Resentment for Women

Do you resent women? Most men would respond of course not. They say no but chances are good that on some level they do resent women but just aren’t aware of it.

Quite often anger for women goes on unconsciously, just below the surface. Sub-conscious thoguhts about how women are bitches bubbles and biols in the unseen depths. This is common even with men who are trying to get good with women. There are several reasons why this resentment exists:

1. Women can easily get sex

To some men sex is the end all be all of life. If they can’t sleep with women they feel inadequate in many ways. They feel extremely frustrated with life and with themselves from their lack of sex.

Unfortunately, this frustration is often taken out on women. Their contempt for women stems from their anger at how easily women can get sex. It’s a basic jealousy issue.

They will call women sluts or whores but the truth is they wish that they could get laid as easily as women do.

Their frustration is similar to how many poor people react to someone with money. They assume that the person is greedy or evil but really they are just frustrated by their own lack of success.

2. Women are able to get men to do whatever they want

When you feel completely powerless over your life the human thing to do is try to control others. When you can control and hold power over someone else you get a false sense of control over your own life.

Most beautiful women can control men with ease. They use their magical powers to get men to do whatever they want them to.

They will see women getting men to bend over backwards for them and they crave that. They thirst for the power women posses in order to feel powerful themselves.

Deeper than this is a desire to be loved. Controlling and powerless people have the crazy idea that the more a person does for them the more a person loves them.

Since most men are unsuccessful in attracting women, let alone getting them to do what they want, resentment builds. They despise these women but in reality, they wish they could be in the same position as them.

3. The old Madonna/ Whore issues

The Madonna/whore complex is basically seeing women in two different lights.

The Madonna is the sweet, loving, innocent virgin who is pure. She is the girl you take home to meet your parents.

The whore is a girl you do all the dirty things to that you wouldn’t do to the Madonna. The one you sleep with and never call. The one you use for all of your sexual fantasies.

Having these polar opposite views of women creates a lot of conflict. On the one hand you want a girl to be sexually wild (the whore) but on the other hand you want a sweet and loving girl who you can be proud of (the Madonna).

No matter what category you lump a woman into you just can’t win.

If you treat her like a whore you will have no respect for her and silently judge her. You will feel let down because she isn’t more like the Madonna.

If you treat her like the Madonna you will also be let down. Most pure women aren’t that great in bed. You will feel disappointed because she isn’t more sexually adventurous. If she does attempt to be more sexually open you will judge her for being a whore.

The key is resolve this issue within yourself. Accept that women enjoy sex as much as men do.

4. Giving your power away to women time and time again

There is not a man that I have met that hasn’t given his power away to women. Giving your power away includes:

» Allowing them to disrespect you
» Lying to you
» Not setting and enforcing proper boundaries
» Dropping whatever you are doing to submit to their needs
» Being manipulated and not doing anything about it

Every time that you give your power away to a woman or anyone for that matter you feel weaker inside. Continue this pattern and eventually you will feel completely helpless.

At that point you have two choices: do something about it or allow it to continue.

If you let this situation to continue you will begin to feel resentment towards that person. You will begin to even hate them on some level for what they are doing to you.

Here at Inner Game Reframe we like to take full response-ability for our lives. You might think that they are doing it to you but in reality you are responsible for what is happening.

You might feel contempt for that person but really you are just mad at yourself for putting up with it. You are angry for all the times you could have stood up for yourself but DIDN’T.

Resolving These Issues

The key to solving any problem is awareness. You can’t fix something that you don’t believe it is broken.

Take time and think about times when you have felt resentment, contempt or even hatred for women. Take responsibility for the part you played and learn what you can.

After you have learned all the lessons from these situations forgive yourself. Accept what has happened or is happening and let it go.

You are doing yourself and women a great disservice by holding onto this resentment. Resolve the issues inside of yourself and give the gift that is you.

