You’re not worthy of the perfect woman, and it’s right where you need to be

I’ve seen this mentioned on the forum more than once:

“I can’t attract women because I have this deep seeded belief that I’m just not worthy of a beautiful woman. Help?”

I started writing out a long article about the nature of beliefs and other such things, but I had a better idea.

This one seemed like much more fun so I went with it instead 🙂


3 Reasons Why Not Feeling Worthy Of A Beautiful Woman Is a Blessing

Contrary to what you might currently believe not feeling like you’re worthy of a beautiful woman is one of the greatest gifts you have.

It’s given you such a HUGE leap forward in becoming the free, internally fulfilled and naturally attractive guy you came to AI for.

I know it might not seem like it but let me show you why:

Reason 1: It Means You Have Nothing To Lose

Have you ever heard the saying: ‘The beauty of being on the bottom is that the only way is up’?

Well, you have now.

The reason I’m mentioning it is that it describes your situation perfectly.

If you don’t feel worthy of a beautiful woman, then you have nothing to lose by approaching her, complimenting her, sharing with her, laughing with her, or playing with her.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? She could say “No”?

How is that a problem?

You already knew that she wasn’t going to come home with you so it’s not like this is unexpected.

What could she do, say ‘No’ twice?

You weren’t going to ‘get’ her anyway so there’s no way you can go backwards from where you are.

But what if she doesn’t say ‘No’?

What if she actually stops and talks to you? What if she hangs around to chat?

What if you date and fall in love? Even if she if it doesn’t work out and she leaves you for one of her friends, you’ve still had the pleasure of her time.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

The only way is up!

Not feeling like you’re worthy of a beautiful woman is an incredible gift because it means you have nothing to lose.

Reason 2: It Separates You From Every Other Guy

What does every other guy do when he talks to a beautiful woman?

He tries to find a way to sleep with her.

He tries to trick her, manipulate her, and convince her that he’s the kind of Man she should be with.

This is usually the point in time that the neediness and outcome dependency kick in and she walks away.

If you don’t feel like you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, then when you approach (see above point), there’s no way she’s going to go home with you so you don’t even need to try.

She is never going to sleep with you, and you’ll never be able to convince her to sleep with you so give it up.

Don’t TRY to be cool.

Don’t TRY to be funny.

Don’t TRY to be exciting.

Don’t TRY to be seductive.

Don’t TRY to be anything you’re not and just focus on being real.

Share with her, fight with her, disagree with her, push her around, have fun, play, and joke with her.

You won’t just be another guy trying to convince her to give him her number.

You won’t be another guy who’s willing to sacrifice her standards, beliefs, and personality, just to get in her pants.

You’ll be the guy who has something honest, real, and powerful to share with her.

By not thinking you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, you’re already one step ahead of every guy who does because you’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to being the real, genuine, and powerful guy she’s looking for.

“But I can’t just be real with her. It’ll just come out as whining about not being worthy and all that shit…”

Great point. And a perfect segue onto Reason 3.

Reason 3: It Means You HAVE To Find Another Source Of Fulfilment

If you think you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, then you’re much more likely to rely on them to feel good about yourself.

If you think a supermodel is within your reach, then it’s FAR easier to fall into the trap of using her to determine your sense of worth in the world.


If you don’t think a beautiful woman is within your reach, then there’s no way you can rely on her to feel good.

You’re forced to find another way to experience the fulfilment, happiness, and satisfaction you’re looking for that doesn’t rely on the woman on your arm.

You’re forced to become the internally fulfilled, confident, and strong kind of Man that confident, radiant women are drawn to.

And when you live your life like this, then when you’re real, open, and honest with the beautiful woman you won’t feel worthy of, then it won’t come out as whiny.

You’ll be free to share yourself with her and have that sharing be exciting, interesting, and attractive, rather than needy and dependent.

In Conclusion

There are FAR more benefits that come from not feeling like you’re worth than there are problems.

By not feeling worthy, you’re already halfway down the road to becoming internally fulfilled, free, and naturally attractive.

All you need to do now is make use of it.

So stop whining, get off your arse, and take advantage of all the amazing benefits now!

