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Leigh's 'Get Less Fat' Challenge

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    In the last 2 years, I’ve dropped a significant amount of muscle mass but have maintained my weight, telling me I’m getting fat. As I’m turning 38 this year, I can’t afford to do that. To make sure I don’t get to an unmanagable point, I’ve decided to drop by body fat percentage.

    To do this, I’m going to follow the tried and true tradition: eat less, move more. The ‘eat less’ part will be reducing my portion size and cutting out snacks. I don’t really eat high-sugar foods so there’s not much space to cut that out. It’s just the amount I’m eating. The ‘move more’ part will be getting back into the gym. I only surf as exercise right now and the swell is to inconsistent where I live to be able to surf consistently. Getting back in the gym will give me an avenue to exercise that isn’t weather-dependent.

    I’m not going to start out counting calories just yet because I can’t be bothered, but I probably will down the line when I don’t see any results.

    Starting weight: 90.7 kg
    Starting body fat percentage: 26.7%*

    Target weight: NA
    Target body fat percentage: 12%

    Timeline: 3 months

    I’ll update my progress once a week.

    I don’t have a solid set of rules just yet but I’ll make them up as a go along. If you’re keen to join in, list your starting figures and timeline below and we can get cracking.

    *This is what my body fat percentage scales tell me, but I’m dubious about that figure. Looking at myself in the mirror, I would say between 15%-20% but it’s all guesswork. I’ll just go off what the scales say and then adjust my target as necessary.



    First week update (yes, it’s been 10 days but I decided that starting on Monday’s would be the best way to go):

    15/3/19: 90.7kg
    25/3/19: 88.5kg

    Bodyfat Percentage
    15/3/19: 26.7%
    25/3/19: 24.7%

    These results are pretty good for 10 days but I definitely don’t expect to keep up the same momentum for the next three months. I’m aiming for around 1% body fat percentage reduction for the 3-months so this is a bit above that, but we’ll just see how it goes.


    The biggest change I’ve made this week is my diet. I’ve cut out anything that’s carb-heavy. I’ve pushing towards Keto but I think I might be getting too many carbs through nuts (cashews) to actually make it.

    My typical day starts with either eggs or sausages for breakfast at around 7am, neat and salad for lunch around 11:30, a snack of cheese and ham or something similar around 3pm, and dinner of meat and vegetables (stirfry, casserole, pot roast, etc…) around 6pm. If I just need something to quell the hunger pains, I default to cashews at this point in time.

    I’m not counting calories or watching my fat intake, I’m only making sure I’m staying away from any carb-heavy foods.


    I’ve done a pretty average amount of exercise this week. I’ve surfed three times for a total of about 4 hours and spent another hour in the gym lifting weights. As it gets colder here, I’ll start to spend more time in the gym and less in the water.


    The exercise isn’t hard, but watching my diet is. It’s been really interesting to see just how undisciplined I’ve become with my diet. Not in terms of what I’ve been eating (because I’ve never had much sugar and I’m not craving sugar at all), but in terms of how often I eat. I’m having constant urges just to graze on anything I can get my hands on. Resisting the urge to eliminate any kind of hunger pains has been a struggle. It should get easier as I get more used to it, but it’s been tough and I’ve definitely caved a few times – not through a lack of discipline, but just through not being conscious of what I’m doing.


    To make this more fun, my wife has decided to join me on this adventure. The winner is the person who reduces their body fat percentage the most. If, after three months, she’s lost more than me, she gets $1,000 to spend on a new wardrobe and a night away with her friends. I’m not sure what I’m going to ask for, but I have three months to work it out.

    I’ll update this thread next Monday.



    I have a habit which involves me to stay conscious too

    I wonder what you do to remind yourself to away from things which you dont want to do.
    ” For example, I am curious to know if you have any strategy to remind yourself to snack less”



    When you’re trying not to do something and you already have enough motivation and conviction to not do it, it really just comes down to being more conscious of the actions you’re taking in any given moment.

    It’s making ‘being conscious’ a priority throughout your day and backing that up with action. Doing so will allow you to catch yourself falling back into bad habits which then allows you to choose a new action.

    Have you subscribed to the ‘Focus Control Challenge? That’s the best place to start with this.

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