40 thoughts on “Resentment for Women”

  1. Are you serious?

    You honestly believe that “men give their power away to women time & time again”?? And that women use their “magical powers to get men to do whatever they want them to”?? Can you please tell me how we supposedly do this because the men I know care very little about women’s opinions and ALWAYS get their own way and ALWAYS do what they want to do when they want to do it.

    Men bend over backwards for women?? In what universe?? You must be from another country where women are treated differently, or perhaps you’ve been watching too many movies about femme fatales and need to get a dose of reality before you write ridiculous statements like these. I’m sure there are plenty of obnoxious bossy women out there who use and ‘hen peck’ their other half, but I know plenty more arrogant selfish cocks who patronize and disrespect THEIR other half.

    Do some research next time.

    PS I don’t want a response to this. I found this article by mistake and don’t plan on returning for more of this drivel.

    • Thanks for your input Jules. We obviously mix in very different circles.

      This isn’t to say that there aren’t Men who act like you’ve described, it’s just that most guys who are reading this blog don’t.

    • Jules, it sounds like you become heavily invested in one guy and allow him to do what he wants for fear of losing him. This is the alpha chad holding his sway over you. I’m sure there’s a whole army of men willing to work for you just go onto online dating. I know eww

      This article is from the male perspective, we want multiple women, and often multiple attractive women at that so in order to get them we often have to chase them with gifts and a perfectly groomed appearance that reflects wealth. Due to physiology all men need is a half an hour with women to possibly impregnate them, so there’s huge incentive to put on a large display to trick the woman into bed for a short period. So yes men bend over backwards for females but only leading up to copulation.

      I suspect that you are afraid of losing your man due to the social consequences. After every copulation the women might as well think of themselves as pieces of candy that have been bitten into. Once you’re used by the guy you become a little less valuable and have the right to demand less and less over time as your femininity becomes used up. Your boyfriends become older, shorter, nerdier or darker. You become the prize for scavengers and rejects with no pride. What kind of guy is so hungry he wants to eat a piece of candy left on the ground bitten by several other guys?

      • You think that having sex lessens or cheapens a woman but then you’re also jealous of how supposedly easy it is for women to get laid? How can women enjoy this supposed privilege you say they have, to find as much sex as they want, when they KNOW that if they have it, men will hate them, see them as used up or damaged as if she’s nothing but a commodity for men’s use, not a person? You think women can truly enjoy sex, knowing that men will call them slut for having it while not having consequences themselves? Also the pregnancy risk and the fact that a man who doesn’t love you will never bother to make sure you enjoy sex too, as long as he gets his orgasm yours doesn’t matter. Stop and think about what you say.

      • You sound very young, so let me word this as simple as I can.

        You’re an idiot, and you must hate your mother.

        Thank you for your time.

      • So…basically, I see a good deal of people getting up in arms over nothing. Its partially a by-product of extreme feminism…but yeah…look, here’s the point to put a good deal of this to rest as far as the sex issue goes. First of all, most people in general dont want someone who’s had a lot of sexual partners. Now…thats especially true for women. The fact is that most men dont want a woman who has been sleeping with a bunch of other people. The conflict comes in when we see that sex is actually more available for women. But then again men dont want to be in a committed romantic endeavor with a woman who’s had many sexual partners. And…honestly i dont see the issue with that. Thats a consequence of having lots of sex. Men have similar consequences for many things we do as well. Women make huge checklists to decide if a man is right to spend the rest of her life with. A man’s checklist is generally pretty small. 1: be beautiful to HIM. That doesnt mean you have to be society’s trumped up idea of beauty. You just have to be beautiful enough for him. 2: be supportive and caring. A man’s sense of self-worth is usually goal-oriented. Support him in his goals and let him know that you see him as a success. 3: dont sleep with a lot of people…but of course sleep with him. Pretty self-explanatory. I bet that MOST men would be content with that. Now…caveat. There is a fourth rule that has come up in many younger men’s checklist, including my own…so number 4: Be driven. Most younger millenial men don’t want to marry Holly Home-maker. We tend to not even believe in her existence in millenial women. This is because of the advent of the “gold digger” who uses men for money and would drop a man in a heartbeat if the cash stopped flowing. So for younger millenials, a more attractive woman is a woman who has her own money. A woman who is with us by choice because she wants us for us…not for money. For college students, this generally means another college student or graduate. Someone who could do just fine in life without you, but chooses to be with you instead of being alone or being with someone else. Someone with her own logical dreams and aspirations.

