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creating inner life – Part 1 : Habits 1

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    Some might find it hard to change a habit. well, there are some reasons. So , lets take a look into it.

    Consider the following examples:

    *It seems like Some of the soldiers who fought in Vietnam war were using drugs like heroin etc,but, the usage was reduced once they returned to their loved ones.

    *A rat was  put in a cage,where, there was a drug and the rat used that drug . Next, the rat was put in a different cage with drugs around, plus, there were other rats, stuff to play with etc. In the second cage, the rat didn’t use the drug to a greater extent.

    Lets consider the world around us: the modern corporate slavery ,violence, fraud in medical industries,the poor idea based on which banks and economy seem to work etc.  The reasons are valid and it does seem like on an average, humans are having a tough time. During such a period, it does seem natural for one to depend on anything that excites one mentally or physically. I agree that ones life is being affected by all this.

    The happy news and sad news is that :To a greater extent, the current world is not setup to inspire you to create an amazing life or a healthy life for yourself.

    Its a sad news , because, it would have been lovely if the world we lived in was filled with things that were good for our well-being.But, right now, to a great extent it is not. Seems like there are some bad stuff going around

    Its a ” happy news ” too , because, at least right now, one can know that its upto one to change his/her life.

    I understand that it can feel strange and maybe even painful to find yourself do something that you didn’t want to do . But, I wouldn’t want to call you as an addict . Its just that, sometimes, we have to come up with a plan to remind and inspire ourselves.

    Lets say that someone wants to change their habit. Where can one start!

    Maybe one can start by thinking more about how “something in them ,values feeling good both physically , mentally”

    If there is one thing that i would want to tell you in this post, that thing would be, ” maybe , maybe its just that, there is less inspiration, love around one, so , its easy for one to not stick through something ”

    In future posts, let me think about how one can bring that inspiration , love, ease, calmness in one’s life.

    “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Victor frankl

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