How to become a confidently attractive Man

If you’ve found your way to this page, then I don’t need to convince you that LifeOS is different. You already know that you’re not going to find more ways to pretend to be someone you’re not. You already know that you’re not going to be spoon fed recycled crap from some fake PUA guru who’s still dependent on polite smiles and rehearsed stories to fumble his way into some gullible woman’s bed.

You know that the concepts, theories and philosophies of LifeOS will help you become free, confident, and secure and naturally attract women without having to sacrifice your moral, beliefs, or personality in the process.

But what you don’t know is why Endgame is the book you NEED to read.

So let me tell you why Endgame is the book for you…

When I first decided that I’d had enough of the Seduction Community’s crap about how if you were ever going to attract confident, strong, and in-demand women, you HAD to pretend to be someone you weren’t, it seemed as though I was the odd one out. Every other guy I met was content to learn structures, memorise routines, and sacrifice their entire belief system for the comfort of a warm body next to them for an empty and hollow night.

There were a few guys who wandering down the path of ‘internalising’ mindsets and changing their belief systems but still, they were only doing it as a way of covering over who they really were in the hope that women would like them.

I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to have to hide the real me. I didn’t want to have to pretend I was someone else.

That smelt like bullshit, it felt like bullshit, and there was no part of me that wanted to have to lie to women, just to get them to sleep with me. But as the seduction community was the only source of dating advice at that point in time, I dived in. After just a few weeks scratching the surface of their hollow theories, the contradictions became evident:

  • If a true Alpha Male is someone who lives his life on his terms, doing what he wants, when he wants to, then how can I ever be an Alpha Male by memorising a series rules in an eBook that I don’t agree with?
  • If I build the deepest and most powerful connections with people when I’m sharing genuinely and open and listening with my full attention, how can I ever build the kind of connections I want by reciting someone else’s stories?
  • If the nights where I’ve had the most success with women are the ones where I’m out of my head, doing what I want, and not trying to impress anyone, why do I need to memorise all these steps and tactics to become attractive to women?

The more I dug, the more I found. More tricks. More lies. More fake games. And more charades to pull the wool over drunk women’s eyes. I also saw that for every rule I HAD to follow, for every method I HAD to remember, for every technique I HAD to perform, there were guys who weren’t following these systems and still getting the results I wanted.

I decided to study these guys, these naturals, to see what their secret was.

  • Did they all follow some complicated structure they memorised from a book? No. They all did different things at different times.
  • Were they all high energy and fun? No. There were guys who were low energy and calm.
  • Were they all cold and intimidating, alpha jocks? No. There were open, emotional, nerdy types who were still taking home the girls I wanted.

But there was one core element that shone through in EVERY naturally attractive Man:

He did what HE wanted, when HE wanted to, regardless of what anyone else thought. He wasn’t fighting for approval, he wasn’t battling for acceptance, he wasn’t trying to prove anything to anyone. He was real, open, free, and that just drew people to him.

I thought about this for a long time. I thought back to few nights when I’d managed to have women giving me those longing stares from across the bar. I thought back to the infrequent moments when some new woman I’d just met held my eye contact just a little longer than needed to. I thought back to those rare moments when I was the life of the party and everyone wanted to be around me.

It had nothing to do with the cools stories I could recite, the funny jokes I’d learned, the different tactics I’d memorised the night before from some downloaded ebook. It was all because I was doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it and radiated the fulfilment and happiness that can only come from living your life on your terms.

This begged the obvious question: Why couldn’t I be open, powerful, and free all the time?

And an even more obvious answer:

  • Because I cared about what other people thought about me
  • Because I had too many insecurities
  • Because I let my anxiety run my life
  • Because I put far more weight on how other people said I should do than on my own opinions and views

But, in that obvious answer, I had my solution.

To become the kind of Man that is naturally attractive to women, I needed to drop the games, lose the tricks, stop pretending to be someone I wasn’t, and actually deal with my inner limitations rather than just pretending they didn’t exist.

I had to drop the little boy games of hiding from my fears, running from my insecurities, resisting all my doubts and worries and Man up. This was the ONLY way to deal with the neediness and outcome dependency that had ruined my chances with women before I found the seduction community and were still ruining my chances today.

What less evident was how I do this.

  • If I’ve spent my entire life running from my inner barriers and pretending they don’t exist, how do I suddenly decide to start expressing, confronting, and dealing with them?
  • If I’ve spent my entire life running from fear, how to I become the kind of Man that not only walks towards it but actually enjoys it?
  • If I’ve spent my entire life living it according to what other people say I should do, how do I become the kind of Man who not only has the courage to live his life on his terms but thrives when he finds people who object to what he’s doing?

There were so many unanswered questions.

The seduction community was great at explaining how to pretend that I was strong, confident, fun, outgoing, and exciting but there was no-one who could help me BECOME that kind of guy. The only advice they could give was ‘just pretend and pretend and eventually you’ll become that guy’, but pretending just didn’t cut it for me. There were no guru’s to consult. There were no experts to ask. There was no-one who could help me find the real answers I needed…

…so I set off alone.

I started with Masculinity work but it just let me with more questions than answers. I turned to Taoism and found part of the answer, positively psychology gave me another piece of the puzzle, but at the end of the day, there were just more rules.

There was just more: “Do this and copy this and then you’ll be happy and free. Copy this person who’s become really confident and you’ll eventually become confident.”

There was no-one who could show me the core underling mechanisms at play that would help me become fulfilled, free, open, and satisfied with my life in a way that was naturally attractive to women.

After spending years of my life searching outside for the answers, I made a challenging and scary decision: To put the books, DVD’s magazines, and websites aside and turn my attention inwards. If I couldn’t find the answer from people outside myself, I was going to have to come up with it myself.

I started from the ground up:

  • What was I really looking for in life?
  • Why did I want this?
  • How did it affect the choices I made in life?
  • What are the different ways to get what I want?
  • How does this change the way I think/look/act/feel/experience life?
  • What does this do to attraction?
  • What would change about interacting with women if I changed pathways?

And most importantly of all: “How can I use this all to become confident, free, open, and naturally attractive to women?”

I tested, practised, I tried, I failed. I threw myself into more embarrassing situations than I ever thought possible and dealt with the inevitable consequences when the inevitable happened.

I started making myself feel anxiety, just so I could find new ways of dealing with it. I started purposefully creating awkward silences to learn new ways of overcoming with my awkwardness. I started trying to get rejected to see just how I could deal with rejection in a way that took me closer to the life I wanted rather than running away like a scared little boy.

And the more I did it, the more I noticed a strange shift happening.

  • The more I started to purposefully try and experience anxiety, the less anxiety I could find.
  • The more awkward silences I created, the less awkward they became.
  • The more I tried to get rejected, the less women wanted to reject me.

