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    >I read the Script Brothers article. I want to change, I’m just reading the articles I’ve renewed 100%. But I want to take the initiative in my life.
    How can I be more independent of this feeling of being included in groups?



    What is your desired experience? Being included in groups isn’t an experience (just realised this may be a language issue)…


    yes brother .. my deep desire is connection .. I always see in women things in common with me .. in fact I create anything that I see in beautiful women to feel connected. I’m just depending on them for my connection.



    Great. So your Script is:

    You currently feel less connected than you want, you desire connection, the outcome you’re looking for is being included in groups, and your mechanism for being included in groups is… Something. We don’t know that part yet, but we don’t need to because it’s not the mechanism that’s the problem. It’s the outcome.

    This will show you where you can start changing things:


    brother I read every article, and in the end to change the result you have to live a remarkable life



    You know that you want to connect and that you have an ineffective pathway for experiencing connection. To overcome the challenges you’re facing, you need to find a more effective way of connecting with people.

    The article I linked to is a specific breakdown of a more effective way to connect with people.

    Have you actually read it? Because it has the answer you need.


    yes brother, I saw that solution and have a vision of my life on a perfect day. and that has a 10-day program to solve

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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