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Are you reading this site and looking for answers?

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    Hey! I’m Jimmy.  I’m a real person.  So is Leigh, and Nathan, and all the people who use this site.  We’re actually people on the other side of the monitor who use this site fervently just like you.  And we’ll reply.  It’s not a secret club around here.  Do you have a question you think nobody can answer? Is it bizarre? Is it out there? Is it so strange you think nobody can relate to you?  Maybe you’ve had a traumatic experience.  Maybe you’re grappling with what the hell Leigh is talking about (What the fuck is a script? Is it real?).  Maybe you have problems approaching women.  Maybe you want to learn about working out, or starting a business or drinking onion juice to increase your testosterone (Yes a guy on here actually did that).  Maybe you’re just looking for a place to shoot the shit or share your own weird theory about how life works.  Maybe you’re wondering what life means and what it’s all about.

    Good news!  Someone is here to answer you.  Yes I mean you.  You reading this post cause you stumbled on this site and are looking for answers.  You are here because you’re looking for something.  And you think we won’t answer you.  Good news.  We will.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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