In fact, the more I moved away from doing things just to pick up women, the more women I picked up! It was weird… Very weird. But the more I did it, the more success I got. Well… Up until a point. I could attract women I didn’t want by just pushing myself and throwing myself head first into more scary and challenging situations. But as soon as a woman I REALLY wanted appeared, it would all go to shit.

  • I’d start trying to experience anxiety but only because it had helped me get girls in the past.
  • I’d start trying to create awkward silences but only because I thought it would make me seem more interesting.
  • I’d start trying to get rejected but only because I knew it would get her to like me.

I’d instantly become the needy, clingy, dependent guy that had bee pushing women away for years and I had no idea how to change it.

This is where things got deep and real. I knew I needed to take my attention away from women, I knew I needed to become the Man of MY dreams, I knew that this journey had to be more about me growing and learning rather than getting and demanding but I had no idea how to do it.

I went really deep. Really deep. I took a VERY honest and real look at my life. I dug inside my core desires and started to work with them rather than pretending they weren’t there.

I asked the questions I’d been running from this whole time:

  • Why am I being needy?
  • What am I really looking for behind that neediness?
  • How can I experience that in a way that doesn’t leave me dependent on a nice smile and a cute giggle to feel good about myself?

And most importantly:

  • How can I experience it in a way that makes me the kind of Man that women naturally want to be around?

After 6 months of trying, failing, getting back up off the ground and trying all over again, I found it.

The simple, core mechanism necessary to make the switch from living my life trying to use beautiful women to feel good about myself, to becoming confident, strong, and free. I knew how to stand in front of a beautiful woman and not lose myself inside her beauty and charm so I could stay the grounded and powerful Man she desired.

I’m not going to say this was easy. There’s so much inadequate information available even the truly reality shifting ideas are sandwiched in between layers of contradictory advice. But after years investigation, testing, false starts, failing, and starting all over again, it all fell into place.

I found “How”.

  • How to build inner strength
  • How to develop rock solid confidence
  • How to push through barriers
  • How to overcome your fears
  • And how to do it all in an authentic, powerful, and naturally attractive way that gives you everything you’ve ever desired, REGARDLESS of the outcome

At first, I wanted to slap myself. It all seemed so obvious and so easy. When I met a few guys from the local PUA community one warm and vibrant night and started sharing my ideas, they drank it up. But it also left them with more questions than answers. They’d been brainwashed with seduction community theory for so long that it was hard for them to see the obvious truth.

After trying to explain every intricate detail, over and over again, I decided it would be far easier and far simpler to put it all into one book that answered all their questions and problems and helped them see just how easy it really was to become effortlessly strong, powerful, and free.

This is why you need to read Endgame.

Endgame isn’t just another book filled with hundreds of different ways to pretend to be someone you’re not or techniques to imitate another ‘gurus’ personality. You won’t discover a complex and detailed description of everything a naturally attractive and confident Man does when talking to a woman. It doesn’t have 30 different reasons to explain why you are the way you are. You won’t find hundreds of different people you can blame your frustration and pain on.

What you’ll find in Endgame is the “How”:

  • How to eliminate your limiting beliefs
  • How to eradicate your crippling anxiety
  • How to build rock solid confidence
  • How to transform your inner game
  • How to become the kind of Man who lives his life on his terms and is free to take whoever he chooses with him on that journey

There are no tricks to imitate someone you’re not. There are no games to hide your fears and doubts. There are no techniques to pretend like you’re insecurity free. There are no mindsets to internalise or affirmations to repeat in the shower every morning.

Endgame will give you the core level of understanding and self-awareness necessary to build the powerful and solid inner core strength that will have you searching for your insecurities rather than running from them.

By the time you finish Endgame, you will see:

  • The real reason you’re trying to attract women and how it’s ruining your chances before you open your mouth
  • The hidden link between getting a girlfriend, chicken soup, kayaking and nightclubs
  • How Steven seduced me into divulging my secrets
  • The attraction fallacy: why relying on flirty smiles from cute women is keeping them out of your reach
  • Why trying to fix the symptoms of your lack of success with women is a waste of time and how you can eliminate them all at once
  • The underlying mechanism that’s responsible for you needing to learn attraction techniques
  • How to avoid being needy and clingy when you’re honestly expressing what you think and how you feel
  • Exactly how the patterns of neediness and dependency in your relationships with women effect the rest of your life
  • The only reason your life lacks the spark and excitement you crave
  • What women REALLY want
  • The 2 core desires that drive all decisions in both women AND men
  • The information trap: how learning more can make you feel good about yourself but will only leave you empty and lost

On attracting women…

  • Why trying to ‘get’ the girl is preventing you from getting the girl
  • How to give freely to women without needing anything in return
  • Why the ‘long’ journey of inner transformation is actually the quickest and simplest way to real success with women
  • The specific reason why nice guys get stuck in the friend zone
  • How to execute every PUA technique without trying
  • What’s making you dependent on a positive response to feel good about yourself
  • What attraction really is and how it has nothing to do with evolutionary psychology
  • Why becoming a better sales man is the slowest and most frustrating way to attract women
  • The specific brain changes that allow switched on women to see through charades
  • How to buy women flowers, drinks, and other gifts without coming across as needy and desperate
  • Why you’re having flat and boring conversations and how you can infuse them with life and energy
  • Why some women are attracted to money, others to status, others to muscles, and how you can attract them without these things
  • How to become the life of the party without having to pretend to be someone you’re not
  • Why you’re not naturally attractive to women and what you need to change
  • The one thing you need to change to build rock solid presence with women
  • How to get women to set you up with their friends
  • Why the concepts in Endgame are simultaneously the least effective and most effective ways to seduce women
  • What makes you a ‘nice guy’ and why changing your actions won’t help you break free from it
  • Why it’s so much easier to attract women when you already have a girlfriend and how you can get to that place without one

On connecting with women…

  • How to draw people in whilst talking about topics they don’t even care about
  • The essential step in communicating inner confidence and strength
  • How women can tell exactly what you’re really trying to do and how to use that to your advantage
  • How to give an authentic and genuine compliment to a woman without needing a favourable response
  • How to make real, deep, and powerful connections with women without needing to learn a single thing to talk about
  • The difference between ‘doing’ genuine and ‘being’ genuine
  • The truth that an online dating profile can reveal about you
  • The simple way to use your past mistakes to form deep and powerful connections with women
  • The simple way to let go of the outcome when talking to women and just enjoy the moment
  • What’s really governing your sub-communication and what you need to change to fix it for good
  • How to stop waiting for your turn to talk and really listen to what women are saying
  • The easy way to make talking to women fun and effortless
  • How to truly enjoy not knowing how a woman is going to respond

On relationships…

  • The core essence of empowering relationships and what you need to do to create them
  • How to naturally screen out the women you don’t want and form deep and real connection with the ones you do
  • What leaves people trapped in frustrating and depressing relationships and how you can avoid it
  • How to give a woman the sense of safety and certainty that she desires
  • What it really means to give to a woman without needing anything in return
  • Why you’re in the friend zone and what has to change for you to break out
  • What has to change so you can stop trying to impress women and start working out if they impress you
  • The biological difference between Men and Women that’s at the core of most relationship problems

