Personal Coaching

If you’re committed to overcoming your personal challenges and transforming your life, then personal coaching is the fastest and simplest way to do so. Your personalised coaching sessions will help you see through your roadblocks and challenges to the core of your limitations and find a permanent solution that’s tailored specifically to your needs and situation.

These sessions will be run on a schedule that fits with your lifestyle through Skype so your location or personal schedule can all be taken care of. All you need to do is choose your coach.

Here are the coaches and their availability:


Resume: Head Instructor and founder of Life Operating System. He has been helping clients transform their lives since 2006

Short Bio: I’m the second of four children raised by a single mother, moving between homelessness and government housing. I suffered from crippling social anxiety and used to eat my lunch in bathroom cubicles to escape routine social interactions with people I’d been in class with for 3+ years. My whole life felt confusing, hard work, and isolating.

I found personal development when I was 25 and thought I was about to transform my life, only to be incredibly disappointed with the inadequacy of the information and support available. The advice was often contradictory (often within the same sentence), poorly explained, and frequently only made any sense when suspended belief in the logical foundations of science and embraced bizarre spiritual concepts.

This inadequacy drove me to develop my own solutions based on what I assumed were obvious logical conclusions and apply them to my challenges and frustrations. I slowly started getting success and when others saw my progress, they asked for my advice. Our email conversations grew to a forum, which led to books, coaching programs, and the foundations of what is now LifeOS.

These solutions have allowed me to not only overcome the core frustrations and limitations of my less-than-stellar life, but also marry the woman of my dreams, move to a beach-side paradise, and semi-retire at the age of 36.

Availability: 3 sessions/week currently available

Individual Sessions: $200/session – Sign up now
4 Sessions: $180/session – Get your 10% discount here
8 Sessions: $160/session – Get your 20% discount here


Resume: Senior Instructor and LifeOS Graduate. Jermaine has strong teaching background grounded in his 3 years as a university lecturer.

Short Bio: For most of my adult life I just assumed I was a sad guy. I always seemed to notice the worst about people, life, and myself. Life just felt so damn hard. I just knew that other guys, the guys that the women I wanted would be attracted to, had somehow figured it all out. Then after losing what I felt was the woman of my dreams, I sat alone in the dark of my apartment, depressed, crying, and eventually crushing my hand against the wall as I punched it in frustration and pain. I felt like I was not worth being loved by any woman. That’s when I knew I needed to make a change, or I might as well just die.

In my search for how to get my girl back, I discovered the seduction community. All those tactics and strategies were fun, but they never felt like they offered any lasting solutions. I still felt like shit behind close doors and sucked at taking action. Then I found the foundations of what became LifeOS. I have studied and taught human communication theory for over a decade. What I found in LifeOS was much of what I have already known and taught. But what I learned from the LifeOS coaching programs was something that my years of education could not teach: I learned how to turn those theories into real action that transformed my life.

The last three years have been the MOST incredible and free years of my life. I feel more positive than ever, constantly challenging myself, and connecting deeply with other people, women, family, and friends. Years after breaking my hand, I actually feel that my newly adventurous life is more than worth sharing with women. And more importantly, I am now driven to help other guys find this freedom in their own lives. I pretty much want to change the world.

Availability: 2 sessions / week currently available

Individual Sessions: $120/session – Sign up now
4 Sessions: $108/session – Get your 10% discount
8 Sessions: $90/session – Get your 20% discount


Resume: Senior Instructor and LifeOS Graduate. Andrew specialises in pushing the extremes of physical limitations after becoming a Wim Hof Certified Instructor.

Short Bio: For the first 20 years of my life I never thought for myself and would just follow people’s rules. I was working hard, with no time to enjoy life. After all, I was on the life plan to go to college, get a degree, get a good job, nice car, get married, have kids, retire and die. When I started college a friend and I decided it would be cool to get girlfriends because everyone else was doing it. Being a nerdy kid who never talked to girls, I typed into Google a few simple words: How to get a girlfriend.

What followed was 2 years of trying to make sense of pick up guru’s wisdom, all the while not taking any action. Somehow I ended up with a girlfriend and after that went downhill, I crawled back to the ebooks looking for the answer, the key to life. Instead, I found AI 

After reading LifeOS and going through the LifeOS coaching programs, my life has completely changed. I’m still travelling on this wonderful journey, messing up and learning a lot. All the while never knowing what exactly will come next on this crazy, awesome ride.

Availability: 3 sessions / week currently available

Individual Sessions: $120/session – Sign up here
4 Sessions: $108/session – Save 10% here
8 Sessions: $96/session – Save 20% here