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Hosting an Event – Help Needed Selling Out

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    Hi all,

    I’m hosting My first event at the end of May. It’s a Dj’ed freeform dance and movement meditation with cacao ceremony. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this.

    I’ve set up a facebook event, put in an irresistible offer, posted to what’s on guides for My area, set up a website and printed flyers for a Health & Wellbeing festival happening in My area. Other than this (and having a budget of zero) I’m not sure what to do.

    Any help / advice on bringing people to an event like this?



    Ok heres a quick brainstorm session.

    • Are there any local mediation, yoga, tantra, alternative shops, or any other local business that caters to the same people you want to attract? Reach out to those people. Ask them to include your event in their newsletters. Put fliers on their window and front table. Form relationships with these businesses. Especially if you plan to do more than one event.
    • Are there any local “buy, swap, sell” facebook pages for your area. Could be a “how, what, when, where” styled info page for your local area. Find those local pages and then share your event on there.
    • Go to cafes, vegan restaurants, and other places your market might hang out. Again, Put fliers on their window and front table. Form relationships with these businesses. Especially if you plan to do more than one event.

    That should give you some work



    Thanks for replying Nathan! I’ll get on these suggestions. Just one question, what do You mean by forming a relationship with these businesses, what does that entail?



    Hey Ashley! Along with the suggestions from Nathan, I’d suggest posting about your event on the website for your city.

    Are people registering with their emails and paying to attend? I’m asking to see if you’re able to check how many people are registering before the event. If so, then put a field on the registration form asking how they heard about your event. Then redouble efforts on the most popular sources for attendees.

    Post fliers around any universities near you. If you want to make friends with the businesses tell them that if their customers want to come, you’ll add on a special bonus for attending. It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe something like a link to a spotify playlist with music similar to what you’ll have at the event, or a guided meditation you record, or a little PDF you can create with top stress relieving tips or a how-to guide with meditation instructions. Something that makes the owner feel special if they send people your way.



    Thanks Andrew, some great suggestions. I’m implementing these ideas now. I’m also going to make sure I update the facebook events page with extra information, videos and a few other bits along the way too. Hopefully this will get Me some signups.



    Let me tell things that comes to my mind:

    You can invite many people for this, given the vision for the event is expressed in an expansive way. What do i mean by ” expressing in expansive way”. For example, you said its about a “dj’ed freeform dance and movement meditation”. Dance in general involves one getting comfortable and freeform dance can be used as a tool to encourage one to enjoy music in their own way. Meditation teaches one to stay equanimous and therefore, the vision for the event can be expressed as a “practical fun event to encourage one to be themselves and express their self ” or something like that. Because, when the vision is wide, many people can join the event. There are many in life , who wish to express themselves freely and an event which encourages them to do the same , might interest many. Plus, in the end of the event, you can have a gathering , where, the willing ones can open up and talk about stuff that matters to them. For such an event, you can literally invite anyone. might interest you. You can check the site , join a group there and share your event with them. Plus, nathan spoke about the tantra group, alternative shops etc. the thing is, when we think about meditation and health, the dudes who are involved in it are the ones in the meditation centre, a healer, etc. So, you could get in touch with them and notify them about your event. tell them that you are hosting a event and invite them to talk about their works in the end!, invite them to share some wisdom . you can even ask them to share your poster with their customers.

    Have a freebie , lets say that the end event is free for everyone. The event ,where , you allow the willing people to talk about stuff that matters. In the end event, you can even invite those healers , meditation centre dudes to talk too.


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