On the Seduction Community…

  • The difference between ‘doing’ self amusement and actually being self amusing
  • The common trap of trying to get ‘into state’
  • The only thing responsible for you having to learn pickup and seduction tactics
  • Why you have to choose between being a naturally attractive Man and learning PUA material
  • The reason why memorising lines and routines is really just using women
  • Why following all the right steps isn’t going to do you any good when you’re talking to a confident and strong woman
  • Why seduction rules were first developed and how you can attract women without them
  • Why there is no such thing as a ‘social blueprint’ and what REALLY creates social constructs
  • What’s simpler and easier than becoming a better salesman
  • The core essence of a naturally attractive man
  • The essence of a ‘creepy salesman’ and what you need to change to avoid coming off like that
  • The fundamental flaw of using PUA routines to attract women
  • The essence of Cocky / Funny and how to make it work for you
  • Why a specific line can work wonders for you in one minute and fail miserably the next
  • The pointlessness of working on body language, voice tonality, speed, and pitch and how you can improve them all at the same time
  • Why the seduction community can never help you become a natural with women
  • Why the seduction community has so many rules, techniques and methods and how to make them all unnecessary
  • The one reason why a line that works magic for a Pickup Guru will fail you completely and how to make it work like a charm
  • The psychological foundations that make the Pick Up Arts necessary and how you can avoid it
  • Why PUA techniques work for some guys and why it’s the kind of success that you’ll never want
  • The three ways to eliminate feelings of emptiness and aloneness and how to choose the right one for you
  • The reason that acting the same was as a naturally attractive guy will ever help you become a naturally attractive guy

On building confidence…

  • What must shift to change rejection from painful to a powerful learning experience
  • What you need to do if you’re ever going to be able to let go of your past
  • How to discover the key ingredients of your perfect life and why you MUST know them if you’re ever going to reach your potential
  • How to feel strong and confident about your life, regardless of who’s in it
  • How to turn uncertainty about the future from anxiety to excitement
  • What it means to be truly honest and how you probably haven’t been living it till now
  • The core essence of becoming an internally fulfilled Man
  • How to break free from all external constraints and why it’s far easier than you think
  • Why you MUST let yourself experience your emotions in full if you’re ever going to get to your core barriers
  • The power of being ‘shameless’
  • Why faking-it will never help you build the confidence and inner fulfilment you desire

On eliminating neediness…

  • The 6 different models of outcome dependency
  • The simple life systems you need to install to eliminate neediness and clinginess
  • How to eliminate unproductive brain connections for rapid transformation
  • Why searching for acceptance is the one thing preventing you from getting it
  • The obvious reason why you’re choosing a life of dependency and the amazing benefits you’re missing out on
  • Why basing your self-worth on the external environment is so fleeting
  • The kind of person can make a life of dependency and neediness work and why you’re not one of them
  • What to do when you slip back into old habits
  • How to let go of bad habits with ease
  • Why you need to be needy and clingy if you’re ever going to give it up

On inner transformation…

  • The only reason you think women are bitches and what you need to change to stop seeing them like that
  • How being a good Samaritan can help you let go of needing other peoples approval
  • The core motivations necessary for true personal transformation
  • The true power of painful situations and how you can learn from them
  • The common trap you need to avoid when becoming internally fulfilled and free
  • The incredible rush that comes through helping other guys see their own limitations
  • The core element necessary to work out exactly how you should live your life and the simple way to discover it
  • The three pathways to experiencing everything you desire and which one is the path to complete inner fulfilment
  • Why changing what you’re doing with your life is never the answer
  • The first and most crucial step in eliminating your inner barriers
  • The key first step in building an honest and powerful life
  • One daily practise that will bring focus, direction, and power to your life
  • The self-perpetuating cycle you create by blaming other people for your life problem
  • How to heal the pain of your past
  • The common lifestyle changes you can expect when taking full responsibility for your life
  • How to build a strong and supportive social circle and why you don’t have on now
  • The simple way to guarantee that you’ll never experience long term fulfilment and satisfaction and how to identify where you’re using it
  • What needs to change so you can truly appreciate women for who they are rather than using them to feel good about yourself
  • What needs to change before your friends will be ready to join you on the path of personal empowerment
  • The reason why your work feels like a chore and a burden and what you need to wake up excited and passionate
  • How to turn the most repetitive and mundane tasks into fulfilling and exciting activities
  • What’s really to blame when activities don’t live up to your expectations and how you can flip that around
  • How to predict our future with 90% accuracy and why you won’t want to be part of it
  • The relationship between your work, women, friendships, and your free time
  • How to become the kind of Man that people naturally want to give to
  • What’s really responsible for how easy or hard your life is and how to choose ‘easy’, every time
  • What’s really responsible for the pain and frustration in your life and how you can eliminate it for good
  • The simple way to make your frustrations and barriers melt away
  • Why you MUST do what feels right for you in every moment if you’re ever going to break free from your old habits
  • The 17 stage progression of personal transformation and how to plot yourself on it
  • How to determine your current life purpose
  • What the ‘Scale of Consciousness is and how you can use it to predict your journey
  • Why you must carry a notepad with you at all times if you’re really committed to this journey
  • The one thing you normally block out that’s the key to finding your core desires
  • What is really meant by ‘There is no spoon…’
  • The illusion of ‘free will’ and what’s really governing the choices you make
  • The three questions you must as yourself if you’re ever going to become the Man of your dreams
  • The psychological foundations of ‘truth’ and how there can be multiple ‘truths’ in any situation
  • What it really means to live a life of integrity
  • How to determine your ‘Script’ and why you need to know if you’re ever going to watch your inner barriers drop like flies
  • And much, much, more…

This is why you need to read Endgame.

Because it is the ONLY book available that can show you how to become a strong, confident, and naturally attractive Man.

There are hundreds of books that can identify what a naturally attractive Man does. There are thousands of DVD’s and podcasts to help you imitate other guys. But Endgame is the only book available that can show you how to eliminate your anxiety, destroy your roadblocks, build rock solid confidence, unleash the naturally attractive Man from within, and all in an authentic, real, and genuine way.

I’m not saying that you’re going to like what you hear.

There are plenty of challenging, confronting, and scary things inside Endgame, but if you’re looking for a real, powerful, and long term solution to becoming the Man of YOUR dreams in a way that doesn’t cost you your integrity, morals, or personality then Endgame is the book you NEED to read.

Get your copy now:

But that’s not all…

From the moment I finished writing Endgame, I’ve been searching for a way to make it more powerful. Yes, it’s helping guys transform their lives. Yes, it’s getting amazing feedback. But the only way to really make the kind of difference to the world that I want to is to keep pushing forward, despite the success.