    • Maybe your just not that hot or sexy.. If your not hot then chances are your friends and other women you associate with are not hot either so you have never come across this ‘bending over backwards’ that men desperately do..

    • Well, we men are constantly told that “you’re blind to your own privilege” so I agree that you have this opinion and can’t see how cake ass easy you women have it. You’re the most privileged people in modern society. You even have a lot of men fooled into believing you have it tough

    • Sorry, but his theory is ABSOLUTELY true. I’m guilty of giving away my power time and again with women. I have always treated women like princesses and I’ve always gotten treated like shit for it. It’s been my life experience that the better you treat a woman, the worse she will treat you. I know it sounds cliched and sad, bit it is indeed true. The problem is, I don’t know how to treat a woman poorly. I really don’t. I need to learn to back off and not work so hard to please a woman, but I don’t know how.

    • Yes it goes both ways. Women manipulate through subtle means. Jealousy, trust games, guilt tripping… I had an ex that flipped out on me once just for looking at another woman on the street. A few weeks later she started it again. This time I sort of caved in… Apologized. She won. Sort of… See it was a long distance relationship. At the end she tried to guilt trip me into proposing. I didn’t fall for it. I did tell her I loved her though and wanted to be with her. To give me 6-9 weeks to get back. She cheated on me after 6.5 weeks… Well might’ve dodged a bullet. But maybe this new guy isn’t tolerating her shit as much as I did.

  2. Obviously this was written by a woman. #1 is that we are jealous that they get sex easily? Do we also still enjoy making carvings in caves? Tell me more about how simple I am and how its my fault women are completely self centered and view men as tools. Go and play your little games and complain that you aren’t handed respect without working for it.

    Maybe resentment comes from the fact you ignore nice guys and treat them like dirt while clawing over them to get to the arrogant dumpster fire that can’t respect you because he sees first hand how stupid and gullible you are.

    ^ That is resentment. It’s what comes from a life time of being mistreated and abused. What your describing is some reasons why many men are disrespectful to women. Give the gift that is you; give me a reason why you deserve it.

    Don’t, that was rhetorical.

  3. Listen, there are only two reasons men grow resentment against women:

    1. Men are taught since childhood that women are one way, then they painfully discover that women are completely different.
    2. Women’s words don’t match their actions, and men have contempt for people who behave that way.

    Every other reason stems from one of the above ones.

    Also, the article is mistaken on a couple of points.

    “1. Women can easily get sex”

    False: men can have sex easier than women, provided that they get over their prejudices on paid sex. OTOH, paid sex goes against women’s idea of sex, and what they want to get out of it, hence it can’t be a choice for them. Women can easily get sex only in theory, because they desire sex only with a restricted group of men. If they can’t have those men, they’ll give up sex until they decide it is time to settle. Then they will lower their standards, only to make the unaware victim pay for their discontent to come.

    “2. Women are able to get men to do whatever they want”

    Truth: manipulative people – men or women – can get naive people to do whatever they want. Talking about men versus women, once you gain your wits as a man, women will have no power over you. The problem for men is that they are raised to cater to women’s needs.


    • Your response definitely implies you are a woman. You have no idea how easy it is for you. I have two sisters and I can tell you dating is so much easier for them. When they walk into a room heads turn, that is not what happens to me even though I am attractive. You don’t know what it is like. Just like the article said its like you were born rich and you’ll never understand what being poor is like

      • Derek, I would like to know what made you think that I am a woman. I ensure you that I am a man, hence your feedback took me by surprise.

