Eliminating your Limiting Beliefs Part 2 – Good News and Bad News


Eliminating your Limiting Beliefs Part 2:


Good News and Bad News…

how to eliminate your limiting beliefsThe response to the last article on limiting beliefs was pretty surprising.

If I’d realised how many of you were struggling with limiting beliefs, I would have jumped on this baby a long time ago.

But we’re here now so lets get into it.

Since writing the last article, I’ve been doing a lot of research into limiting beliefs. Things like:

– How they’re formed
– Why they’re formed
– The neuro-chemistry behind then
– How they impact your life

And most importantly:

– How to get them out of your way so you can be happy, fulfilled, and free.

After devouring most of the literature I could find on the topic and looking through all the research available, I’ve reached two conclusions:

1. People have spent a LOT of time researching beliefs and belief structures
2. Most of them have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about

There’s convoluted theories trying to justify spiritual reasoning’s behind them and even worse theories about eliminating them – like tapping your hands in certain places…

People have been spending a huge amount of time trying to justify some really bizarre stuff.

But, all of this wasn’t in vain. Reading how poorly other people have addressed the ideas of limiting beliefs and how to eliminate them has inspired me to come up with my own bizarre and convoluted theory 🙂

It’s taken me a while to pour through everything and get to the bottom of it but after spending a few days trying to understand what was going on from the AI perspective, I cracked it. And now that I’m done, I have good news and I have bad news.

Which do you want first?

Do you want the bad news first so you can finish the article on a high note?

Well, too bad. If I give you the bad news first, this article doesn’t make sense so you’re getting the good first before moving onto the bad.

So, here’s the good news 🙂

The good news might seem a little counter-intuitive when you first read it. If it does, that’s totally ok. Just stick with me here and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

Why should you read through this?

Because by the end of this, you’ll have a completely new understanding of your limiting beliefs that not only makes them easier to deal with, but will show you how they’re actually your secret weapon to becoming happy, fulfilled, free and naturally attractive to women.

If being happy and confident, regardless of how women respond to you, then you need to read this.

With that in mind, I present:


7 Reasons Why Your Limiting Beliefs are the Secret
to a Rewarding and Successful Life

The good news is that your limiting beliefs aren’t actually limiting.

You don’t need to eliminate your limiting beliefs in order to have feel powerful and in control. You don’t need to reduce them.

In fact, contrary to what you believe right now, your limiting beliefs actually provide 7 huge benefits when it comes to becoming happy, free, and naturally attractive. If anything, they should be called ‘empowering beliefs’ rather than limiting beliefs because of advantages they give you.

Yes, I am serious. And no, I haven’t smoked crack… today.

When you stop and think about it, it becomes very obvious, but only when know what to look for.

Here are the 7 reasons presented in no particular order:


1. Having limiting beliefs that you cannot make people like you gives you complete freedom to be yourself

The freedom to be yourselfThe simplest and easiest way to get a guy to get stuck in his head, over analysing an interaction with a beautiful woman is to tell him that he has a shot with her.

If he thinks he’s in with a chance, if he thinks that she likes him, if he thinks there’s a possibility he could be collecting her short blue skirt could off his bedroom floor tomorrow morning, then everything goes to shit.

He starts trying to get inside her head.

He starts to do things he thinks he needs to do to impress her.

He puts his personality and morals on hold to make sure he fits the mould.

In short, he starts acting like the exact kind of guy that she doesn’t want to be around.

The easiest way to stop this it tell him that he has no shot with her.

When a guy thinks he has no shot, he stops trying, he drops the façade, and starts being real.

But this doesn’t just go for meeting beautiful women, it goes for every situation in your life.

If you don’t think you have the ability to make the guys on your local football team like you, it gives you the freedom to be yourself around them.

If you don’t have the skills to make the dudes in the next office approve of your, then it gives you the freedom to do what you want without worrying about ruining a potentially great situation.

When you don’t think you have the capacity to influence a situation in any way, shape, or form, you stop trying. You give up. It takes the pressure out of the situation.

Instead of getting stuck in your head trying to be someone you’re not, your limiting belief gives you the freedom to just be yourself without ever having to worry that you’re going to ruin something.

She wasn’t going to sleep with you before. And now, by being yourself, you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.

In fact, the only possible outcome is that she’s more attracted to you than before you started being yourself because it’s not possible for her to be less attracted to you.

Your big ears / lack of athletic ability / height / ethnicity has already ruined your chances so you’re free to just have fun with her, laugh with her, play with her, without ever having to worry about stuffing it up.