Spending the last 2 years working with guys who’ve read Endgame and seeing the challenges they face once they’re through it, has given me plenty of ideas. After collecting, sifting through, and refining the list of possible options, I’ve created 5 additions for Endgame that are going to take your success to the next level.

These aren’t just 5 generic bonuses that I found lying around the multimedia cupboard here at LifeOS. These are 5 unique and hand picked additions to Endgame that are designed to take your knowledge, understanding, and self awareness to the next level and put it into practical action. Each one plays a specific and unique role in making sure you eliminate your inner barriers, build rock solid confidence, and become the Man of your dreams.

Here are the additions you’ll get when you purchase Endgame and why they’re essential for getting as much as possible from your Endgame journey.

BONUS #1: Lifetime Access To Endgame Private Member Forum

When you finish Endgame, you’re going to have questions. There’s no doubt about that. To make sure you get the support and advice you need, you will get unrestricted access to the Private Members Forum on LifeOS.

There, you’ll get the chance to ask questions, get personal feedback from our trained coaches, and meet other guys on the same journey of building unshakable confidence and becoming the Man of their dreams.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Trained LifeOS coaches ready to answer your questions and give you the support and advice you need
  • Examples of how to use concepts in Endgame to tackle your specific challenges
  • Like minded guys to support and encourage you on your journey and ready to share their challenges and victories
  • Inspiration from fellow Men who’ve tackled the same challenges you’re facing and have knocked them aside

Value: $62

BONUS #2: [DVD] Be Happy Without Her

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, the barriers and patterns that are preventing you from flirting with that cute blonde at the coffee store are also responsible for you not being able to stand up to your boss.

No product would be complete unless it helped you take the concepts and ideas from Endgame and helped you apply them to every area of your life.

This exclusive seminar, presented in the grounds of the prestigious University of Sydney, was closed to all but a select group of LifeOS workshop graduates.

These guys were treated to 2 hours of indepth explanation and exercises specifically designed to help them take the concepts from Endgame and apply them to their work, their friendships, their leisure time, and the family relationships so that no stone was left unturned.

For the first time, you’ll get to see exactly what information and activities they participated in and get to try them yourself.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • How to REALLY build rock solid confidence without worrying about if it’s going to vanish as soon as you get a bad reaction
  • The A&A principle that will allow you to take action, regardless of what other people think of you
  • Why you don’t feel in control of your life and what you need to do to get that control back
  • How to eliminate the emotional roller-coaster that comes from relying on other people to be happy
  • What you need to change to become calm and cool in the most stressful situations
  • The simple changes you need to make be able to desire a woman without needing anything from her
  • The happiness trap of the quick-fix and what you need to do to escape it
  • The 6 greatest influences in the development of LifeOS
  • The specific brain mechanism responsible for feeling happy and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Why learning new information is a short cut to feeling happy but can never be the long term solution you want
  • The difference in brain chemical response between external and internal based happiness and how it’s keeping you from really living your to your true potential
  • How to use the 9 essential characteristics of ‘being in the zone’ to create rewarding and exciting activities in every area of your life

And that’s only in the first half an hour…

Value: $285

BONUS #3: [Podcast] The Secrets To Inner Confidence

The Secrets To Inner Confidence is 1 hour of the most practical and easy to apply tips for using the ideas from Endgame to build rock-solid inner confidence.

The reason this podcast has been included with your purchase of Endgame is it contains the 5 essential steps you must follow to actively apply the theory in Endgame to your life.

As well as learning the 5 stages of inner transformation and how you can use them eliminate your barriers with women, you’ll also get never before disclosed practical exercises to make applying these concepts simple and fun.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that everyone in the seduction community conveniently ignores that is the core of attracting the women of your dreams
  • How to be real with women without coming off as needy, dependent and clingy
  • The 5 stages of inner transformation
  • The incredible opportunity that lies in being ‘wrong’
  • The simple secret to living a happiness and fulfilling life I learned from a children’s fairy tale favourite
  • How I let go of wanting to fit in
  • What you’ll find on the other side of your fear (and how it’s everything you’ve been looking for)
  • The core of creating deep and powerful connections
  • The flaw behind using false personalities to attract women
  • How to feel powerful and in control of your life, regardless of how people respond to you
  • The common trap that all guys experience when they start to experience success and what you can do to avoid it
  • The step by step process of demolishing your fear
  • How bad things got before I decided to do something about it
  • The 5 most influential personal development books in my private library
  • The KEY ingredient in personal transformation
  • The only way to completely eliminate your anxiety
  • The foundations that led to the development of the LifeOS philosophy
  • The one thing you must do before you start any personal transformation
  • The secret to discovering your core motivations and what’s been preventing you from finding them until now
  • What you can achieve through uncovering your blind spots
  • Why you’re worrying about what other people think of you
  • The common trap of becoming confident and how you can avoid it
  • The two kinds of freedom and how why chasing the wrong one will trap you forever
  • The three levels you must address is discovering your dream future
  • The core element of acceptance that is always overlooked and why you need to consider it
  • The simple benefit you can gain from discovering your core barrier
  • How to use your core barrier to discover your core desire
  • How to connect with women regardless of how they respond to you
  • The 4 levels of connection and which one will eliminate your feelings of loneliness
  • The simple way to learn to read a woman’s emotions and thoughts without even talking to her
  • The fastest way to personal success
  • The key element required to turn failures into triumphs
  • The reason you end up in the friend zone and what you need to do to get out of it
  • And much more…

Value: $66

BONUS #4: [CD] The Focus Formula

Remaining strong and calm in the face of life’s (and women’s) challenges is an essential skill and one that takes time and practice. Fortunately, you don’t need to throw yourself in the deep end and hope you can swim.

This 17 minute guided exercise can be done in the comfort of your own home and will help you build rock-solid presence and strength so you can stand unflinchingly in front of any challenge and pass with ease.

It has been included here is that this is the first, and most crucial step in turning theory into action. This will give you the solid platform you can then build the life you’ve always desired on top of.

After just one week of using this, you will:

  • Discover the skills to build unshakable presence
  • Be able to remain focussed in the most distracting environments
  • Be FAR more productive in your work time and enjoy your down time more thoroughly
  • Know how to eliminate mind chatter
  • Stay focussed on your core desires, regardless of how turned on you are
  • Make stronger and more powerful eye contact
  • Be able to eradicate useless distractions from your life
  • Get back in touch with the simple pleasures in life
  • And much, much more…

Value $32

BONUS #5: [eCourse] Approach Anxiety Annihilation

You can think, discuss, theorise, and debate till your hearts content but NOTHING in your life will change until you take action. You will not feel more confident, sexier, more powerful, or more free until you find the edge of your comfort zone and lean over it.

This is where most guys encounter their first major hurdle, give up, and return back to their old lives.

This guided, 5 day eCourse will ensure that you’re not one of the guys left on the sidelines and you continue to push forward towards the life you deserve.

