How To Seduce Any Woman – And Why You Shouldn’t

I see so many beautiful women throughout my day.

Some blondes, some brunettes. I love them all. I used to want to be able to seduce all of them, too.

Every single one. And I tried.

So, so hard … sometime successfully. Sometimes with nothing other than a ‘no thanks‘. And then I realised just how this impacted my life.

Have you ever stood with a mate whilst he was drooling over a girl in the distance – and you felt absolutely no attraction for her?

Do you think women are any different?

We’re humans. We have our own desires, our own passions, our own dream partners.

No-one is alike and there isn’t one generic mould that everyone is looking for.

This is a pretty obvious statement, but many guys overlook its most dramatic implication for their ability to seduce women.

If you’re trying to be the kind of guy who can seduce any woman, then what kind of guy is that exactly?

Are you a loud and obnoxious “bad boy” or are you a warm and genuine alpha male?

Well, you must be both.

The guy who can seduce any woman would need to be not only those ends of the spectrum, but any other end you can think of.

Like a chameleon, he’d need to be able to slide into any mould on demand.

He’d have to be strong AND soft, deep AND shallow, accepting AND belligerent, planned AND spontaneous.

He’d have to be the kind of guy who spends his time changing the way he acts and the things he does depending on the people he’s trying to draw into his world.

He’d have to shift focus away from doing the things he loves. Take his eyes off his dreams. Stop living his own path, just so that he could “game” women – and people – into spending time with him.

And if he managed to “game” them well enough to get into a relationship with him, then he’d have to keep “gaming” them, every time they hung out together.

Why do you think famous pickup artists are not exactly known for having long-term relationships with amazing women?

Is it because their ability to have an abundance of sex eclipses the need for a relationship? Or because they are unable to “game” a woman for long enough to form a relationship?

You decide.

But in either case, does that sound like the kind of life you want to lead?

I don’t know about you, but seducing women was only the surface reason why I got into the seduction community. The real, deeper reason was to be a better Man. A real man.

And for ‘seduction’ to be the by-product of that. Not the means and the end.

I hope you see the implication that if you set out to get skills to seduce every woman, you also lose focus of who you are. You’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to becoming a real man.

Because a real man is not a chameleon. He is Himself. Truly, unashamedly, unapologetically.