        You misunderstood me. I didn’t say that men have it easier when dating. Indeed, I know they have it harder. However, if men seek sex alone, then they can pay for it and be done with it, something that women can’t do. Women may think that they can have sex whenever they want, but the reality is that they would enjoy sex only with a restricted set of men. Moreover, women want to be desired, something that doesn’t happen with paid sex. The net result is that women go through dry spells much more often than they would like. On the other hand, a man doesn’t have such hangups — unless he has been brainwashed by society — and, provided that he can afford it, he can enjoy himself sexually how much he wants. Hugh Hefner is a living example of such male mindset, and I could bring more examples like him. How many women can you think of that are in such position? Hopefully, now my thinking is clear.

        Regarding the fact that your sisters turn heads whilst you don’t, you are missing something. Women can — and will — notice you without looking at you: scientists have demonstrated that women have better peripheral vision.


    • What are you talking about paid sex is not a choice for women? There is a such thing as a paid male escort that cater to women ya know. Besides, you missed the whole point the author was trying to make. He was saying that “women can GET sex more easily than men” not “women WANT more sex than men”. His statements are true and you know it. If the typical woman wanted to bone every guy that pursued her, she would EASILY have more sex partners than the typical guy.

    • It’s tough sometimes. Especially if you do actually want to be with and love a woman and have a family. Women love it when a guy says these things, but they also recognize their own constantly upseeking behavior. They get a “good” strong man… Bitch him down to a subservient beta… Then cheat on him with the next hanging dick single guy who seems more alpha.

  4. 1. Women can easily get sex.
    I agree with this statement. I disagree with your conclusion. You need to do a bit more research and rational thinking before jumping to pop psychology-type conclusions. As one of the commenters said above, resentment is not jealousy.
    I occasionally feel resentment towards women. I acknowledge it. I didn’t always feel this way, in fact, the opposite. Every now and then I get attacks of it, brought on by;
    a) seeing women reject decent men in order to chase thuggish idiots, then wondering what the f@ck happened when they get treated like sh!t. When I date hot girls now I question them on their dating history. It’s a rarity to find one who hasn’t dated a criminal, a roguish loser or someone is mentally defunct.
    b) beautiful women who derail the courtship process because they like playing games, like being chased, like seeing men jump through hoops etc.

    2. Women are able to get men to do whatever they want.
    Again, I agree with your premise – for beautiful women at any rate. But again, I disagree with your conclusion. You sound like a feminist. Men wish they had the power that beautiful women do? Next you’ll be saying that rapists do it because they love the power over women. (Hint: never saw power giving a man an erection.)
    Strong men have physical power. Beautiful women have the power to manipulate. This is nature’s balance. Men can abuse this power and guess what, so can beautiful women.
    I was thinking of reading your book but I’m being rapidly put off by your shallow amateur psychology. Now, even if I read it, I’d start to question it’s veracity and usefulness.

    3. The old/Madonna Whore issues
    This is an interesting one. Here I’ll have to agree with you that this can have a huge impact on men’s perception of women. I’m still only beginning to get my head round this one but I’m making progress.

    4. Giving your power away to women time and time again
    Here I agree with you wholeheartedly. Funnily enough though, resentment (at the beginning) might be the catalyst to start changing your behaviour and stop behaving like a doormat, although obviously it’s not something you want to carry with you long term.

    • If you’re mad at the ‘really hot’ girls for dating thugs or playing games why do you continue to pursue them? Why not date the ‘average’ or ‘cute’ looking girls who may be more grounded. Like the author of the article said, you have to take responsibility in for YOUR contribution to the problem.

    • Men ignore nice girls for complete bitches because they’re hot, all the time. This isn’t a one way street. But I suppose you think that’s all the woman’s fault too.

      If women can find casual sex more easily, they are also considered used up sluts and damaged goods if they have it, by men who want to have their cake and eat it. Women face negative consequences for having sex that men don’t.

      Nobody is forcing men to bend over backwards and do whatever a hot girl wants him to. This is his choice and he should take some personal responsibility. Or are you saying that men are completely helpless and controlled by their sex drive? If a woman said that, men would be outraged and offended yet men say so about themselves all the time.