Through completing this eCourse, you will:

  • Learn how to stop running from your anxiety and start to face it
  • See what’s really preventing you from taking action
  • Develop stronger and powerful eye contact
  • Learn to read non-verbal communication with ease
  • Take the first step in being able to talk to any woman, anywhere
  • Start to challenge your unconscious beliefs
  • Prove to yourself who’s really in charge
  • Turn theory into action in a safe and controlled way
  • Discover the edges of your personal limits and push them ever so slightly
  • Build a personal progression plan for overcoming your personal challenges
  • Set the foundations for rock solid confidence
  • Push through your anxiety so that it starts to melt away
  • Do the one action necessary to create long lasting change
  • And much, much more…

Value $99


This is where I’m supposed to write the total value of the bonuses but I’m struggling with it.

  • How do you put a value on not only discovering the core mechanisms that are responsible for the frustration and dissatisfaction in every area of your life, but also learning how to eliminate them in all at the same time?
  • How do you put a value on walking down the street and breaking into laughter because it all seems so easy?
  • How do you put a value on being able to be free, open, happy, and fulfilled for the next 30 – 50 years of your life?

What’s the monetary value of these bonuses? Endgame is worth $47 and the value of the bonuses come to $544 making a combined total monetary value of $591. What’s the REAL value of your Endgame package? Well, only you can say…

What would it be worth to you to:

  • Be able to walk up to any woman, anywhere, be able to tell her how great her arse looks in those cut little cut-off shorts, and being able to feel confident and strong regardless of how she responds to you?
  • Be able to do all this whilst radiating the inner strength that confident, in-demand women find naturally attractive?
  • Find the freedom to live your life doing what you want, when you want to, regardless of what everyone else says is right?
  • Be able to laugh confidently and openly at the harshest criticisms because you know, on your deepest level, that you’re living a life of integrity and authenticity?
  • Have the complete freedom and self-determination be able to do this every day for the rest of your life?

There’s your real value.


  • If you’re ready to drop the games
  • If you’re ready to end being a slave to your anxiety
  • If you’re ready to build the confidence necessary to do what you know you need to do
  • If you’re ready stop living your life based on other people’s opinions
  • If you’re ready to be real
  • And if you’re ready to have that realness be magnetically attractive to women

Then there’s only one thing left for you to do:

My Personal Guarantee to You…

I’m not the kind of person to make empty claims and then run when someone challenges me on them. I stand behind my promise that Endgame is the most powerful dating and relationship book ever written.

I’m so confident of this that if you read it and believe that it’s not the most incredible dating and relationship book you’ve ever read (and I’m not just talking top 5, I’m talking number 1), I’ll…

…not only give you a FULL REFUND, but also, personally send you a copy of ANY dating and relationship ebook currently available on the market for nothing as my way of saying ‘thanks’ for giving Endgame a shot.

And yes, you can keep all the bonuses as well. Of the over 1000 copies of Endgame that have been sold in the last 3 years, this refund has only been taken 3 times.

That’s a total of 997+ people, or 99.997% of purchasers, who’ve rated Endgame as the most powerful dating and relationship book they’ve ever read.

There’s no way you can lose. All you need to do is send me a copy of your receipt and an email letting me know which book you’d like and I’ll send your refund and ebook straight through. You can only win.

If you read Endgame and find the answers you’ve been searching for, you win because you get what you need to become naturally attractive to women. If you read Endgame and don’t find the answers you’re looking for, you get a full refund and another book for free.

And just in case you’re still on the fence…

This book is F*^KING AMAZING and I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!! It really opens your eyes and your mind to another world you didn’t even realise was there, with things you didn’t realise you were doing!My rating is 10/10

Lance (USA

Suddenly, everything makes sense. I finally TRULY understand

Grant (USA)

I would recommend this book to anyone. I’d even go a step further and say EVERYONE should read it. The DAY after reading it I began noticing a change in my life. Buy this book. Seriously.

Steven (Australia)

Pretty much every man I know would benefit from reading it (Endgame).

David (USA)

Innnnncredible!!! Changed my life ☺

Zach (USA)

I’m on the last pages of my second reading of this book. And, well, it`s amazing. I participate in a community that has very similar points in its philosophy with what it`s taught here. Almost all the doubts I used to face were answered by this book. Seriously. It`s so complete that I don`t feel the need of participating in this forum.

Victor (Argentina)

So many people have already said it, but I can’t do nothing else but agree. When I started reading this book, I had already learned a lot of the teachings of “End Game” through other books, but none I’ve read feels actually as complete and whole as End Game does. It’s just such an awesome read. I don’t know why I’m even trying to find words for this book.

Lasse (Norway)

No time to write too much now. Just wanted to say: awesome book. I read the entire thing in 2 sittings. Very very good. Thankyou.

Luke (Australia)

It is a great read so far, feels more like a story than a self help guide. As another poster said, it is very much in the style of old greek books (ala plato republic). Steve’s intro, was money in itself. The rest of the book that i have read, is very insightful. One pua, said “how you live your life and how successful your life is, generally represents your success with women”

This book so far has confirmed it. It has made me question my life, my attitudes, my past interactions with people. How fake i have been. How my life should be far more enjoyable and rewarding than it is.

I would say this book is more aimed for those guys who have been part of this so called “seduction community”. Yet the advice, if you read between the lines, is applicable to anyone who wants a more authentic life that will lead to quality women in their lives.

Cani (Brazil

Well done Logun and Steven. I love this book and have recommended it to a few of my less enlightened friends. I was a bit down last week but after reading half the book one night the next day I felt the best I have felt for a long time.


Mikey (Australia)

This is better then [sic] The Way of The Superior Man. Yeah. I said it.

Deck (England)

I bought the pdf and liked it enough to purchase the hardcover.

Apple (Sydney)

This is an amazing book. Everyone should read it.

HappyBunny (USA)

The information is mindblowing, and I think it’s crucial information in the life of a community guy.

CutePoison (Germany)

Similar to Iron John and with parables uttered by wise men many years ago, EndGame is a story. A story that follows two individuals (Steve and Leigh) and in the process takes you on a journey deep into your soul. There you see what you are, and what you could be. It is a profound book. It paves the way for that strong man that lives within you to explode free and be in complete presence with the world. It will help in pick up, but I say even more importantly, coming to this will help you in all other relationships and interactions in your life. Take the time to read this book. The first time its easy to read real quickly as I did, as its quite an entertaining read. The second time, go over slowly and really think about what you’ve just read. Take the time to read this book… the benefits will be extend for far longer.

David Pita (Australia)

If you are looking for an instant mumbo jumbo stuff that will effortlessly gets you more women while you’re sitting on your sofa, eating popcorn and watching TV… Well, forget it. This book is not for you.

