You need to join a Men’s Group. Here are 7 reasons why.

The idea of a group of random guys sitting around talking about their feelings didn’t grab me when I first heard it.

Sure, I can see the benefit in speaking with a trained professional about the challenges you’re facing and finding potential solutions, but just a random bunch of dudes? Yeah… No. But thankfully, I’m incredibly susceptible to peer pressure and went anyway. Thankfully, because it was a massive contributor to me becoming the kind of man I am today.

Here are the 7 biggest benefits I found being part of this group.

Benefit 1. You can’t see your own blind spots

You know that time in the 10th grade when you were rejected by the prom queen and you blamed it on being too short? Hate to say it but it probably didn’t happen the way you think it did.

You know that time when you blamed your dad for not giving you the knowledge you needed to become a Man? Hate to say it but it’s not his fault. They’re just stories you’re telling yourself. I know they seem real. I know they seem true. But they’re not.

Actions and events happened and you used the information you had stored inside your head to create an interpretation of that information. That interpretation was then filtered through your belief systems and opinions about the world before you experienced it as a feeling. You then reacted to that feeling based on the information that you wrapped around the events that occurred.

But none of this is true.

You witnessed only a small fraction of the events that happened and the actions that were taken. You only had a limited amount of information on hand to interpret those events and actions. Your belief system is built on a completely biased framework that excludes large amounts of information. Your reaction was based on a story that you told yourself that was filtered through the tiniest sliver of available information.

BUT, it’s hard to see this.

These things all seem so real and so concrete that it’s easy to convince yourself that they’re the reality. It’s far more difficult to convince the other 5 guys in the room that they’re the reality. They have a different set of information. They see the world differently. They are exposed to different actions and events and have a different belief system.

This is why you should join a Men’s Group. Being surrounded by other people who see, think, and feel differently will give you a perspective on life that’s you simply can’t see.

Benefit 2. Seeing others succeed will get you off your arse

The second most powerful motivator (after seeing results for yourself) is seeing who started in a worse situation than you become an alpha male and get the kind of success you’ve dreamed about. It will push you and inspire you to start doing more. To start living your life, stepping through your boundaries, and creating a remarkable life.

And it could come from anywhere.

  • Maybe it’s the story of the guy who had the balls to ask for the raise that you haven’t found the strength to ask for
  • Maybe it’s incredible adventures of the guy who took the trip of a lifetime and found a world he didn’t know existed
  • Maybe it’s the guy who took a seemingly 1:1,000,000 chance and it paid off

Whatever it is, seeing other guys who’re in the same or even worse position than you succeed will drive you to get off your arse and start doing everything you know you should be doing.

Benefit 3. 3 is better than 2 is better than 1

Getting advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about, has been where you are, and has found a solution to the problem, is great. Getting advice from multiple guys who’ve been through the same journey is even better.

Being part of a Men’s Group will surround you with guys who’re constantly challenging themselves to be better, stronger, and more in control of their lives, meaning that they’re going to be finding solutions.

More often than not, these will be solutions to situations that you’re either going through or will be going through in the near future.

Benefit 4. Support when times get tough

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – it’s not all going to be peaches and cream. If you spend ANY amount of time trying to overcome your personal limitations, you’re going to fail at some point. It’s inevitable.

  • Not every woman is going to like you
  • Not every business venture is going to be a success
  • Not every football game is going to result in a victory
  • Not every attempt is going to result in a personal best

Shit is going to go wrong. But, the amount of success you have in your life is never determined by whether or not you got rejected the first time you tried to talk to a woman. It’s determined by what you do after you get rejected.

Are you going to take it lying down? Are you going to crawl off into a corner and cry? Are you going to blame women for being so rude to you? Or are you going to get back up on your horse and keep moving forward?

You know which one is the right answer. You know which one is going to help you create your One Perfect Day. But, you also know how hard it is to do.

Being part of a Men’s Group will give you the support you need to face your failures, learn from them, and then keep moving forward with strength and determination.

Benefit 5. Find like-minded friends

Taking responsibility for your life and making the decision that you’re going to make changes makes you a minority in this world. Most people are more than happy to follow the well-worn path and blaming other people for their frustration and disappointment. This makes it easy to stand out from the group, but it also makes it hard to make friends.

Being part of a Men’s Group isn’t all serious and sombre. It can be light, fun, and cool.

Most Men’s Groups I’ve been part of have done lots of other social activities together – like camping, fishing, rock-climbing, naked Greco-Roman wrestling. You know, just the usual Wednesday afternoon activities…

Some of the guys I’ve been part of Men’s Groups with are my closest mates and we wouldn’t be anywhere near as good friends if it wasn’t for what we went through in those groups.

Being part of a Men’s Group will help you have more fun.

Benefit 6. They keep you on track

The more you do something, the more natural and automatic it becomes. It’s really that simple.

If you spend your days running away from fear then that will be your default reaction every time you get in a challenging and scary situation.

If you spend your days dreaming about smooth and arousing calves (you’re doing it now, I know you are!), then that’s where your mind if going to go every time you have a spare second.

But, if you spend your time thinking about how you’re going to challenge yourself and lean over your edge, then that’s going to become the basic way you engage your world.

Now, let’s be honest – this isn’t an easy change to make. There are plenty of things that can distract you as you go through your day – Facebook, beautiful women, your job, pretty butterflies, the list never ends!

But, if you’re dedicating time every week to working out where you are, where you want to be, how you’re going to get there, and give yourself challenges and tasks to complete before you turn up to the next meeting, then you’ve got a FAR better chance of staying on track.

This is what being part of a Men’s Group will give you. It’ll ensure that expanding your personal boundaries and reaching your potential is at the front of your mind and that all the pretty butterflies in the world won’t derail you.

Benefit 7. You become more accountable

When you’ve got no-one to be accountable to, it’s easy to let things slip by the wayside.

  • Introduce yourself to 10 new people this week? Nah… I’ll just do it next week.
  • Have that conversation with your dad that you’ve been putting off for years? Nah… One more month isn’t going to make a difference.
  • Call 5 potential new clients and tell them about your new services? Nah… They’re probably busy today anyway.
  • Get to the gym? Nah… I’m too tired. I’ll just go a few more times next week.

This is FAR more difficult when you have a meeting on Monday where you have to stand in front of everyone and try to explain to them why you flaked on your promises and you then have to go through whatever punishment the group decides is most appropriate.

Being part of a Men’s Group gives you a group of people you are accountable to. It means you can’t just keep putting things off till next week or the week after and you actually have to get things done.


Here are the 7 reasons why you must join a Men’s Group today:

  1. You can’t see your own blind spots
  2. Seeing others succeed will get you off your arse
  3. 3 is better than 2 is better than 1
  4. Support when times get tough
  5. Find like-minded mates
  6. Gets you focussed
  7. You become more accountable

Ready to join a Men’s Group?

If you’re convinced that now is the time for you to start your own Men’s Group and get others on board, there are two options:

Option 1. Create your own Men’s Group

Get into the AI forum, introduce yourself, put your details up, and see if there are any other guys who’re keen to get one up and running with you.

This is great if you’re experienced at running events like this and are more than happy to take the lead.

There are thousands of guys visiting the forum every month and you should be able to find some people at the same level who are happy to work with you.

Option 2. Join an existing Men’s Group

If you’re unable to find enough like-minded guys to be part of a Men’s Group with or simply don’t know how to run one yourself, then the simple solution is to join an existing Men’s Group.

A quick Google search of meetup groups will turn up a few options in your local area. Try them out and start moving forward with your life.

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