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    Hey folks,

    My OSlife-journey started when I was 17 years old and came across a free pdf called “Seduction Community Sucks”. That was back in 2010 when I was on a high-school exchange year in Australia. At the time I was really confused and frustrated with people and life in general. Being too insecure to talk about my issues with people I went online and found AI along with Leigh.

    What a journey it has been since then. Am I a ever-happy guy that has everything he has ever wished for in life and doesn’t face any problems any more? Hell no. But I have acquired the tools necessary to solve them in a way that puts me in control and gives me whatever it is I am looking for.

    As of now, I have just decided to pause my masters degree in order to pursue my dream of creating my a business on my own and becoming self-employed. The goal is to create a movement-facility where people not only come to train and work on their movement-skills, but also interact with the tribe to help one another overcome their (mental and physical) problems they are facing. Aside from that I enjoy pretty much all kinds of sports, am a passionate wine + coffee lover and have a desire to help others with their challenges.

    The latter is the reason I got excited when I heard the news from Leigh that he is back with a new platform that does just that. And it’s also just great to hear from some of the guys I have met through AI and see where their life has taken them.

    Happy to be here!





    Welcome mate. It’s been a fun (and long) journey so far and I’m excited to see where it leads.

    Good to have you here.





    Jan! Great to have you here mate. Keen to follow your journey to self employment. Exciting stuff!

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