  5. I can relate with the article, but the comments are absolute rubbish. I think I must live in a different world to all the other poor sods who read this stuff, because it gives me the ability to see it differently, perhaps for what it really means rather than what I want it to be.

    I haven’t resented women for years, or been passed up for some heartless jerk EVER. Nor am I going to call myself an involuntarily celibate “nice, sweet guy”. PUA doesn’t help guys like this, it really takes therapy or simple doses of the real world which most will never actually visit.

  6. People seem to lose the bigger picture because they can’t look further than their noses are long, restricting themselves to their own anecdotal evidence. Take a look at how women are treated all around the world. What causes one culture to give women some power and an other to strip them totally from it. What is the history behind it? How far back does it go? What are the biological implications? What family structures were there? How did life look a couple hundred years ago, and what roles did men and women play in it? Socio, Ecological, Biological. There are all logical reasons behind it. Saying: “buuhhh.. I don’t care about women and neither do my friends”, is not one of them.

  7. The article and many of ten comments adopt the childish premise that men and women are somehow in competition and shod be seeking to outmatch or defeat the tactics of the other. What a lot of primitive horse-shit. Some people are assholes and some are nice; most are in the middle somewhere. Every person is an individual who will have gender characteristics amongst many others making up who they are. If you view that person as part of ‘the other side’ (gender being only one division) then you will treat them that way and any social interaction will follow that rule.

    Grow up.

  8. Can women get laid more easily than men? Technically, yes, the reasonably attractive women. (And articles like this always conveniently ignore ugly women, overweight women, women over a certain age. The hot women are ALWAYS the only women who exist in your mind, the only ones who are good enough for you, even though you claim it’s women who are ‘hypergamous’ or whatever.)

    But casual sex just is not all that enjoyable for women, on the whole. The man has no incentive to make sure you enjoy it, would be too drunk to care, after all you’re just a ‘slut’ who he’ll never see again. And afterwards, have you HEARD how men talk about the women they have sex with? Bragging about how he hit ‘it’, how he banged a slut, how she’s nothing but a whore, she’s used up and cheapened now. This is the price women pay for having that supposedly readily available sex. It’s not enjoyable in the first place, and then you get called disgusting names by the guys you slept with, who will then hold it against you in future.

    Seriously, the problem with you guys’ lives is that you have let your penises become the centre of your lives and your universes. Get over it. There is so much more to life.

    • I have known several women who have lots of casual sex…because they like it. Sex with a new person can be very exciting. It’s easier for women to make this happen because they are the ones saying yes or no. I know this because I have had casual sex with quite a few of thesewomen (and we talk after). When the spark is gone so is the woman. Most guys will hang in until she leaves because they don’t want to give up access to that “hard won sex”

      There is a battle between the sexes and in my opinion we are very different but very much the same…we all like what we like and want it.

      The battle between sexes intensifies for the people who become frustrated. The original blogger makes a good point…be self aware and deal with your frustrations. As the old saying goes”Smile and the world smiles with you”

      Trite but true.

      Having self respect and not “giving away your power” is obviously good advice, regardless of gender. And finally, don’t be controlling…it’s awful behaviour and probably behind the highest percentage of break ups in long term relationships. What is more difficult is recognizing when you are being controlled. Some people are quite good at bringing it on a little at a time until one one day you open your eyes and go…YUCK…and get out of there. That’s usually the point where the battle between the sexes starts up again in people’s heads. Get over it, get grounded again and cheer up – The bad times are over. Smile and move forward. Unfortunately you’re probably a little older and a little less attractive to the hotter younger people you still want to bang after a few rounds of this ; ) That’s another kind of frustration. Get over that too and look around for the people your own age who “get it” and want to move on. You’ll have a better chance at something bigger and more meaningful than the

      There you go, these are my oversimplified two cents – Bring it!.

