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If you can answer this question, you're doing something wrong

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    I had a meeting with one of the coaches yesterday and he raised a really funny and interesting point.

    He’s doing some weird Yoga shit on some crazy spiritual level that’s way beyond anything I’ve explored and because it’s so weird, when he explains it to people, they often try and change the subject by asking: So, what do you do for fun?

    We were laughing about how normal this question is to most people, but once you take control of your life, it stops being normal and starts being unanswerable.

    What do you do for fun? My answer used to be football or going out to bars or meeting girls, but now, it’s… Well, it’s nothing. I don’t do anything for ‘fun’ because that presupposes that the rest of my life isn’t fun and I have to step away from my life and find something outside my day-to-day routine that is fun.

    But I don’t have to. My life is fun. I love playing with my son (even if he gets a bit frustrating sometimes). I love learning about psychology. I love working with people. I love surfing. I love trying to turn deep and bizarre concepts into easily applicable ideas with step by step breakdowns. I love my life and so I don’t have to do something fun to escape the regular routine. Everything (for the most part) is fun.*

    So, if you can actually answer this question “What do you do for fun?”, it means there’s room to grow. There’s room to change. There’s room to shift the way your life is designed to start bringing more life and joy and excitement into your world.

    Now, I have a question for you: what would you need to change about your life so that every minute was exciting or rewarding or fulfilling or fun? And what’s stopping you from doing that? Thrown your answers down below and we can start working on them together.

    *There are obviously times that aren’t fun, but they’re not part of my regular routine. They interrupt my routine occasionally but then I deal with them and move on.



    Yeah, I love this. It’s a good guide post too. The more you can answer that question, the more opportunity there is to change your directory and guide your life down a path you want.

    One thing I have noticed both in myself and in others, is the idea that if you are doing something “fun” then you aren’t doing something productive. The idea that you can only be successful through sacrifice, or the “grind”, is a mindset I’ve seen play out in not only my life but in others. The idea that I could be paid for something I do for fun, seemed completely bizarre to me. “Don’t worry, I do that for fun anyways” would be something I would say if someone offered me money for something I have done for them.

    When I released I can make money from the things I naturally find fun (and potentially a shitload of money at that) then what is possible completely shifts. Success isn’t something that is to be achieved, and ONLY THEN can you have fun. The journey to success can be a shitload of fun too.

    For me, that was a liberating moment.

    It meant fun was something that I made sure to factor into not only my personal life, but also business decisions. Even typing that, the concept still seems bizarre, but it’s something I’m consciously working on.

    Good topic. You should start a blog or something 😉




    That’s an interesting point.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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