Tantric Attraction: Conversations with a Tantric Facilitator

Martina Hughes, founder of Tantric Blossoming, recently joined me to share the mysteries of Tantra and explain how it can help you reach your Masculine potential.

Over the course of the hour, Martina let open the gates and shared her incredible wealth of knowledge gained during her 8 years as a Tantric Facilitator.

Here’s what she had to say:

Tantric Attraction: Conversations with Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming

(Or you can download it here)

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In this interview, you’ll learn:

– What Tantra really is and where most people are getting it wrong
– The reason most people feel tired and drained when they get home at night
– The reason people turn to external gratification
– How to find your ‘homebase’
– How to take the struggle out of dealing with lifes challenges
– The reason people close down their sexual expression
– The cause of the tension in your body
– How to stir women’s sexual energy before you’re even conscious of their presence
– The basic principle that allows some women to be more orgasmic than others
– How Tantra is making Men redundant (JOKING!!!)
– How sexually open women can see through lines and tricks and what really has to change for you to start attracting them
– What you have to change to be able to attract women whilst still being nervous.
– How to appreciate beautiful women without leaving her feeling ‘icky’
– The challenges that femininsm has created in the Masculine / Feminine dynamic
– The difference between appreciation and objectification
– The single biggest problem that guys face in building new relationships
– Whether or not is ok to bring your sexuality into conversations when talking to a woman
– Why you end up in the friend zone and how to avoid it
– Why women don’t trust you
– The reason women aren’t attracted to nice guys
– The importance of getting in touch with and understanding your own sexual energy
– A simple daily practice that will help you get more in touch with your own inner desires
– How to read women’s desires and drives before you even talk to them
– What women really want
– The key ingredient in creating unforgettable sexual experiences for women
– How to tell when women want rough sex and when they want loving, sensual sex
– The real cause of the rise in popularity in BDSM
– Why it’s important to lead women through sexual experiences and what that leading will give her
– How you can support women to trust their natural femininity
– The reason you must not rely on rules or structures to dictate your sexual patterns and experiences
– The two kinds of presence and which one will allow you to develop deep connections with women
– How being in your head is causing you to miss all the signals that women are giving you
– The importance of learning to trust yourself
– How to stop playing head games and trust the natural instincts of your body
– The role that your inner emotional work plays in allowing you to become more authentic and powerful
– Whether or not causal sexual relationships can be as fulfilling and rewarding for women as most Men seem to find them
– The MOST important element in creating positive casual sexual relationships with women
– The reason that women get cluddly after sex and why you want to withdraw from her
– How to avoid creating emotional meltdowns in casual sex relationships
– What you need to do to make women feel more comfortable in your sexual encounters
– The simplest ways to create unfulfilling sexual experinces
– How the pressure to perform ruined my sexual encounter in a room full of 20 naked people
– How I developed acceptance around my own dominant and aggressive desires
– Why trying to help a woman orgasm often leaves her feeling empty and unsatisfied
– How to turn the simplest of touches into sexually charged moments
– One simple practice I use to take the pressure to perform out of sex
– How to deepen the intimacy of your relationships

And surprisingly, a whole lot more.

We didn’t manage to get through all the questions you asked, but as you can see, the hour is packed full of insights.

Listen to it at the top of the page or download it here: Tantric Attraction: Conversations with a Tantric Facilitator

As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.



Post Script: Martina contacted me just after this interview went up with a few more pieces she wanted to add. Here are her comments:

Leigh… I wanted to provide a postscript. I know we covered a lot of ground in the interview and there were still more questions that we didn’t cover from the men. And there are a lot of other great things I could share. I just wanted to reiterate a couple of points:

1. The importance of men trusting themselves, being authentic from the inside and not rejecting themselves by not taking a chance.

2. Even if she says no, you can respect yourself for stepping up.

3. Be authentic – quality women will not fall for the games and will either call you out or walk away.

4. True dominance – willingness to claim a woman fully with real desire is a very attractive quality in a man when embraced from the inside. If he is putting on a mask or pretending to be dominant, then it’s going to turn a woman cold inside.

I am aware that some of what I have shared may create confusion and questions for the men.. and sometimes that’s the paradoxical nature of the feminine and life.. but always happy to answer questions.. either here or at Tantric Blossoming page on facebook.


13 thoughts on “Tantric Attraction: Conversations with a Tantric Facilitator”

  1. I found this woman’s words with more knowledge than many of articles writen here or in anything made by some men. No ofense 🙁

    I would love another podcast, but that is asking too much.

      • She did cover the main questions very well, like self-acceptance, what you have to change to be able to attract women while still being nervous, how to appreciate gourgeous women, etc etc.

        But why you condemn reason and logic? If it wasn’t for the human head, it would still be ok to own a person as a slave, to kill a man for being different, or to beat a woman if she doesn’t obey you, like it was “right” some centuries ago.

        Maybe “staying in the head” mean paranoid thoughts, low self-esteem, but I know these are mental illness, psychological issues, that need to be faced, or treated. But simply “getting out of the head”, for me it’s running away from the core issue, a step away from self acceptance.

        Well, that’s my 2 cents.
        Thanks a lot

        • I don’t think he’s condemning reason or logic at all.
          “Getting out of the head” is not running away from the core issue at all. In fact to truly ‘get out of your head’ and be present with the person in front of you is to accept all the feelings and thoughts that are going through your body and mind and focus on what you really want, how you want to be and express that.

          I found there’s nothing to be gained by focusing on the thoughts that are running through your head. If you know what you want, what kind of man you want to be and what you really desire to do in the moment then I focus on that.
          I focus on that by first accepting everything that’s going through my head and accepting that it’s there and that I’m going to let it be there and do and say what I want regardless.

          Then I focus on how I feel, if I’m feeling anxious and nervous then it usually means I’m excited about something or the person I’m with. I accept that I’m feeling that way and focus on the person in front of me and find ways to be my best self.

          I found this particularly useful before shows where I’ve had to perform. You focus on everything that’s gone on throughout the day, breathe deeply then let that all go and focus on what you need to do.

          This is what has worked for me in my experience anyway 🙂

  2. This was very insightful! Thanks Martina and Leigh. That last point on True dominance is probably the best way I’ve seen it described.

    • Please ,do all well and enjoy the pleasures that life has endowed to all.
      I would like to expand your publicity to others that haven’t made it or for other reasons, do not get out as some can.
      I’ve have and still could be enjoying the true enjoyment of the Devine pleasures of the desired.
      It is thrilling to get what we have to have and just work it good, hard and intensively. Do not take but get what is needed to the utmost of all involved, TRUE

  3. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this, Martina and Leigh! I hope you will realize more projects together, it would be great!

  4. Hi Martina and Leigh, thank you so much! Your interview definitely gave me a better insight into the tantric world, even for me to learn something new in tantric amazes me!

  5. Hey Leigh, What do you recommend for achieving non-ejaculatory orgasms? What do you think about Mantak Chia’s work?

    • Come on Leigh. I readed in the forum that you achieved non-ejaculatory orgasms a time ago. Just tell us which book we can use. 🙂

  6. I said to my boyfriend in a fit of rage”You can’t fuck because you can’t keep your dick hard and even if you could you can’t fuck cause you don’t know how”I said this in front of one of his friends,was I out of line?


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