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Hello from a former desperate, stressed out nerd…

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    Hey, waddup gangstas?

    My name’s Andrew and I’m one of the coaches with LifeOS. For me, there’s no greater feeling than touching someone else’s life in a profound way. It’s been a fun and crazy ride helping people go from feeling lonely and isolated to making friends and real connections, from being too shy to speak their minds to opening up and learning to assert themselves, and even helping one guy go from extreme social anxiety to being willing to pose as a nude model for a fine art class (without blushing!), and on and on.

    But for a lot of my life, I would never imagine I’d be in a position to coach anybody. You see, for the early parts of my life, I was a stressed out, scatter-brained, fearful, feeble, desperately horny nerd… to put it nicely :p

    A lot of the fear had to do with health problems and being allergic to everything (growing up, the neighbor kids called me Darth Vader because I could only breathe through my mouth). As a result, I didn’t hang out with many people. And when I was in social situations, I would always be stuck in my head over-thinking, over-analyzing and way too nervous to have any fun.

    I remember one time in college I took a social dance class. The teacher selected me and the prettiest girl to demonstrate one of the moves. I’d never been that close to a girl ever before, and with all eyes on us, I popped a boner and couldn’t run away fast enough to go die. Or another time, I tried to show off my Dance Dance Revolution skills in a talent show by turning down the lights in the auditorium and taping glow sticks to my body so the attendees could only see the screen and my super cool footwork. However, due to a technical glitch, the video game abruptly announced that I failed halfway through the song.

    For years I read self-help books on how to have confidence and how to talk to people, but they never really helped. It felt like I was walking in circles– ending up in the same place I started, only more and more frustrated.

    By some act of grace, I stumbled upon Leigh’s AI website and started reading the articles. The articles made sense, but would it work for me? I wasn’t sure. So I read and read and eventually signed up for a four-week program.

    To make sure I stuck to it, I pledged to donate $100 to charity each time I missed a day during the four weeks. I posted my progress on a blog and did all the exercises. Day after day, week after week.

    And the results? What can I say…

    Leigh’s stuff works. If you’re willing to commit and consistently take action, then nothing is out of your reach.

    Later on I signed up for some advanced coaching to rocket launch my progress even further. And from there, Leigh trained a handful of guys (I was fortunate to be included) to help reach even more people.

    Now, almost a decade later, I’m blown away at where I am on my journey. I’ve gotten a lot of my health issues under control, I’ve been able to connect with some awesome people, and I’m out of my head, actually enjoying life in the moment without stress or anxiety.

    It’s been a great honor to help people transform their lives. And if you’re feeling a bit stuck and would like a little help to start living the life of your dreams, please send me a message. It would be an honor to help you because after all, life’s too short to be moderately miserable. Or any kind of miserable, really.

    It’s time. Let’s make it happen.


    PS – I’m still a nerd. That hasn’t changed 😉

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    It’s been fun, mate. Glad you decided to take the ride with us. Good to have you here.

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