But instead, if you are the kind of a guy that get nervous while talking to those hot, gorgeous girls and don’t know what to do or what to say at those moments… This little book gives you the balls to open your heart and say whatever you’re holding back to the girls. And more, it will bring out your cool, confident self into these relationships.

But again, I give you a warning: this book contains no sets of rules and tips to get you laid more often whatsoever. Instead of memorising what to do or what to say to the girls, “Endgame” teaches you how to actually deal with the elemements underneath your psyche that cause the awkward feeling of being nervous, and really stops those inner conversations when talking to hotties. And of course, I started having fun with the opposite sex. My final thought about this book: It ends the palliative care of our so-called problems with women and gives the final solution at once. I strongly reccomend “Endgame”. It’s worth each dollar.

Richard Hanaka (USA)

I’ve just read this. Quick background: I’m 49,divorced 8 years ago, went out with lovely woman, found her hanging from curtain rail after year and a half, few months later started a 3 year mad pick-up Odyssey. Tried most approaches. Literally lost count of number of women I slept with. Taught pick up in seminars.
Got voted Nr.3 PUA in my country at one stage. Whatever. That’s just to show that I have some experience.

So: This book rocks. On the button. Totally awesome….yes, the other guru’s PU techniques work, you will get some successes, but it will be hit and miss….using this stuff won’t get you every girl, but you won’t care if you miss, because you will be having too much fun to give a shit.

You won’t be coming from a fragile “pick up” artist’s ego state. Look, some will understand the message and others won’t, they are still too much in love with the latest routine or peacocking prop or whatever.

But if you have ever wondered if this PU stuff can be done in any other way than some geeky high school science project, get this book, create a life for yourself, enjoy yourself and take it from there. LoGun has made an awesome contribution to the field. His only problem is that he isn’t David De Angelo-ing it all the way to the bank…which you can be thankful for.

uKnow (South Africa)

Wow is all I have to say.

NotAChode (USA)

I got your ebook Endgame from one of my friends in the Dutch seduction community. I can only say one thing… WOW!!!!

I have never ever paid for any information in the community, not even the stuff that was mind blowing and really helped me. Your book is so incredibly genuine though that I have just ordered the soft cover. I just have to have this one on my book shelf.

Thanks so much mate!!

Daan (Netherlands)

When I bought the book Endgame, I thought it’d be a good easy reading and would give me a hint or two on how to improve my life. Well I tell you what, I was wrong and I couldn’t even finish the book.

I thought my life was alright. I am a quite happy 18 year old swiss student who gets along with everyone and has never been in any kind of serious trouble. Yeah life seemed “alright”. But the more I read, the more I started to struggle with that statement. And then the whole world got turned upside down. And when I finally managed to break through that barrier that was blocking and hiding the truth, I started to cry. I just lied on my bed and fuckin cried. I can’t really tell what made me cry. If it was the realization itself or the fact that I’ve been living a lie for the last probably 10 years.

I didn’t quite understand everything in the book. English isn’t my mother tongue, although I’ve lived in Australia for 2 years. But I think I understood the most important parts. I just finished reading the Chapter “And from the Ashes”. I can’t read on, not yet. Steven had time to go out and process what you’ve told him. I (almost) read this book on my computer within two weeks. It might be best for me to just go out and start a new chapter of my life. I will most definitely come up with questions, but for now, I just wanna let it sink it.

You don’t need to reply to this message. I just wanted to tell you how thankful the world should be to have someone like you. You mightn’t have affected as many people as Steve Jobs by giving them an iPod. But those who you did affect, you gave them the key to a new and more rewarding life.

When I come over to Australia again one day, I wanna have a beer with you. My shout.

Cheers bro and all the best for 2012

Jan (Denmark)

Endgame is a truly amazing book, I almost finish it. I already felt a huge change inside myself, and now it is only a matter of witnessing that change manifesting itself on the outside. Thanks for creating such a wonderful book and thank you so much for the epic bonuses. I really look forward to getting myself immersed in them!!

Khunkhao (Australia)

…seriously bro the book and your teachings are really starting to help me become more aware of what I’m drawn to and what kind of women/people in general I’d like in my life and also has me reflecting on women and relationships in the past that I’m realizing the only reasons I was ever involved with them in the first place was to obtain some sort of approval or validation or status. It’s really opening up my awareness so I can’t thank you enough and now am even more excited as to what’s to come through get real and be powerful. Thnx dude you’re a true inspiration.

Steven Dunn

Hey Leigh, I will probably say what you already know but Endgame is AWSOME. I read the book in the past, downloaded from a pirate site, but it was an old version and it lacked The script chapter. And, of course, without the one perfect day, I could not make progress. But, since applying the concepts in the new Endgame, I can truly say that my life is changed. I am pretty sure my base level is Courage now. Why? Well, in brief, my emotional intelligence tripled, I spit the shit almost like Hank Moody, I come up with some strange ideas often, I feel really internally validated when I do the things I want.

More, and probably most importantly, I feel real connection with people. I can see when they struggle and I am helping them genuinely. Call it compassion, call it whatever, but it is unbelievable how they respond when I want nothing from them. Ah, and not to forget, I still read some stuff from time to time, but firstly, I only take what resonates with me, and secondly, I do it just for “the sport”. I do not feel that I need the last super shit – instead, it is all bonus to the cool guy within me. I know that even if I do not read stuff anymore, and just update my perfect day and live up to my own standards, I will be pretty set : ) So THANK YOU for all of that. Some of my best spent money.

Zapryan Hizhev

It’s been a year since I first finished reading Endgame, and I’ve noticed that my personality has undergone some drastic changes. I didn’t notice it until now.

Recently at work, I’ve caught myself challenging the opinions of others frequently, and when others do not agree with my perspective — I really don’t give a shit. I stay professional about it, and at the end of the day, office politics wins the day. I haven’t been hesitating about calling out office bullshit, etc. I find myself questioning my supervisor very often — wrapped in the subordinate-to-superior veil that’s required in order to keep my job. I’ve been doing it so often, that I’m actually mentally restraining myself from opening my mouth—-since I’m riding pretty close to that line of “insubordination.”

Before one year ago, I used to second-guess all of my words. Now, I say it like it is, and I’m not afraid to take on the consequences. My demeanor has gone from fake complacency to borderline “rogue.” I have this new attitude of: I’m going to say it like it is, and I DO NOT have to answer to you. I will respect your perspective though if it’s backed up by logic. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Forbidden Fruit

leigh, wife left me because she “was not attracted to me”. browsing the web, i came across your site. bought the book kind of sheer curiosity. your book changed my life. it changed me. what a brilliant way to state the obvious. causes so much introspection. i preach from your book to friends. even female friends. your concepts reach far beyond attracting women. i created a kindle book out of it so i can read it on my kindle, or on my phone wherever i am. i also created an audiobook (with computer synthesized voice) out of it, so i can play it in the car. it’s surely worth the re-read.

i’ve healed. partly due to your book. i’m scoring with women now. women dig me now, and more importantly, I dig myself. good job. i’ll never forget you.

your book changed my life and started me on the right path. best money i ever spent.


