie to yourself and tell yourself that you can read minds. But, if you can actually read minds, how did you not know what to say to that girl you approached?


So here’s the secret to never being embarrassed again.

If you’re trying to come up with a fool-proof plan, so that she never rejects you again, then you’ll probably suffer from embarrassment again.

But if you want to eradicate it forever, then you have to cut to the core – and stop focusing on the symptoms of your suffering.

The way to deal with it for good is to stop lying to yourself, admit that you know absolutely nothing about what someone else who you’ll never see again is thinking, and just focus on one simple thing:

What *YOU* desire.

That’s it.

Stop wasting your time trying to guess what everyone else is thinking. Let it all go, and go after what *YOU* want.