Here are five steps to take full advantage of your amazing situation

1. Stop blaming your lack of worthiness for your life situation and take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come from it
2. Start taking advantage by finding ways to feel independently fulfilled, happy, and free, despite the number of women in your life
3. If you see a beautiful woman, go and tell her. No seduction techniques, no approaching tactics, just be real, honest, and open. After all, the worst thing she can do is exactly what you expect her to do
4. Once you’ve started talking with her, just openly share your internal happiness rather than trying to get into her pants because you already know there’s no way you’re going to seduce her
5. See what happens

If you follow these 5 steps, the worst thing that will happen is that you become internally fulfilled and free and end up with a woman that you’re highly attracted to but probably isn’t likely to make it on the cover of any Men’s magazine.

The best thing that will happen is that you become internally fulfilled and free and end up with a woman that you’re highly attracted to AND is very likely to make it on the cover of any Men’s magazine.

Not a bad situation to be in if you ask me!

16 thoughts on “You’re not worthy of the perfect woman, and it’s right where you need to be”

  1. This is quite possibly the greatest article on this site… Scratch that, this is quite possibly one of the greatest articles I’ve ever read. Period.

    And you know I’m not the kind of guy to just randomly say everything on this site is the greatest thing ever.

    I really mean it, make this a sticky somewhere on this site so every can and will read.

    To think I was gonna cut myself from this site for awhile (nothing personal, just busy with other stuff). Thank-you for reminding me why I come here in the first place.

    • A pleasure my friend. I’m glad to see you enjoying AI.

      I understand that other stuff comes up. I think it’s good for people to take time out again.

      I’ll make sure I add this into a ‘Best of’ list for you.

      All the best. You know where you can find us when you need us.


  2. I agree with everything you said, except guys who do not feel worthy will often get friendzoned. sure he will get along great with the girl, but he won’t be “what she is looking for”. i want to know if there is anything else that would make us seem like someone who she can potentially date, not just some “really sweet friend” of hers.


  3. This is wrong information, if a guy thinks he cant get a beautiful girl he is doing his self a great injustice and u encourage him that is wrong. First of the reason he thinks he cant get the girl is because he has tried over and over with no good result probably because of the wrong method leaving him feeling depress to be making a statement like that.If he approaches a girl with that mind frame she is going decide to give him the no even before he opens his mouth.

    • Interesting thoughts my friend. Thanks for sharing them.

      In my experience, the reason that most guys are getting the consistent ‘no’ is that they’re being needy, clingy, and dependent on women to feel good. Not feeling like you’re worthy actually creates a space where it’s not possible to be dependent any more and allows the guys to start the journey of inner fulfillment. Thus, when they approach a woman with that inner fulfillment, she can see that he’s not just trying to take from her world and actually has something to offer, and the ‘no’ starts changing to a ‘yes’.

      That’s the point I was trying to convey through the article. Was it not clear?

  4. you guys,,, the way to love is to find symmetry with a women,same goes for women with a man, there is a natural chemistry that happens, it is a great starter anyways. I found this site as I am exploring new ways of looking at the male female connection or getting a deeper understanding of what make you tick. I am reading the book its a GUY THING David Dieda an owners manual for women. Wish I had read it decades ago. It is a definite read for you guys to understand us better, and of course a great insight into the Make Psyche. Women want to be cherished, we are missing the romance, Being romantic means embracing the feminine. WE HOPE that you will lead us down this path. Leadership is something we have had to take on, its not that we we want to, but if the man lacks leadership then we will take on this role. Please learn how to be more romantic and gentle so we can stay in our feminine role. We seek a man to protect us it is a primal instinct. If you are confident, competent and understanding, we are naturally turned on.Playfulness is a plus learn how to massage us,upgrade your dialogue learn to reference SEX as love making. Stop talking about fucking and cock sucking it makes it all dark and dirty. Women will conform to, or adapt to what men want, this is why we are all acting more and more like men and becoming Gay. You may find this hard to believe but is is true.I am not gay and I cherish being feminine and sexy loving and nurturing. Sexual desire is very powerful and is the essence of life.It can also be very destructive. We long to have your lovely penis inside of us, we need this fulfillment. More than anything we want your gentle caress your loving arms around us, and to know that when we need a shoulder to cry on, you’ll be there!