Endgame was actually a seriously good book that taught a lot about myself. When I bought that book I was going through a lot of dissatisfaction in my life as well as my interactions with women. I was a naturally shy person and this helped me to get out of my shell a bit. Thanks for making this fantastic book man and ill be sure to read it again from time to time so I can reinforce some of the lessons.

P.S Since reading that book I’ve learned what I’m looking for in a women and have found a wonderful girlfriend. Thanks man your the best.


It’s an incredible book mate. I’ve read it about 5 times now and get something new out of it each time. By putting the principles Endgame covers into practice, I have made more lasting and tangible changes to my life than I could’ve ever hoped for 8 months ago……and I’m not done yet!

I bought this book since I was keen to improve my interactions with women but I wasn’t comfortable with PUA concept of having to manipulate them into liking me. Endgame professed an altogether different concept – stop pretending, discover that man you really are and take responsibility for your own happiness. This appealed to me since I wasn’t looking for a ‘band aid‘ to hide the odd insecurity – I wanted a blueprint by which to implement some real lasting growth in my life. Endgame continues to foot this bill very nicely and I think this is reflected in the guys who seek to further develop themselves through Get Real and Be Powerful.

Keep ’em huge,


Hey my name is Waleed and let me tell you, Endgame really did change my life. Literary, the day i purchased it and read it, it opened my eyes so wide and rethought about how I was living my life and everything that I have been doing.

At the point when I purchased the book, I gave up on trying to get women. I just accepted the fact that I couldn’t get women. Which I realized now that that was actually really power full. Then I saw and add online about your PDF book “Seduction Community Sucks” and your add made so much sense I just connected with it. Downloaded the book and watched your free video on your site. By then I was convinced to buy your book Endgame and i NEVER buy stuff such as online.

After reading your book, I was carrying myself through out the world with real, true confidence and didn’t let anything come into my way. At work I was strong and powerful and women were giving me attention like never before. And still are. I’ve had beautiful women tell me straight up that your different becuase your real and just being you rather than an imitation. I learned after reading the book the beauty of life and learned to accept whats going on.

All I have to say Leigh, is your a really good person for being honest and showing the world whats up.


It started when I ran across “seduction community sucks.” I was intrigued. Read some of your articles and watched some of your videos and I was hooked to some real shit. I”ve filled my brain with articles and podcast since 1999. I was hesitant to by the book but I finally did. I liked that there were a teacher and a student and the teacher use to be a student.

From the pathways to the scales of the consciousness to flow, I was not only able to learn more about myself but also focus more on myself. Building myself and caring more for myself than any other time in my life. Endgame was a great investment.


Hey its Valentines day here in Texas. Just wanted to let you know that I learned a lot from Endgame and it has helped me to achieve a whole new level of happiness in my life. Your doing outstanding things here man. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for me on my journey. Hope everything is going well for you.


Dude your book end game is fucking awesome.. I stumbled upon it at just the right time in my life.

“I realised very quickly that the each time I thought I found the end, I only thought it was the end because I hadn’t ever experienced a depth that went beyond it.”

That right there is one of the wisest things I’ve heard in a long time.

Keep putting out the good stuff man, your stuff is beyond all this PUA crap that fucks guys up more than helps them.

The Brav

“…this book just made my world shake at first. I felt so bad after reading it because it was the first time that I was really honest with myself about the way I lived my life and I decided to make a real change for once.

Endgame is the one and the only product for self improvement that I have ever purchased in my entire life as it’s the only one which really taught me an important lesson about my life , it took a little bit of work to be able to purchase it but it was worth every penny..”


I read your ebook “End Game” for the first time over August 2011. I was frustrated, I desperately wanted a girlfriend. I hadn’t dated in 3 or 4 years (I’m in my 20s). I couldn’t sleep, and somehow I had the good fortune to stumble across your book. I am so thankful that I did. I’m a much happier and more positive man today than I was back then. The road hasn’t been smooth, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. And I only see growing happiness in the future.

I used to be terrified about the future. Terrified about growing older. But that is no longer the case. As long as I’m trying to be more honest with myself and others, with my words, actions, and thoughts, things will only continue to get better.

I recent break-up caused me to read your book again. And it’s still insightful.

Thank you so much for writing a book like this. I hope you have found all the happiness you truly deserve.


(After reading Endgame…) The first few months after that were hectic. My entire world started to crumble and fall apart. In some way it was relief, I knew I could drop the bullshit and pretending. Knowing that I wasn’t lacking a certain skill, but that I built up layers of useless crap that I needed to strip off again. The experience of knowing how things worked, why they work the way they do and what needed to change felt absolutely incredible.

So what actually changed in my life? As I’ve mentioned, I gained a lot of knowledge. I went from being a confused little boy to someone who was reassured, certain. I experienced “certainty”, thought everything was going to be fine now. But I got to understand that knowledge by itself doesn’t actually change a thing. It’s mentioned in Endgame in the chapters “Turn up the Volume” and “The script”. I guess I needed to experience it myself to really get it.

Now, it would be pointless to write down all the details of how each and every week after that was like for me. Firstly, I can’t really remember. And Secondly, I had my up and downs all the way up to now. There would be months where I really got my shit together and faced my fears and roadblocks. And then there would be days where I would fall back into old habits and blame everything and everyone around me. And that still happens nowadays. The difference though is, that I am very well aware of it now and know what to do about it.

That is probably how I could sum up what’s changed after reading Endgame. I knew what to do to take charge of my life. I was put, from the passenger seat, into the drivers seat and became responsible for my own destination. Throughout the last two yearsI had my ups and downs, but now, more than ever am I fighting to stay in that position of the driver and it feels great. It means that I am solving the issues I not only face with women, but with my leisure time, with friends, with school, with my family. I understood that if I ever wanted to be the man of my dreams I needed to take action, everywhere.

Sure, I could mention all the differences I experience in everyday situations. I no longer am afraid to talk to girls. I accept that some aren’t attracted to me and don’t wanna be part of my life. That is something I couldn’t deal with before. I thought there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. I would look at others and tried to act the same way they did, in hope to get the same response from the girls they got. I would look at my friends, buy the same stuff they did, go to the same places they did, without asking myself if that was really what I wanted.

“The problem wasn’t that I was different. The problem was that I thought I needed to be the same.” ~ Leigh Logun. Fuck man, that says it all!

Cheers brother


When I bought EngGame my problems weren’t so much approaching as they were doing what I wanted to do. I was so far focused on the Getting Path that I didn’t feel connected to anyone since the age of 5. I’m 21 now and for the first time I’m getting lost in conversations and pushing myself to ask taboo questions. The feeling is phenomenal, EndGame has changed my life; it still is.


My brain feels like mush…in a good way, I think. I haven’t quite finished End Game yet but have decided to give myself the time to digest it in chunks.

