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    Sup mates! Nesto here from The Netherlands. If you’re Dutch too, message me and let’s talk!

    I discovered Attraction Institute a long time ago. I would say 10 years ago. Not sure if that’s even possible.

    Anyway, I read the Endgame book which had a huge impact on me at that time. For the first time I realised how needy and dependable I was.

    I did some coaching with Andrew at the time which was very helpful.

    Soon after I started dating a very nice girls who became my girlfriend for over 6 years. This relationship ended 2 weeks ago and has been a wise decision.

    But, coming from the nice warm feeling of having a girlfriend and being ‘all good’ I find myself once again the self improvement world to work on myself for an even better future.

    I must say that I’m 1000x more confident then before with all this experience but I do recognise that parts inside me are still needy.

    I want to meet lots of new women and have amazing adventures in life. I’m free, have money, exercise a lot so it’s just getting clear where to go and how te get there from here on out.

    I do believe I have the necessary skills and knowledge but a refresher won’t hurt. My main purpose here is to connect with guys and see if anyone lives in Amsterdam area (NL).



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    Hey Nesto!

    Welcome back. Great to have you here. I really love your story. It’s great to see where you have come from and where you are now.

    Not from The Netherlands, I’m Aussie, but I did have the pleasure of spending a short amount of time in Amsterdam. Beautiful place.

    Excited to have you on the forum

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    Welcome, mate. 10 years is possible! But you’d be in a very small minority who’ve been around that long.

    Great to hear you found what you were looking for and it helped you create the life you wanted. And even better to hear that you’re back and ready to get back into it.

    I don’t personally know of any others from the Netherlands here, but hopefully, as we grow, you find a community up there.

    Looking forward to seeing you around.



    Thanks mates! I’ll be around.

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