Everything’s Amazing and Nobody is Happy

I just saw this and thought it was awesome.

Check it out:

It really got me thinking about how much I take for granted in my life.

Today, I drove to the farmers markets with the woman I love, sat and ate some beautiful food from 3 different continents, surrounded by family and friends, then drove to the beach and lay in the sun and splashed in the water for a few hours, then I came home and booked a flight that will take me over 1000km’s in less than 2 hours, then jumped online to share this with a community of guys who are driven and motivated to create a more beautiful world.

How was my day?

“Yeah, it was ok…”

It’s so easy to get caught up in the bullshit that we often tell ourselves when really, we live in amazing world.

Yes, there’s terrible stuff happening all around the world. Yes, things can feel tough. Yes, life can seem hard. But, our time in infinitely more amazing than just about any time before us.

We can do things that we’re considered impossible and you would have been burned at the stake for even suggesting.

The fact that I’m writing this in Sydney and you’re reading it on your computer is amazing enough!

So, when things seem tough and it all looks too hard, take some time out to stop and marvel at everything incredible the world has to offer us.


Quick Exercise:

It can be very easy to get caught up in the meaningless stuff that’s going on around you so here’s a quick exercise to help you get focussed on all the amazing things that happen every day.

Every morning for the 7 days, I want you to do a quick exercise.

As soon as you wake up, I want you to sit down and write a gratitude list.

A gratitude list is a very simple thing. It’s a list where you write down different things in your life that you’re grateful for.

For this list, I would like you to add 10 things every morning for the 7 days.

The catch is that you can’t include the same thing more than once.

This is a great way to bring your focus on to just how amazing this world really is.

Start now by adding your first 10 things in the comment section below.





10 thoughts on “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody is Happy”

    *Having access to the internet. It definetely has made incredibly amazing tools available to me which I have used to greatly improve my life.
    *Being perfectly healthy (except for the mental part.) (JK)
    *Being able to see, hear, touch, taste and hear the world.
    *Being able and being eager to help.
    *Having the means (that includes the will and toughness) to change my life and my world, even if I’m not perfect at it and fail a lot.
    *Summer and spring nights.
    *My computer (see internet).
    *My family. Like everything, they aren’t perfect, but they have been there for me in key / critical situations and moments and they have formed a lot of me, GRATEFULLY, mostly for good.
    *Living in a -relatively- peaceful country.
    *Having the means -education, place of birth, environment- to be able to care about other people, the future, etc.

  2. 1- Being alive
    2- Being physically and mentally healthy
    3- Living a good comfortable lifestyle
    4- Having people to love
    5- Having people that love me
    6- Living in the most beautiful city i have ever gone (Go Brazil!)
    7- Being smart (at least i think)
    8- Knowing english (great deal here)
    9- Having a great education
    10- Being tall with broad shoulders (thanks Dad)

  3. They make much more sense in the complete album (since it’s a concept album), but they’re inspirational on their own:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SpclhmwvOE (oh how much this one talks to me…)
    it’s impossible to not feel pumped after the main character’s chat with “fear”, it’s an album about a man who was in an accident after witnessing his wife in the arms of his best friend, and he has to face his emotions, memories and fears to return to life, absolutely brilliant.

  4. I love Louis CK!! love as in a man that loves another man’s work lol
    1.Making it to college 🙂
    2. Getting my financial aid problem handle.
    3. For AI
    4. For Leigh and Steven even if he isn’t working here anymore. He still made a great contribution.
    5. For my mom that cares about me.
    6. I am grateful for having a college that lets u take naps.
    7. For my body keeping up with a rigorous work out.
    8. Numbers and letters (lol)
    9. My friend in my proximity, he is been cool ever since I meet him.
    10. For my soul that brings about all those amzing feelings, and the bad that I get to experienced and let me know I am still alive 🙂

    Thats all thanks everybody!

  5. 10 things to be grateful for…

    1) My family continuously giving me love, support and shelter
    2) My friends that help and company me at random times
    3) I can walk, breath, stay healthy and get stronger
    4) Being able to dance bachata, salsa and merengue with my family and friends, even by myself
    5) I love running and noticing how fast I can go
    6) Having 3 brothers and a little sister is rare to have
    7) Being Canadian… People don’t know and value the benefits
    8) Being able to make money
    9) Able to eat whenever I want to.. so much variety lol
    10) Being alive and staying alive with my family, friends, even just with people

  6. 1) Dont have any illness
    2) Change my life changing where i am living
    3) Have money enough for live without job until i can
    4) For AI, etc.
    5) Left seduction comunity which was burning me
    6) Be handsome enough for can say “You are so explosive” and then nothing happens
    7) Have wonderfull friends
    8) Have internet
    9) Found 2 very good places where i can do Wing Tsun. And Also they are near
    10) Know i can be better


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