  9. Honestly some of the comments on here and in the article are so deluded I think you people need help. Saying that it’s easier for women to get sex is completely relative. Yeah sure it’s easy for an attractive girl to get sex, if she goes to a club she’ll probably have a choice of about half a dozen guys. Same with an attractive guy, he’ll probably only have to hit on a few girls before one is willing to sleep with him. For less attractive girls, however, not so easy. They have to wait for the desperate men at the end who are looking for literally ANYONE to stick their penis in, and the reason it appears easier for them is because these men are desperate and will approach pretty much any woman. The woman will most likely accept a man who she doesn’t find attractive because she knows she’s unlikely to get anyone better. Let me give you an example: there are five guys and five girls in a club and none of them want to go home alone. All five guys hit on the most attractive woman and she picks the most attractive man. The four remaining guys hit on the second most attractive woman and she picks the second most attractive guy. This continues until the least attractive man is left and finally hits on the least attractive woman as he has no other options. Now from the last guy’s point of view he had to hit on five women just to get laid while the first four women were hit on by multiple men and got their pick. From the last woman’s point of view she spent the night desperately trying to attract a man and got left with what none of the other women wanted. And yet you say it’s easy for any woman to get sex? Wrong. It’s only easy for attractive women to get sex, for unattractive women they usually get left with the desperate, unattractive guys who were rejected by all the hot girls or they get completely overlooked as the men are too busy being bitter about the hot girls who wouldn’t sleep with them. And you know what this all comes down to? How attractive you are. People will often go for people way out of their league because they are extremely physically attracted to them. In the case of men they will go for very attractive girls who will reject them as they know they can do better, they overlook women who are in the same league as them because they think they should be able to do better than that. And guess what? Women are EXACTLY the same. Many women struggle a lot to find a guy and often the “bad boy” ones they do get treat them so badly that they become resentful and turn into the feminist, man-haters that you see on places like Tumblr. The solution is to understand that you probably won’t be able to get with the most attractive girls in the world (and you probably wouldn’t want to, attractive people are often very superficial and have extremely big egos). You need to accept this and try to get with other types of girls, because the majority of girls are just as insecure as you are and do not have their pick of men. Just because you see hot girls in bars and clubs surrounded by men does not mean that this is true for all girls and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are capable of getting with this type of girl.

    Another major issue a lot of men need to address is the way they approach and talk to women. If you just go up to a woman and instantly hit on her, then unless you have excellent charm skills (most men don’t) then you are likely to come across as creepy. As well as this, women (and men too I’m sure) don’t instantly trust strangers and while you may know that what you’re trying to do is perfectly innocent, they do not and instantly hitting on them will not do anything to build this trust as a woman will see this as a sign that all you’re interested in is sex. Most women want more than just sex so if she thinks that’s all you’re interested in then she will most likely reject you. Desperation is another issue that men have to address, desperation is not an attractive feature in a person and acting desperate/clingy towards a woman will put them off you even if they were initially interested. I’m sure a lot of men would be very put off by a woman who was desperate and clingy towards them. I will give you a personal example for this one: I met a guy online (through social media not a dating site) and got talking to him. He seemed quite nice and I was interested in being friends with him. I wasn’t interested in him as anything more than friends as I had a boyfriend and he knew this from the start. As we got talking he told me that he was still a virgin and at 24 this frustrated him a lot, he was clearly into me and would continually tell me how beautiful I was. He’d end all his messages with kisses, he’d flirt with me, compliment me, even though I tried to tell him I wasn’t interested in that way. He’d also constantly ask me whether I thought he was hot or not and whether I had any friends who would be interested in him. He used to tell me how horny he was all the time and would ask me if I was horny too. At one point I had an argument with my boyfriend and I told this guy about it and he instantly tried to use that in order to get his foot in. Telling me I deserved better and that he’d never treat me like that etc. One time we were talking he made a comment that I found very insulting and after telling him as much I stopped talking to him in order to calm down. He apologised for what he’d said but when I didn’t reply he kept on sending me messages, over and over every couple of hours despite me not replying to them. Eventually I got so sick of it that I blocked him and I haven’t spoken to him since. The point I’m trying to make is that acting this desperate is extremely off-putting. Constantly trying to hit on a girl who’s made it clear she’s uninterested and/or unavailable will almost never work. Making it obvious that you’re into a girl before you’ve even gotten to know her makes a girl feel that you don’t value her as a person and will often lead to rejection. Continually sending someone messages or trying to talk to someone when they aren’t replying will start to feel like harassment and will make the girl want to get rid of you altogether. How you approach and talk to a girl will have a massive effect on your success rate, treating her like a friend initially will probably get you a lot further than treating her as something you desperately want to sleep.

