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Why is it so hard to maintain focus/attention in this day & age?

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    I feel like with the social media clickbait age we’re currently living in: our attention is being pulled in many directions and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, especially with every person glued to their phone nowadays.

    After completing the Focus control challenge, I’ve truly felt the benefits and have a deeper appreciation for what my attention is and what I decide place focus on. Because it truly is the modern commodity (the asset) we all have in this multitasking, over-stimulating social media age.

    There is a great article I just read, from the great Mark Manson. (you guys might be familiar with his work; he’s the author of the subtle art of not giving a fuck). He explains our role and the value of focus in ‘the attention economy’. If you have time care to take a read, it’s a great article all about our attention and focus.

    I know Leigh has tackled this issue in many of the articles he’s published. (he’s addressed the topic of focus better than anyone I have come across, and his articles have been really beneficial in my life). As I’m still working on redirecting my focus and placing my attention on productive actions – it came to mind as I was reading the article below how valuable our attention is and why we get so easily distracted, now more than ever!


    Your thoughts?

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