My New Favourite Quote…

“When you never compromise, you have nothing to hide”

Have a guess where this comes from:

Some self help guru?

Some PUA god?

The latest spiritual leader?

Tattooed on the back of a dancing midget?

Surprisingly, all wrong.

This comes directly from the marketing mouth of the American car manufacturer GMC. It’s their company slogan that refers the manufacturing standards they have and how when you don’t compromise on the quality of production then you never have to hide what you’re doing.

The first thing my mind jumped to was how this relates to guys interactions with women.

“I can’t just be open with women. I have to hide things from her. If I told her everything there’d be no way she’d be attracted to me!”

It’s a common response when guys hear about being open, genuine, and real with women. I always give them the same response back:

“If you don’t think your life is amazing, fun, incredible or attractive, then why are you creating your life like that?”


The silence is deafening…

Do you ever feel like you have to hide things when you’re talking to women?

Do you ever feel like you have to hold things back so she’ll find you attractive?

If you want to take this further and see the role it plays in your entire life, do you ever hold anything back when you’re talking to anyone in your life?

Your boss? Your family? Your friends?

If so, then why are you doing those things? Why are you living your life in a way that is less that you and the people around you deserve?

Why are you creating a life that is anything short of the amazing life you deserve?

No one is going to change things for you. No one is going to come along and give you the gift of excitement, passion and energy. It’s your life and your’e the only one who’s in control.

If you’re hiding things it’s because you’re choosing mediocrity, you’re choosing sameness, you’re choosing to be an ordinary person living an ordinary life.


It’s your life and it’s in your hands. I can’t make you choose anything different. All I can do is hope to inspire you to make a new choice. A choice filled with passion, life and adventure.

Next time you’re in a position where you have to make a choice about your life, what choice are you going to make?