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    I’m currently using a lazy version of Keto for my ‘be less fat challenge‘, but I’m interested in other diets.

    Has anyone tried intermittent fasting? The 16/8 version looks interesting and definitely doable and the reported benefits I heard of helping with other health factors sounds interesting.

    Has anyone ever tried straight-up fasting for extended periods of time? That’s not exactly my cup of tea but once again, I’ve heard it has interesting side effects.



    I want to go on one of those, “don’t eat for 5 days things”, I heard it gets fucking life changing.  Like you don’t look at food the same way again.  You should do that.  That’d be cray.



    5 day fast?? I’m guessing it would definitely change the way you look at food.

    I remember when I first came back from Bali. My wife and I had been living there for 2 months and the quality of the fresh produce is, well, ‘developing nation’ standard. Everything is shrivelled and dried out and marked – probably just the way we’ve eaten food for the last 50,000 years, before the invention of the modern capitalist machine.

    We got back to Australia and walked into a fresh produce market. I was overcome to just run and grab everything I could see. It was so clean and perfect and delicious.

    The trip really changed the way I see food, especially how blessed we are to get what we have.

    Don’t know if I’ll do a 5 day fast, but I’m up for living in Bali for 2 months again! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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