    TL;DR: Go for girls that are within your league and don’t make it obvious that you’re desperate.

  10. The mentioning of power is key here. It makes the whole affair rather unappealing. Wield it, suffer under someone elses, both comes at a price. Yes, I do have resentment. But it’s towards how we are made as human beings, that power enters the equation.

  11. Well with many women nowadays that just Can’t stay Faithful with Only One Man anymore since they like Sleeping Around with all Different kinds of men all the time which makes them such Pathetic Low Life Losers to begin with since many of us Good Men have been there and done that already. It is very unfortunate that many women Cheat much more than men do which is Real Fact by the way since many of us men were the Very Faithful Ones in our relationship which it still Wasn’t Good Enough for them. Most women are the Real Reason why the Divorce Rate is so out of Control now since they’re very much to Blame. And to think that Most of the Real Good Old Fashioned women of years ago were the Best of all at one time since they were Very Faithful to their men as well as Most of the men that were Very Faithful too. Now it is much Worse that many women that have a Career today making a Six Figure Income have become so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry as well since they will Only want the Best of all and will Never settle for Less thanks to their Greed And Selfishness that they have these days which Definitely will keep many of us men Single now.

  12. I’m just going to put this out there for every single woman on earth, to clear things up for you all:

    You are not a treasure to be sought out…. nor are you a prize to be fought for and won… and you are most definitely not a princess….

    …you are a recepticle, that is all.

  13. I am not writing this to be offensive, only as an observation.
    Do a google search on “females/women holding resentment”. What pops up is resentment by males, not females (in the title) and then most often, the discussion is on ‘male resentment’ sometimes ‘both’ resentment; but rarely if ever on actual female resentment. At least I can’t find it.
    CBC radio had a short piece on their 5pm news cast on women holding resentment for a long time; one example being of a woman who had resentment on something her male boss had done. She held the resentment sixteen years, and eventually she did get him back. The report did not give details. It was not negative, just expository. The article was never mentioned again on any further news times on CBC radio or television.
    The only solution to calm the situation, it often seems, is for the man to accept the responsibility and apologize, completely.
    However, there are women who recognize this and are able to overcome their resentments. My sister is one. She says she is fortunate to have grown up in a family with five brothers (she’s the only sister) as she has a better understanding of males because of it.
    I have a theory, one that I can find no mention of in any google search on line.
    a) women have XX and men XY chromosomes; men, one of each chromosome kinds.
    b) X is the female indicating chromosome, whilst Y is male. Again, males have both.
    c) the X chromosome was discovered around 1896, recognized as a sex gene chromosome, and given the initial x for ‘unknown purpose’. The male chromosome was discovered just before WW I by a male scientist who then named it for the next letter of the alphabet, Y.
    Women often say men don’t understand them but . . .
    d) males do have the female chromosome whilst females do not have the male chromosome; so who is more likely to understands whom?
    Men naturally meditate. The do it regularly, usually without even knowing it. It is often derided as ‘Blanking Out’. It happens at all ages for male babies and boys and men. In the Simpson’s TV series Homer is depicted with a few of a brain where the cogs have come to a standstill.
    Women cannot mediate as fully as men. The mind is always at work, often planing, ruminating, wonder, evaluating, etc.; very often over relationships and problems or successes in relationships, responsibilities, things to do, etc.
    Women can learn to calm their tendency; the Buddha’s aunt and friends came to him, heads shaved and in monk styled robes for women to start a mission for females who wished to become Buddhists. At first he did not think it possible, but then relented and allowed the women to proceed; however, the monasteries would be separate, and separated.
    Another interesting point. Boys (most) do best in all boys classes. Once there is a girl in the class, they become very competitive (goofy) at get her/their attention.
    In the seventies schools in Alberta, BC and Ontario school systems experimented with single sex classes. Their query was to find out if girls would do even better if separated from the boys. To their amazement it wasn’t the girls who did better (as expected) it was the boys. Girls seemed to need the stimulation of boy’s/men’s input to achieve to their maximum. Boys/maybe men need the single focus of their own sex where they are a) not distracted by females by their (male) nature and able to express themselves more freely amongst other men,without fear of ridicule. The experiments came to an end. Boys were not seen as important enough to be aloud their full potential.
    Again, in no way to mean to disrespect women. I do, however, society should value all members of our species equally and respectfully.
    Namaste and care,

