How To Be Confident

I’m sure you’ve read other blog articles about how to be confident.

This one will be a little different.

And here’s why. It has nothing to do with learning how to be confident. Rather, it will show you how to let your natural confidence emerge.

I find that I’m most confident when I have nothing to hide. Like really – it’s only when I’m trying to pretend something in front of a woman that confidence becomes an issue.

For example, when I’m in a conversation with a woman and I’m in my head, wondering what she is thinking of me..

..yet pretending to be listening attentively and trying to keep it all together while nervously racking my head for a question to ask, just to keep the conversation going.. those moments, there’s not much room for confidence.

But when I’m straight and open with her, speaking exactly what I feel and even things I’m not sure about.. just really offering her all of me.. then that natural confidence I mentioned shines.

So do you want thel 1-step guide on how to be confident? Good – here goes.

Step 1: call your own bullshit. And not from a place of being apologetic or asking permission, but simply stating it as fact:

“Shit I’m sorry, I just spent the past minute wondering what you were thinking of me and getting worked up about it – I totally wasn’t listening. Sorry about that, I’m back with you now.”

Try it, let me know how you go. You might not have to read any more blog posts about how to be confident again.