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    J. Martinez


    If you are reading this.  It’s weird, right? I mean, really, really, weird that as you read each of these words and this sentence, like this very sentence, right now, this one with its meandering ways, which by this point has created a sense of can-you-just-get-to-the-point features?

    That…THAT is weird the way other people can literally hang you up, capture all of your conscious attention and literally think your thoughts for you.  I’m doing it again.  Notice it?

    Language, eh? Communication.  Am I right? Yeah.  I’m right.

    I like being right, except when I don’t.

    I’m Jermaine.  I used to be J. Martinez on the AI Forum years ago.  I found AI in 2010.  I read the Endgame.  I went through the programs of various sorts and have never been the same.

    From suicidal depression to feeling gratitude every damn day.  From oneitus and dependent mindsets, crushing hard on the loss of relationship with what felt like the perfect woman, to casual, meaningful dating and the ability to attract and meet women who value independence.

    From loneliness and disconnection to experiencing deep connection with everyone from random people at a bar, to my family, to co-workers (especially one’s I hate), to an amazing assortment of women.

    I battled depression, loneliness for over 15 years before finding Leigh’s special brand of voodoo. Now, over the past 7 years, not a day of debilitating frustration, sadness, or depression.

    I’ve coached with AI for 4 (5?) years? I suck with the numbers.

    I’m a university professor.  I have a PhD in Communication.  I study emotions, language, thought, and experience.

    I’m currently living in Pennsylvania in the US.  I hate it.

    It is not ideal for me.  And yet, I still wake up every day lovin’ life and connecting with new people all the time.

    I’ve developed that ability to feel good in bad situations.  Which is mind blowing considering at one time in my life I blamed the society for why I was lonely and depressed.

    I’ve somehow learned how to maximize my experience in most moments of daily living.

    I’m eager to get Life OS started and build up this community so I can learn even more about how to maximize my experience of life from people who are living great lives of their own.

    For instance, travel.  I’ve never traveled the world substantively (which is to say, not at all).

    Meditation.  I have a practice, but I want to go deeper.

    Relationships.  After a few years of becoming able and enjoying feeling free and easy around women and meeting some amazing and debaucherously (and deliciously) sexual, sensual, and joyful women, I’m wanting something more stable.

    Money/Enterprise.  I’m an old cat.  In my 40’s. I have a meaningful job as a professor. I love teaching. It’s my calling.  But I’m looking to build up more sustainable and independent income, too. Besides, teaching at a university means my future is not as under my control as I would like.  Just not ideal.

    Health/Fitness/Diet.  Like I said.  I’m an old cat.  I want to be as healthy as possible for the time I have left on this amazing shitshow of life on the planet.

    So that’s me, right now.

    Welcome to all of you!

    Let’s get this shit going!






    Dude! So good to have you on here man.

    Look at us getting old. Grey hairs. My knees are shot. You’re pretty much our resident geriatric. Haha.

    Seriously though, I’m excited to reconnect with the old crew, and see what the new generation gets up to.

    Really cool to see what you have planned. This should be a fun ride to follow.



    Good to have you here, mate. So many adventures over the years and so many more to come.

    Looking forward to it.

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