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    Anthony Love

    Does anyone understand turn up the volume?



    I do ūüôā



    Here’s a breakdown:

    Your brain works on proof. You can think or assume or logically know something, but until you prove it to your subconscious, you will always still be wondering. The best way to prove something isn’t to avoid it, it’s to dive head first into it. It’s to give yourself over to it. It’s to turn the volume to 11 until you’re 100% convinced that the pathway is not viable.

    That’s what it means – give yourself over to whatever it your subconscious is telling you but don’t bullshit or pussyfoot around. Go 100%. Turn it up. Until you’re 100% sure you need change pathways.

    Does that make sense?


    Anthony Love

    Yeah. I think I’ve understood the concept once I told someone I was using them, and after a wrote an entire list of people I’ve used.

    So doing is the action used to bridge the gap between a current experiences and your ideal experience?

    Doing isn’t really activity based( playing ball), but based on fulfilling your emotional needs and becoming independent of the world.

    Therefore, doing becomes your script in whatever form it may be to negate neediness, etc.

    I’m still a little confused.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think I still mask¬†¬†doing¬†as¬†getting.¬†</p>
    So, I’m unsure about the attachment and detachment aspects. I have mindfullness book that speaks on different ways of achieving detachment. I can’t remember verbatim, but it read something like motivations are more important than actions.


    This is where I am.




    You’re stuck with the old framework from Endgame. It’s changed since then and it’s FAR simpler.

    Have a read of this: https://lifeoperatingsystem.com/what-is-lifeos/the-lifeos-framework/


    Anthony Love

    I’ve read that page a few times.

    This is my understanding based on your work, my independent readings, and life experience: Be a fucking man!

    I learned the asking technique. Basically you ask yourself what should you do and do it. That’s it. And be present while you do it.

    So you’re saying it’s that simple. When I listen to myself I’m being a man, when I neglect myself that I’m being a pussy.

    Finally, to constantly operate at this level I must be conscience.

    If this is correct I really doubt myself too much. I would meditate and ask myself how to grow more esteem and I would receive the answer ‘do what you want.’ I ask this in a lot of situations. I saw hat somewhere on your website.

    What else do I need to know in terms of End Game and the website? I’ve bought so much stuff (junk maybe) that I’m unsure what’s important or trash. I bought a program that helps people balance their brain by combining a guided meditation and by watching TV without sound, similar to your focus formula and your articles on flirting and how to read her mind.


    Sorry if too long. Thanks!




    This is the ‘how’ part of the LifeOS framework:¬†https://lifeoperatingsystem.com/what-is-lifeos/what-is-a-script/

    This is how you apply it and create a rich and rewarding life. This is all you need to do.


    Anthony Love

    Firstly, Ive been doing that. Not very long though. Question: If you don’t feel the determined feeling, do you need a more effective solution. Some actions accomplish the mark others don’t.

    Secondly, I bought insight. I’m waiting for the class to open. It’s not amongst my other classes, so I’m wondering what’s up with that.

    Lastly, I’m doing my best to earn more money for the offered¬† certification class. I’m serious about this. Do you do any work at a discounted rate?


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