  14. Well with most women being such filthy Whores nowadays since they just love sleeping around with all different men all the time which would certainly explain it. Doesn’t it? And since so many of us good faithful men had this happened to us already which it is very hard for us to trust another woman again.

  15. Please Google the song “I Wish It Would Rain,” by
    The Temptations. The man who wrote that song killed
    himself one week after it was released. Such is the power
    women hold over men.

  16. A lot of these problems you mentioned seems to be a very western problem, especially in America. I would say the main issue you guys need to address when it comes to your relationships(dating and marriage) is the hook up culture. You should start reminding boys and girls that having a one night stand will not bring any value to your life. If you do it too much, the idea of commitment begins to loose its value.

    Another problem I’ve noticed with American women is they really are spoiled now. A lot of them seem to have this belief that they are the most valuable( maybe the statements of always telling the boyfriends that he is lucky to have her has caused it) and stop putting effort into relationships. From were I’m from, a woman does not expect to be treated like a queen when she does not show her partner that she is worth the investment…. and I mean more important things than sex like being nurturing, respectful, having good values and you know being able to cook( this one is just a personal preference in my culture) and compromise.

    I personally can’t blame the bad relationships in the western world. It’s hard everywhere but my hypothesis is if we can change the way how commitment and sex is viewed, then a change could be made. Like why would young american women stick in a marriage when it gets hard( for instance a lack of intimacy… not something like domestic abuse)when a good number of them come from divorced homes. Why would young men stop hooking up and actually start being smarter with the kind of woman to date when it is practically customary for a woman to open her legs for just any hot stud. Like fellas you forget that close to 70% of women will be the ones to initiate the divorce and more often than not, the judgement will be in her favor. Instead of trying to hookup, focus on building yourself and carefully studying the girl your dating or the one you are into.

    These have been some of the things that have been going through my head. I resent feminist women and I don’t think could stop. A lot of them seem like hypocrites with no values. I don’t think most of them know what they are fighting for. I here gender pay gap but the truth is it doesn’t exist. There are many variables that cause an average woman to earn less and it is linked directly to her choices. I’m just running on a tangent here at this point

  17. The article has a very good ending on How to solve resentment: Take responsibility, put yourself at cause, find a better response and forgive yourself for not having used it.
    The comment section is the opposite: Zero responsibility for the one’s own contributions, full on victim mentality, accusing women and justifying the resentment that is hurting themselves. Women are not hurt by this, guys, you are. Also you’re playing directly into hypergamy by flaunting not only being in the bottom 80% but also not wanting to acknowledge reality nor do something about it.
    And yeah you can bet all these hateful dudes are all smile and niceness and muster up what feeble game they have in proximity of a vagina because they are acutely aware they can’t guilt a woman into pity sex 😉 This duality is the source of resentment. It starts with being honest with yourself, it IS your fault, your problem, your responsibility, if you want to change anything, anyway.
    And I’m not saying we weren’t tossed into a shitty unfair world here either!
    I would know, since I am reading this article.


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