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    Hello LifeOS,

    Good to see that the old Attraction Institute has been revitalised, reforged and evolved. It’s great to be back.

    So let me re-introduce myself. I’m Nathan, formerly Concept from the old AI forums. I’m a 5’6″ ball of ‘fuck-yeah’ and I’m here to proactively create the lifestyle that I want.

    There are some things that I love in my life. I’ve rediscovered my love of being creative, I’m surrounded by an amazing family (I’m soon to be an uncle!!!), and I have a terrific relationship with a vivacious and loving wife.

    But shit isn’t all roses, and babies laugher.

    I’ve done a lot of work regarding what is important to me, what I value, and what I want in my life. However, what I want, and where I am at, and two very different things. There are some areas that I’ve realised I’m heading down the wrong road, and others areas I’ve realised I’ve been complacent around.

    This needs to change. Why shouldn’t every day just be awesome, and not a dread to get out of bed.

    So that’s why I’m here. To actively carve a life I am consistently excited by.

    I’ve had my wins, but I’ve also had my loss, leaving me burnt out and despondent.

    I’m here to share that with others my wins, losses, share what I have learnt along the way and support others. But I’m also here for that support when shit gets hard, be held accountable and learn from others.

    See you around the forums


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    Good to have you here. I’ve known you for a long time now and even had the pleasure of working with you and I know you’re going to provide a huge amount of value here. Hopefully, we can provide as much back.



    Hi Nat,

    Good to hear from you again!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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