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    I have spent my whole life helping people.  I listen to people and I start looking for solutions to their problems.  It came up over and over again, “how could I be a better coach?”  But the answer is: I’m a pretty good one.  Leigh always said you need to be at a place in your life where you can coach people.  I’m happy to say, I am at that place in my life.  I’m ready. I guess, “Here we go.”



    Are there legal ramifications for being a coach?  How do I avoid those?  I mean, when people pay you for your advice, are you not liable for the advice you give?



    There are legal ramifications. You are responsible for advice you give people.

    Because of this, it’s SUPER important to understand the extent of your skill set. What do you REALLY know works? And what are you just making up? Only give people advice that you’re sure is effective and empowering and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t pretend to.

    The other thing that’s super important is I stay right away from helping people with past trauma. In fact, as soon as they mention anything that could be traumatic from their past, if it appears as though the still have strong emotions related to that issue, I tell them to go and see a therapist. I’m not qualified to deal with that shit – both because I haven’t been through it and also because I haven’t studied it.

    Yes, the LifeOS theory makes it simple to understand how to move forward from that pain, but there are some issues you need to work through before you start to move forward.

    The final thing is: get professional indemnity insurance. It’ll be pretty expensive given that you’re over in the States (my insurance specifically excludes the States), but it’s worth it. It’ll be heaps cheaper than having to face a massive lawsuit because you gave someone shitty advice.

    Other than that, hit it. Go for it. Do it. Live it. Make it work. And if you ever want a structured framework for coaching, check out Coaching Foundations. It’ll give you not only the core foundations of the philosophy broken down in a way that’s not available anywhere else, but it’ll also teach out how to apply that framework in a way that heals the core challenges in people’s lives.



    Thanks man.

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