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    My name is PAULO RICARDO. I really wanted to approach an unknown woman but something holds me back, I feel socially excluded. how can I feel more inclusive to approach women?



    What holds you back?


    the need to be accepted … Included in group



    the need to be accepted … Included in group

    OK, great. Now, read this:

    Can you see your answer?


    I read brother.
    but I can not see a way or find a way to make a script more independent. How can I make it independent of this desire.


    Help me



    Ok, so what’s your current Script?


    obrigado irmão por entender para me ajudar

    1 – desejo de ser livre<>
    2 – atrair mulheres</
    3 – tente agradar</


    thank you brother for understanding to help me.


    1 – desire to be Free
    2 – attract women
    3 – try to please


    I wish I want to be Free
    Target Result: Getting to know womem
    Mechanism: Act the way i think it is right for them to fell good.

    Brother want to improve the script , I am really thinking really these days about it . It is a good script , but , I am still afraid to approach unknowm womem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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