  5. Wow…I have never read an article that I disagree with as much as this one….and still I think it’s kind of great.

    Here is what I disagree with (basically everything LOL):

    – Feeling unworthy doesn’t logically imply that it doesn’t hurt when a woman confirms that negative belief by rejecting you.

    In reality it just hurts even more, since feeling unworthy of her means also that she is (much) more worthy than you and therefore her opinion of you being unworthy will crush you even more than your own bad opinion of you. so yes you have a lot to lose when you feel unworthy.

    – Feeling unworthy doesn’t imply that you don’t want anything from her.

    In fact, again by arguing that feeling unworthy means that you see her as even more worthy suggests that you want her even more (since she is so valuable ). her being nice to you initially will just raise your hopes and make you more needy. Since you see yourself as unworthy you will see this as a lucky unique chance you will NEED to make use of this chance…another might never occur. you surely won’t be able to just have a fun interaction, as described in the article.

    – how can be be internally fulfilled if you feel unworthy? if you feel like you are not worth a lot than it will probably mean you can’t achieve a lot and you don’t deserve a lot either. so how can you achieve sth. like brining happiness to your own life and internal fulfillment? you probably don’t even deserve fulfillment and happiness, just like you don’t deserve a woman of value.

    And here is what I like about the article:
    I am assuming that you don’t really believe that you think of unworthy being an advantage yourself. it’s obvious that feeling worthy (or rather not feeling unworthy, by completely getting rid of the thought that some people are worth more than others) is crucial to be able to get women (or people in general) into your life. however it seems to me like you are trying to make guys just accept the fact they feel unworthy and stop beating themselves up about it, so they will be able to let go of that thought of unworthy and the habit of judging people by their worth all together.

    Very Clever. 😉

    • Ahhh.. You got me. I don’t really think it’s an advantage. I just want guys to stop focussing on it and start living their lives.

      It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘I have to feel worthy before I take action’ trap and not break out of the cycle.

      Glad to hear you got the core message, even if you didn’t enjoy the delivery.

  6. Hi Leigh,

    Interesting article. I came on to here via the Seduction Community Sucks ebook.

    Whilst I find you are very correct when you say that positive affirmations mostly serve to establish an unstable core of self-confidence, I wonder… Is accepting your lack of self-worth and portraying it to women the way to go? A quote from Antonio Porchia:

    “If you do not raise your eyes, you will think you are at the highest point.”

    I doubt women, even not so attractive ones, will feel any attraction for you with that lack of self-worth. So though a guy at the “bottom of his pit” can only go higher, doesn’t your opinion make it hard for that guy to start climbing that very pit he is unconsciously making so slippery?

    I wonder if there’s a less harmful way to get into that state of being oneself and not caring to put on a persona around attractive women, which is pretty much what we want to achieve isn’t it?

    Thank you for what you do Leigh, I do love the ebook so far.

  7. I’m a woman. Stumbled upon you amazing guys while looking for ways to resolve my commitment fears/anxieties and i love your stuff! I’d register just to be able to do more of this r-type lifestyle which i believe is an amazing advice for all sexes. I never felt so umderstood and deeply encourages by an attraction guide. You touch the spre points and over deliver precious value to the world. Thank you for this.

  8. Thank you for this article. I do think that I am unworthy of women. In any case, the idea of trying to seduce a woman I have barely met is unappealing. To be clear, I am not claiming to be a stranger to sexual desire (that would be a lie) but I genuinely would prefer to take my time, get to know her as a friend, for it to be romantic, to have the wedding night to look forward to.

    I have many female friends, but have never had a girlfriend. I also have a bad habit of forming obsessive unrequited attachments.

  9. Trying to put your best foot forward is not even worth it. Women who respect the Lord won’t like it while those that don’t will. A man should be more realistic and humble, not showy and trying to be fancy. Most of all he should love God first and obey his commandments.


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