Your limiting belief gives you the complete freedom to be 100% yourself without ever having to worry about the consequences.


2. Your limiting beliefs force you to create an independently rewarding and fulfilling life

If you’re moderately good at changing yourself so that people approve of you, then there’s no impetus to change the way you live your life.

If you can get some girls to like you for the Man you pretend to be and you can get some mates to hang out with you because of the bullshit you feed them, then your drive to find an independently rewarding and exciting future is going to be pretty low.

Things are working for you now, why would you change?

But, if you can’t get people to like you, if you’re terrible at getting people to validate you, if you’re appalling at changing yourself so you fit in with the cool group, then you have the motivation to change.

Having limiting beliefs about your ability to get women and friends to make you feel good about yourself means that you’re MUCH further down the path of becoming independently fulfilled and rewarded than most other people and you’re going to have the drive to get there faster.

The single most significant contributing factor to me becoming happy and fulfilled, regardless of whether or not people liked and approved of me was the fact that I was so unimaginably terrible at getting their approval in the first place.
If I was able to scrape through using tricks and techniques then there’s no way I would be where I am now. But because I was so incredibly useless at it, it forced me to find another way.


The freedom to be yourself3. Your limiting beliefs are a window to your deep desires

Do you know what you want in life? Do you know what you value deeply at your core?

And I’m not talking about surface level desires. I’m talking about those deep, core desires that drive your soul on an almost unconscious level.

It’s ok if you don’t. 80% of the people I meet have absolutely no idea what they want in life and even less have an idea of how to get it.

And because of this, they wander aimlessly through life, living other peoples life plans, doing what they their mother has told them to do, living their life according to the rules laid out every week on the latest current affairs show, blaming the ‘in fashion’ minority group for their lack of satisfaction and happiness.

But luckily for you, that’s about to change – all thanks to your limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs are the window into your deep desires and drives and if you take the time to understand them, you will be able to understand exactly what you want in life.

If you want to know how, follow these steps:

a. Write out your limiting belief(s)

b. Imagine your limiting belief being proven right in the most horrific fashion. Maybe you approach a girl and she shoots you down publicly and loudly because you’re too short before making a TV documentary about how pathetic you are and showing it on prime time TV, in between How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family so all your friends can see. As you’re wallowing in that misery in that moment, imagine how do you feel?

c. Write down how you feel in that moment. Don’t use ‘bad’ or ‘shit’, be specific. Here are a few words that might stimulate your thoughts:

o Alone
o Powerless
o Trapped
o Inadequate
o Pathetic
o Useless

Whatever your particular flavour of failure is, write it down

d. What’s the opposite of that experience? If you feel alone in that moment, what’s the opposite of alone? If you feel powerless, what’s the opposite of powerless?

e. Whatever feeling you come up when you go through this is your core desire at that moment.

If you didn’t have limiting beliefs or they didn’t play as significant role in your life, then you would have never known about this. You could have spent the rest of your life blindly follow the desires and drives of other people without ever experiencing the fulfilment and satisfaction that can only come from fulfilling your deep desires.

Who would have ever thought that there was so much behind your limiting beliefs?


4. Your limiting beliefs give you the opportunity to experience a deep feeling of power and control

Imagine waking up tomorrow and there were no barriers. Imagine crawling out of bed, away from the latest of the Victorias Secrets models you’ve been fooling around with, to climb into your Jacuzzi when your other girlfriend gives you a blow job before making breakfast for you.

Then, you head down to the shops and on the way, three smoking hot women slip their numbers into your hands before your boss calls you to tell you that he’s stepping down as CEO because you’re clearly far better suited to the position than he is.

Sounds great, right? If you answered no, then you’re probably on the wrong website.

Sure, it’s going to be great. It’s going to be FAR more enjoyable than where you are now. But how long could you sustain it for?

How long could you live in a world where things are so easy that you never have any barriers to success and everything was laid out on a plate for you?

Sure, it would be fun, but how rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying is that life going to be?

How much passion, drive, and desire are you going to experience?

A deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction only come from identifying a major roadblock preventing you from creating the life you want and then working your arse off to get through it.

It only comes from setting yourself an impossibly challenging target and then pushing through all barriers on the way to achieving it.

This is what your limiting beliefs give you.

Don’t think you’re worthy of a beautiful woman? Great. Feel like it’s preventing you from creating the life you want? Perfect. Set yourself a target of beating this and get your arse into gear and prove it wrong.