I Planned to set out and plow through it butdiscovered that it started to unpack a whole lot of things that have
shaped the past 34 years of my life. I think, as I’m sure most guys
reading it, get so amped in the beginning of the concepts and then
when it all really starts to sink in and you’re left with a mix of
encouragement/hope/and bewilderment.

It’s definitely transformative.

I truly thank you for making it available to guys who are trying to become the best version of themselves for the right reasons.


Endgame has changed my mind for real.

Really for me it’s better than any other ebook i’ve read from pua stuff… i didn’t bought anything else about these stuff because i downloaded them for free.. but this book, it really got into me when i first read the story when Steven met you, the story is amazing, i got into both of you guys and really in 2-3 days i finished the book. That’s why am gonna read it again to catch some more serious points and to understand more things.

I want you to thank you so much for this book, it helped me not change my life but focus on where and for who i have to change and what to do…  so thanks again and keep up the good work and don’t close the site… it really helped me and i am sure guys like me who are just sick of being fake and using pick up stuff will fall early or later into your site because this is the real shit…

Francis K

Before reading endgame I was confused and lost, now I have hope that I’m going to be able to change my future and live life on my terms. After reading it I already feel a passion and drive to do the kinds of things I want and am starting to live my life moment by moment. I recommend endgame to anyone looking to change there life for the better.


My life before end game….I was confused going out to bars and clubs. A nerd at these places not really knowing what I was doing. Just kinda trying every single thing. After I read end game and I read about using women, I felt like I wasted years of my life just trying out bullshit. I felt happy to have found end game because I no longer have to be fake around girls.

Now I can talk to girls without feeling desperate. Most of the things I learned from PUG felt artificial. I didn’t really understand why some of those routines worked but they did. But with end game I feel like I can really “be my self” and have a girl like me for me instead for the things that I am saying

I have stopped using girls to feel better about my self. That has definitely been a giant step. A lot of the neediness has been removed which is something I have been trying to find out how to do.

Also, I felt as though I should be paying more for end game. You should raise the price.


In my point of view, you totally nailed it .. the book was perfect …


About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to be more proactive with getting more women into my life. So like many of the guys you work with I looked for refuge in the PUA community. at first it started working for me and I was excited to start working these lines on women. I had moderate success but it seemed like the more I read into it the more I was stuck in my own mind and thoughts. The more I was trying to think of the lines to use the worst I got with women. I signed up for a boot camp online hoping that would be the answer to my problems.

Two weeks before I was suppose to start the boot camp I stumbled upon AI. I couldn’t get enough of your articles. I started to mediate regularly and read seduction community sucks. This completely opened my mind to how ridiculous the PUA community is. After that realization I immediately canceled the boot camp and then soon after purchase endgame.

Endgame truly impacted my life already. I am only focused on one thing, true internal happiness. I have a list of goals I am going to achieve and I am working on becoming the man of my dreams. I have had more women in my life from the past two months when I found AI then I have all year. You saved me a lot of money and more importantly changed my outlook on life. You truly are an inspiration and I am forever grateful for you. I recommend this book to anyone willing to make a change.


Wow, I’ve read several books on person achievement(or tried too) and on things of similar subject. This one just seems to take the cake. I’ve almost completed it and I’ve learned so many things. The reason i purchased this is because in every encounter with women I’ve ever had;i’ve always felt like there was something missing. I usually felt like if I wasent getting women to like me or wasent having sex with them then I wasent going anywhere. Now I know that I couldn’t be farther from the truth and I’m ashamed at how much time I’ve wasted.

I’m only 23 and this book contradicts everything I know to be true; however it feels strangely releasing? I know now that I don’t have to dedicate my time to becoming impressive to women. Instead focus on being impressive to myself, and the women that enter my life because of that are purely supplemental. I’d like to thank you for this book, and it’s well worth the value. Hell I would have payed a hundred dollars for it if I had known the knowledge it contained. I will be recommending it to anyone that needs help like this. Thank you so much.


Leigh my dear friend. I do a lot of writing but the only way i could express my deep gratitude was by video so you can hear the life in my voice and see my inspired eyes. Im beyond grateful, iv read countless books all for the ultimate purpose of “getting better with women” i would say the four most influential books iv ever read are the untethered soul, think and grow rich, why seduction sucks and endgame, within a week of why seduction sucks and endgame i went on an instant date and had the most enjoyable deepest connection with a beautiful girl iv had in years. And now i know how i did it, real and open baby real and open. My life has changed dramatically because of yours, your efforts will never be forgotten as long as i live (:


My Testimonial: Deep and revealing. That’s how i could define Endgame. Before read it  i was always trying to get validation and acceptance from the others, by trying to control external environment.

It was one day, when i was searching in a PUA forum for how to get more “happy”, that I bumped into a pirate version Endgame. When i saw the part for paying, I was thinking “I’m not gonna pay for this”. Then i began to read, and i was getting piece by piece what i was doing, tho more i read, the more it seemed right.

Then, I bought Endgame (because I’m a cheater and of course i wanted the bonuses!). And dug more in myself. I was finally discovering what was necessary. Freedom, excitement, passion  and honesty. And after that I could implement almost all the changes. But I can already see a difference. I’m not as dependent as before and of course still fall into old patterns.

Is Endgame worth it? Of Course! Anyone who is ready to choose start becoming more independent and filled should read the book.


I wouldn’t change anything about it because everything made so much sense it really has changed my perspective on women and how I will interact with them going forward. you should be proud of yourself it is one of the best books on women I’ve read and in my opinion anyone who reads it and applies what they learn will get much better results than 99 percent of the other books on attracting women.


Oh and I just wanted to share this.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve be working really hard on my football because I’ve been overlooked constantly. I’ve always been with the reserves with the odd game for the first team. I’ve never received any personal accolades.

I’ve been determined to get into the first team and be recognised. I’ve never doubted my ability but for some reason the managers could never see it (the players would say they didn’t know why I don’t get more time etc.)

Since reading The End Game, I’ve stopped caring if I got any awards, and played for myself, I wanted to be the best I can be for me. And something has happened.

I’ve had a managers man of the match, players man of the match (really wasn’t expecting that as I didn’t even play that well), called up to the first team, played a blinder and got man of the match. And that’s just the last 3 games.

Coincidence maybe, but I feel lighter and free. Maybe it’s freed my head so i can flow more easily (although I think I’m playing the same as before and people just see it now). Maybe it’s the confidence I have in the changing room now. I don’t know. Either way, I’m seeing more success in this area of my life.

I just wanted to take some time to thank you. I can see why you do your job, it must be very rewarding. Money alone can’t make you feel like that. I think my calling is football coaching with some important life lessons that are applicable, hopefully one day someone will write to me telling me I’ve had a positive impact on their life, but really they’ll have you to thank for that too.


Endgame was first available on The Attraction Institute in PDF.