Don’t sit around waiting for the world to change for you, don’t wait till it magically fades into nothingness. Get up, take action, and experience the deep sense of inner-peace that only achievable by pushing through important and challenging barriers.

This is why your limiting beliefs are a key stepping-stone to a deep sense of fulfilment. They give you a real and meaningful challenge to take on so you can find the fulfilment that only exists on the other side.


create deep and real connection5. Your limiting beliefs are a simple and effective way to create deep and real connections with people

Have you ever felt that despite the amount of people you pass in the street every day, the number of people at your school / work, and the amount of friends you have on your social media accounts and chat programs, you still feel disconnected from people?

Have you ever looked at all the faces that pass you by every day and still wondered why you still feel alone?

If you have, then your limiting beliefs are you secret weapon in eliminating that feeling.

What am I talking about? Read this: Deep Connections Made Simple

What’s more real than your limiting beliefs and insecurities?

What’s deeper than sharing why you think you’re inadequate?

What could possibly be more open than sharing the one thing you don’t want people to know?

If you didn’t have these limiting beliefs and insecurities, then opening and sharing your experience of life is going to leave you feeling as connected as if you just recited the scores of the wweekend’sbasketball match.

Your limiting beliefs and insecurities provide the opportunity to form a real, powerful, deep, and open connection with other people.


6. All these things make you the kind of person that people want to be around

So far, I’ve shown you how your limiting beliefs:

a. Help you stop trying to impress people and just be yourself
b. Give you the drive and impetus to create an independently fulfilling live
c. Get in touch with your deep desires and drives
d. Give you a platform to experience power and control in your life
e. Allow you to form deep and real connections with people.

Now, imagine meeting this guy in the street. Imagine meeting the version of yourself that knows who he is, knows what he wants, can connect with people effortlessly, has an internally generated sense of power and control over his life, and is completely internally fulfilled and happy.

Imagine you’re standing in a line to buy tickets to a concert and this guy starts chatting to you.

Is this the kind of guy you’re going to be repulsed by?

Is this the kind of guy you’re going to give up your spot in the line just to get away from?

Is this the kind of guy you’re going to quietly wish would shut up and leave you alone?

Or are you going to be more interested in chatting to him, getting to know him, connecting with him, laughing with him and finding what he’s all about?

All these benefits that your limiting beliefs give you help you become the kind of guy that people actually want to be around.

Your limiting beliefs are the gateway to become strong, powerful, free, easy, and happy and having people want to be around you.


transform your relationships with women7. Your limiting beliefs completely transform your relationships with women

Yes, this is very similar to the last point but it’s so important that I don’t want you to miss it.

I’ve written an article about it here: 3 Reasons Why Not Feeling Worthy of Beautiful Women is a Blessing

It’s pretty straight forward and simple and something that should be pretty obvious by now but being able to see exactly how it relates to your interactions with women will make it easier to understand.


And now, the inevitable question: “If these limiting beliefs have so many benefits, why am I still frustrated, stuck, and unhappy?”

This is a great question.

If your limiting beliefs are such a blessing and gift, then why is your life still not the way you want it to be?

If they’re so great, why are you still not suffocating under hoards of naked, hot women as they fight to get you inside them?

This was a question that perplexed me for a while.

Once I was able to identify all these benefits, it just made no sense why some of my private clients were able to use their limiting beliefs as a springboard to become powerful, incredible, confident Men and others were still stuck in the same place.

After doing a lot of thinking and testing and coming up with partial solutions that worked for some guys but not all, I hit it.


This is the bad news…

This is the part that I didn’t realise when I wrote the last article on limiting beliefs.

Whilst your limiting beliefs can be fully liberating from the cycle of dependence and neediness that have caused you all the problems you’re facing, they’re only empowering is you have a specific mindset behind these limiting beliefs.

I’m still sorting out the fine details of it in my head and it’s going to take me a few more days to put it all together, so you’ll have to hold on for now.

I promise you I’ll have it all in the next article.

Until then, there’s one thing I want you to consider: “What would my life be like, right now, if instead of letting my limiting beliefs trap me from reaching my potential, I used them as tools to transform my life into the life I really want?”

If you don’t mind sharing, post your answers in the comments below. It’ll help inspire other guys to take a good, long, hard look at their life, where they’re holding themselves back, and what they need to do to become the kind of Men they want to be.

NOTE: Part three of this series has just been posted. Once you’ve finished this article, make sure you head here: Eliminating your Limiting Beliefs Part 3


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